Kia ora koutou. Ko Carlos toku ingoa. I am a Brazilian teacher and have been in Aotearoa and ANI for 5 years. I am also the father of a boy and 2 girls. I am extremely energetic, friendly, passionate, positive and a sportsperson. I love all types of sports and physical activity, all kinds of movement. I also love cooking, nature, technology and arts. All these passions probably led me to the specialist team leader position at our school. I am proud to be in Aotearoa New Zealand and respect this country for fully accepting me and my whānau. I always take my cultural awareness into my teaching, where I consider connectivity with my students extremely important. I decided to be a teacher as a teenager, mainly because it would allow me to keep studying and I also could help to improve others around me (and society). My passion for studying still exists today. After my Master’s degree, I am currently in the last year of my doctoral degree in education. My PhD at The University of Auckland has helped me to develop new teaching skills and knowledge in my teaching and personal life. Thus, I am still being a very critical and reflective teacher and take this to my students. I am very excited and proud to be part of ANI. Being a teacher and a member of our school community makes me feel lucky and special. I consider myself almost an Aucklander and it is an honour being able to spend my days with our students in this dynamic and lively school environment. ANI is a shining example of how we can integrate many learning areas in one (or more) learning projects. We also provide many opportunities in sports and specialist activities (and extra class opportunities). I am highly motivated to contribute to our students in many senses. Ensuring that they can develop all their creativity is a big part of my motivation. One of my goals this year is to provide rich, fun and unique learning experiences for all our students, achieving individual goals and needs. We always keep you updated through our website, app and newsletters. I am looking forward to spending time with your tamariki and your whānau while at ANI.