September 2019 Newsletter




Production – this week we are in the process of adding our final touches to the school production of Hairspray Jnr. It’s shaping up to be a spectacular show so don’t miss out on your tickets, something not to be missed (Matinee is Tuesday, evening performances Wednesday and Thursday nights – see you there). 

Netball – the last of our netball games have now been and gone and what a great season it’s been. A huge thank you to our families and staff that have supported this great sport. Your long term dedication week in and week out has been very much appreciated. Special mention to the teacher in charge Rachael Murray who has worked tirelessly to keep things ticking over each week seamlessly – thanks from us all Rach! 


Measles – As I’m sure are aware, the measles outbreak centred in Auckland is causing concern among health officials and school communities. Please make sure you get your young person checked if the following measle-like symptoms should present:

– a fever

– a cough

– a runny nose

– sore and watery ‘pink’ eyes

– sometimes small white spots on the back inner cheek of the mouth

Be aware that measles is spread by airborne droplets of virus particles. Know the symptoms of measles and be aware students (and adults) are contagious before they get a rash. If your child shows any signs of measles, please seek healthcare and mention measles prior to arriving at the doctors surgery. 

If you want to check immunisations are up to date you should contact you general practitioner – note there is no cost for catch up vaccinations. 

Safety at the school gate – we now have teachers on duty at traffic exit and entry point (Poronui Street and Disraeli Street) at 3pm. Be on the lookout for a teacher wearing fluro vest who will have out cones or moved the barrier arm across the entry/exit point to avoid any unnecessary traffic in the driveway. Please drop your young person off at these points rather than down the driveway. 

If for some reason you do need to come into the school please advise the duty teacher and they will allow you enter. 

Managing Tweens

While our tweens are capable of reasoning intellectually, interpreting emotions, and taking a moral stand, they often lack perspective or life experience. We often find at school and especially as we move toward the end of the year that social mishaps whether they be large or small can register as a catastrophe, and students have little understanding that any negative feelings they experience are only temporary.

Sorting out social dramas can consume large chunks of their time and no doubt plenty of your time as a parent and certainly quite a bit of school time too! 

We know that as the end of the year approaches and students start to feel a little unsettled or worried about moving on to college or a new class they become a bit anxious and experience emotions in polarities. They’re trying to figure out what coping skills work for them and where their strengths and interests align. They are also very aware of how every move they make or any or shortcomings they have are picked up by their peers – both positively and negatively . It’s a time of insecurity, hormonal changes and contradictions. We are here to help and want our students to speak up if something is not working for them or they are having issues with peer groups or similar. Our school counsellor Gina Speedy is currently taking lessons in classes around peer pressure and preparing for “what next” in their education journey in addition to developing the school as a positive community. She works with individuals, groups and classes using themes such as camaraderie, friendship, respect and empathy to support students.

Please DO contact us if you are worried about ANYTHING – no matter how small or trivial it may seem to you, we are interested and want to help. Supporting your son/daughter through these times is an important part of our job. 

Interesting to note that the only other time a child experiences as much development as in the tweens years is between birth and the age of two and we all remember what the terrible two’s were like don’t we!

Introducing Children to Democracy

Next month Local Body Elections will be held across New Zealand.  Hard as it is to imagine, in only two more elections most students who are at intermediate school now, will become voters.  Our children will not necessarily become informed voters as they turn 18 and I believe that elections provide a great opportunity to introduce children to the ideas of democracy and the importance of citizens having the right to vote.  At ANI, we will be looking briefly at the topic in current affairs lessons. These learning sessions will be process focused, non-political and not promoting a particular viewpoint, candidate or party. I would encourage families to take the opportunity to talk about the role of Councils and how decisions by elected councillors impact on Auckland’s future.  By intermediate age, children have the capacity to understand the role of Mayor, Councils and Local Boards as well as the role of Parliament. The election is a good chance for sharing information about how Councils are funded and how decisions are made as to what available funds are to be spent on.

Young people will not miraculously acquire the knowledge they need to be responsible voters when they turn 18.  By giving them opportunities to talk about the kind of future city they want to live in and the process and importance of elections we are helping children to become informed about living in a democracy.  Use the upcoming election for Auckland Council, and Local boards as a start to preparing them to be ready to vote once they are old enough.

