Aaron Moore

Aaron Moore

Room 19

email: amoore@ani.school.nz

Aaron is a passionate teacher with a degree in English language and literature and a PGCE in secondary English. New Zealand is the 4th country he has lived in and 3rd continent he has lived on, bringing this wealth of multicultural experience with him to add to the dynamic of our international environment here at ANI. Aaron himself went through an IB school whilst living in Sweden and finds the developments of the programme in his years away gaining qualifications, fascinating.

Aaron’s background lies in secondary school years and beyond and using this unique opportunity as a teacher in our school, is excited to show off the true potential of the students here at ANI, ensuring each one not only excels, but is sufficiently prepared for the rigors and demands of high school.

In his spare time, Aaron can be found exploring his new home country, reading anything he can get his hands on or cooking for anyone brave enough to let him.