Sophie Hunt

Sophie Hunt

Room 22


This will be Sophie’s first year at Auckland Normal Intermediate and she is enthusiastic about teaching her year 7 students the skills to be lifelong learners. She has been travelling the world for some time and through this has discovered just how important it is to be global learners and to soak in the knowledge of the wider world. Social studies is her favourite subject which fits well with the schools International Baccalaureate program. Sophie has a huge focus on building strong relationships with her students, their families and the relationship between her students too. She believes with a strong foundation of surrounding relationships, it creates an inclusive and safe classroom environment that exhibits students who are empathetic, confident, creative, innovative, willing to take risks and many more positive outcomes as a result.

In her spare time she loves to travel, cook, bake, explore new places, spend time with family and friends and also learning herself.

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