Property Update

The Board Property Sub-committee has been kept busy meeting with various Ministry of Education ( MOE) property staff trying to make head-way on a number of projects including the tidy up of our demolition site, temporary learning spaces and permanent classrooms. Due to a number of factors well beyond our control,  progress has not been as swift as we would have liked and we do apologies on behalf of the MOE for these delays. On Monday we have a meeting with property personnel from head office in Wellington and following that meeting we will have a lot more information to share with our community. Rest assured the board and staff feel equally as frustrated as I’m sure you do with these delays. One bright spot however is that the teachers have really pulled out all the stops to ensure specialist classes continue as normal, particularly in the area of  food technology. You may have noticed an increase in cooking lessons that are not only lots of fun but also practical, innovative and produce a variety of healthy food options. 

Stay tuned for an update from our board of trustees to come very soon in a Friday Flyer.

Nāku noa

Jill Farquharson – Principal



A Future Yet to be Understood

Many of our students at ANI will probably have up to eight jobs over their career. They will manage and experience change that is so dynamic and transformational that their future is hard to understand in 2019, These are contributing reasons why we, at ANI, are working on the best possibilities for a future focused learning experience for our students.

We are reviewing our IB learning focuses and scope of work this year. While we are committed to cover the essential skills that our people need to come and participate in their future, we are also asking ourselves how are we best able to be innovative and creative in the learning experiences that involve our students in collaborative learning.

It is important that we continue to prepare our people for the dynamic changing world that they are about to participate in, while we preserve the integrity of what young people need to know as a foundation for this potential. This is what we are designing this year – the review will improve our balance and localise our learning so that is the most competitive educational community in the city.

One this is for sure, that the environment at ANI facilitates the future focus experiences that engage and inspire our learning programmes. Our new temporary classrooms and the designing for our new permanent classrooms give us an opportunity to integrate progressive ideas that will enable our students to learn at levels and in detail that will be leading the future focused paradigm for learning.

It is a very exciting time for us – we hope that you share our excitement for what we are planning.

Bryce Mills – Deputy Principal 


Latest E-Asttle Results

In the first four weeks of Term 3 all students had a second round of E-Asttle tests in reading, writing and mathematics.  I would encourage parents to sit down with your son/daughter and access test results by using their individual logins. This will enable you to look at the progress made in these three curriculum areas since term one.

Your child will be able to unpack their outcomes with you in detail however should you have further questions about learning that your child can not answer please ask the classroom teacher.

A reminder that the test results indicate a small snapshot of how your child did when answering questions and the outcomes are used with other forms of assessment to get an overall teacher judgement (OTJ) to set next learning steps and guide programmes of work for individuals. 


Good luck 

A massive congratulations, in advance, and good luck to those students participating and representing the school over the next three weeks at the following events including:

AIMS Games, EPro8, HairSpray Junior, Japan and Cairns trips.

Also a big thank you to the parents, managers and coaches for your continued support in enabling the students to attend these events, meet deadlines and being at the right place at the right time.  I know you are all busy but are focused on providing a variety of opportunities for your children. 

I know all students will remain focused and represent the school in a professional manner.

Shane Devery – Deputy Principal



Sunday 1 – Friday 6 – Cairns trip

Tuesday 3 – ICAS DGT Examination at 11.00am in the Library; Interzone Cross Country; Hairspray Jr matinee performance for primary schools at EGGS at 1.30pm

Wednesday 4 – EPro8 Team 4 at Churchhill Park School at 5.30pm; Hairspray Jr performance at EGGS at 6.30pm

Thursday 5 – ICAS Science Examination at 11.00am in the Library; Central Zone Gymnastics; Hairspray Jr performance at EGGS at 6.30pm

Thursday 5 – Friday 13 – Japan trip

Sunday 8 – Friday 13 – AIMS Games in Tauranga

Tuesday 10 – ICAS Writing Examination ta 11.00am in the Library

Wednesday 11 – APPA Rehearsal at Remuera Intermediate; EPro8 Team 5 at ENPS at 5.00pm

Thursday 12 – EPro8 Team 6&7 at ENPS at 5.00pm

Friday 13 – ‘Meet the Maker’ fundraising event at EGGS at 7.00pm (see ad with details at end of Newsletter)

