Lata Mistry


I’m Lata Mistry and I joined the PTA as my son started in year 7 at the school in 2021. I’ve always considered volunteer work an important part of society and what better way to provide a benefit to the community, than helping out at the local school. Plus it’s a great way to get involved and help make a positive impact on your own child’s school life.

My previous volunteer work was with Radio Lollipop (a children’s charity based in hospitals) for eight years and I was elected chairperson of the Radio Lollipop  Starship branch for two years. I also volunteered with Red Cross and delivered the Meals on Wheels service, for five years. As a legal executive, in the Banking and Finance sector, I’ve worked at a number of law firms and am currently working at a property consultancy company. I’ve studied Horticulture and love gardening and teaching gardening and enjoyed running gardening workshops at the local primary school.

My family and I like getting outdoors, exploring new places, running together and spending time on my child’s interests and sports.