Cynthia Montesinos

Hola!! This is Cynthia Montesinos, I am a proud teacher of Spanish. Mexico is my home country and New Zealand has become my second home for almost three years so far. I am a passionate person who enjoys adventure, brotherhood and peace.

I came to New Zealand to continue my professional education therefore, I am fully committed as a teacher to letting students open channels of communication in an intercultural way as citizens of the world. I really enjoy teaching and learning through music, games and different resources for a better experience. I have a BA in English (Honours), a Masters degree in Communication applied to Education and I am doing a postgrad program at the University of Auckland.

I have travelled to different countries from North America, Central America, the UK and Europe and my plan is to continue exploring the wonderful spots from New Zealand, baking, going out with my kids, trying new food and enjoying a good cup of coffee. If you see me around, say “hola” to me!