Tēnā Koutou, my name is Ashley Triana and I’m really looking forward to my second year at ANI and in the wonderful Rimu team.

I was born and raised in Auckland and am lucky enough to have a pretty big family – there are 6 of us kids, which certainly keeps things interesting. I have been teaching for about 8 years now, all of them in Auckland with students in years 5-8. I am passionate about teaching and learning in all areas of the curriculum but, without a doubt, would say that all things literacy are my absolute favourite! I’m an avid reader, writer and learner of other languages. I’m also really interested in lifting achievement in writing and this has been a big focus for me over the last few years. 

Family is really important to me and so I grab time with them whenever I can. My husband, Miguel, is Colombian and we have one daughter, Gabriela, who is going into her second year at university this year studying digital design. Trying to get us all at home at the same time has been a bit of a mission lately – although this just provides more opportunities for me to get my nose stuck into a book so I really can’t complain too much. I also really enjoy creating pretty large messes in the kitchen and taking on far too complicated DIY projects around the house (normally getting about half-way through before giving up and needing Miguel to come and save me).

I’m looking forward to getting to know you better over this coming year – If you’re in the neighborhood, don’t hesitate to pop by room 14 and say hello.