Denisse Bello

Room 23/24 C

Hola! Kia ora! My name is Denisse Bello and I am very excited to be a classroom teacher this year in Room 23/24 C. My family is Peruvian, and I have a sister and three brothers that I consider among my closest friends. We grew up in the US until we moved to Argentina when I was 15 years old. I completed Secondary School in Buenos Aires and later received my qualifications as a Primary School teacher there too. After my studies, I moved back to Washington, DC to work in a Dual Language School. I taught Maths and Science in Spanish, and enjoyed it very much! Now I am thrilled to continue my career in education here in New Zealand with everyone at ANI.

As a teacher, I’m committed to empowering students to their full potential and learning from everyone around me. I strive to build a positive classroom environment that motivates students to persevere, collaborate, and encourage each other. In any activity, I look for ways to integrate hands-on learning and make connections to the real world and culture of each student. I also enjoy creating games in the classroom to make content engaging, have students take risks, and develop critical thinking skills.

Outside of work,  I’ve always played football (fútbol) with my dad and 4 siblings. I have watched almost every World Cup, and still enjoy playing to this day. I also love swimming, and I hope to compete in Open Water races around Aotearoa! At home I’m learning how to live more sustainably to reduce my plastic waste each year (any tips or tricks are welcome!). Other than that, I love to be outdoors and in the sun, especially with my adorable mini-dachshund, Baloo, and my kiwi fiancé, Lewis.