Cynthia Montesinos

Languages-Spanish, Sustainability Co-Leader

Hola!! This is Cynthia Montesinos, I am the proud teacher of Spanish at ANI. I am from Mexico and New Zealand has become my second home. I am a passionate person who enjoys adventure, brotherhood and peace. I came to New Zealand to continue my professional education therefore, I am fully committed as a teacher to letting students open channels for communication in an intercultural way as citizens of the world. I really enjoy teaching and learning through music and games. In my professional life, I have a BA in English (Honours), a Masters degree in Communication applied to Education and a Postgrad program from University of Auckland. I have traveled to different countries from North America, Central America, the UK and Europe and I plan to continue exploring the wonderful spots of the world, cooking Mexican food, going out with my kids, trying new food and enjoying a good cup of chocolate. If you see me around, say “hola” to me!