Charlotte Ironside

Charlotte Ironside

Room 29


Charlotte is an enthusiastic teacher who is excited to begin her second year teaching in New Zealand. Having already travelled and lived in the country for three years, she is thoroughly engrossed in the New Zealand culture and is eager to help mould the minds of future Kiwi’s.

With a degree in Ancient History and two years of teaching experience from the UK, Charlotte is passionate about helping students unravel the mysteries of the world and letting them learn from the past in order to improve the future. She is now putting these skills to use and will be running a Latin programme for students this year. Her teaching focuses on challenging students, putting them at the forefront of their learning and giving them the skills and confidence to seek their own answers and quench their curiosity.

Outside of the classroom you will find Charlotte embracing the outdoors, hiking and rock climbing. She is also an avid supporter of Ice Hockey, enjoys baking and reading historical fiction.

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