Carlos Kucera

Carlos Kucera



Carlos is an experienced international teacher (Brazil) with over 11 years of teaching. After his Masters (2017), he has just completed his PhD in Education at The University of Auckland (Curriculum and Pedagogy). Carlos is always looking for better connections between theory and practice in teaching and better ways of constructing a unique learning process.

As a very collaborative and friendly teacher, he is looking forward to giving his students the best teaching-learning experiences, with content, energy and positive attitudes. He understands that a teacher-student connection is part of the success of the entire process and helps to prepare the students for their future.

Outside of school and his studies, Carlos is a dedicated father of two children (four year old son and seven year old daughter) and very passionate about outdoor and sports life. With lots of energy, he is always on the move, either doing sports or just riding his bike around.