Nathan Metzger

Nathan Metzger

lives in: Room 2

Nathan is in his 3rd year of teaching at ANI, moving into a year 8 teaching position for the first time in 2018. He held various business and leadership roles before becoming a teacher.

Nathan’s priority with students is to foster their love of learning, establishing them as inquirers into their studies so they can self-direct their own learning journeys. He has high expectations of his students, challenging them to be the very best they can be and encouraging them to inquire into and question the world we live in.

He is a collaborative teacher, who teaches and models this behaviour to his students, as collaboration and cooperation are keys to success as we look into the future.

Outside of school Nathan runs his own business part-time and enjoys spending time with his family. He actively coaches in football, and spends time in Whiritoa with his wife and daughter when time allows.