Emily Rope

Strategic leader and Te Hau House Leader

Kia ora, ko Emily Rope toku ingoa.

This year I am proud to be a house leader of Te Hau, strategic leader, and classroom member of room 15. I am stoked to be working amongst the strategic leaders for 2022. We have a great hard working, fun and kind strategic group this year.

As house leader this year I am hoping to get the year 7’s and year 8’s to be pumped up so that they truly enjoy the house system and connect to their house and the people around them.

One of my true passions in and out of school is sport whether it is handball at lunchtime or basketball with the class I am in!
My main sports are netball, water polo and hockey and the ANI teams have helped me throughout the years to improve and develop my teamwork. This teamwork I want to apply to our strategic leadership group this year.

I am a proud New Zealander/kiwi. My dad is from Whangarei and my mum is from Napier.

If you have any questions I love connecting with you guys and would love a chat
That’s a bit about me
I would love to hear about you