Monday 16 – Friday 27 – Dental Van at ANI

Monday 16 – Wednesday 18 AND Monday 23 – Tuesday 24 – Big Foot Bike training at ANI

Monday 16 – Athon Prizegiving Assembly; PTA Meeting at 7.00pm

Tuesday 17 – ICAS English Examination at 11.00am in the Library; Netball Prizegiving at 5.00pm; EPro8 Team 8 at Western Springs at 5.00pm; Parent Information Evening at 6.00pm

Wednesday 18 – Central Zone Boys’ Volleyball; Board of Trustees Meeting at 6.00pm

Thursday 19 – ICAS Mathematics Examination ta 9.00am in the Library; Central Zone Girls’ Volleyball; ANI Open Day at 11.00am

Friday 27 – End of Term Awards Assembly 11.00am at Eden Park; Term 3 ends at 2.00pm



If you or your friends have a Year 6 student who is wanting to attend ANI next year, please get your enrolment form processed as soon as possible.  Go here for all instructions on how to do this.



A really exciting and innovative time ahead in the Spec Programme. Check in with your children’s Seesaw to see their exciting work so far this term.

Year 7’s

Students will be creating & getting ready to present their final outcome for InquireFest, this is an exciting celebration of their learning this term and we hope to see you there during the event in the last week of term. They are working on either a digital animation, wearable arts, multimedia visual arts or a performance. Also, this term we have started food technology. Students are researching and making items for rubbish-free lunch boxes as they build their basic food skills and knowledge.

Year 8’s

This week (2-6 September) students will be presenting their current specialist inquiries of ‘Where we are in place and time’. They have either been working on a marketing campaign created on Photoshop, a Smart textiles prototype, a personalised art movement, or interpretation of a musical timeframe. Students will also be diving into provocations for their ‘How we express ourselves’ exhibition. What a busy time!

Currently our year 8’s are taking part in Science. Students are continuing to explore the world of physics using electricity to build circuit systems. In food, students will be experimenting with raw food dishes.

Physical Education

Both Year 7 and Year 8 students are nearing the end of their leadership assessments, students are still coming up with new exciting games and showing initiative and communication skills. Year 8’s have moved onto netball and Year 7’s have moved into football.  



Throughout the year, the staff at ANI have been exploring both the learning progression framework (LPF) and it’s digital counterpart – the progress and consistency tool (PaCT). The LPF maps the developmental steps a child takes in relation to mathematics concepts across the curriculum area. Professional development run by our ‘community of learning’ in-school leaders has taken place over the past few months, giving staff new ways to implement the LPF into our classrooms. Our goal is to see this become one of the staples of classroom practice so that teachers can input their observations into PaCT and this information can easily be passed on to new teachers and new schools. There’s a lot of energy and enthusiasm surrounding this initiative and we look forward to seeing it’s impacts in the coming years.



Tickets for this event will be available from the school office.

Performance dates:  

  • Tuesday 3 September (matinee) at Epsom Girls Grammar, Marjory Adams Hall, from 1.30-3.00pm (for local primary schools)
  • Wednesday 4 September at Epsom Girls Grammar, Marjory Adams Hall, from 6.30-8.00pm
  • Thursday 5 September at Epsom Girls Grammar, Marjory Adams Hall, from 6.30-8.00pm



Dongwook Oh

It was a great day at the APPA Year 7 and 8 Korean Speech Competition in Farm Cove Intermediate. Dongwook Oh (Year 8) tried his best with his speech which was about “The importance of world peace in today’s society.”

Well done and thank you for your support.

Jason Shin and Kate Shin



What to do if your child is reluctant to come to school? (part 2)

Last month we talked about defining the problem, setting family/whanau expectations about school attendance and began to think about solutions.  This month we can look more closely at how to put a plan together to help. 

Starting the night before, ensure everything is organised for school – uniform is clean and can easily be located, lunch is planned, homework is completed and packed into the school bag along with sports gear or other items needed for the next day.  Parents could check the school calendar and highlight something fun that is coming up in the future. It’s important that parents’ model or demonstrate to their children that they believe school is a great place. Get the bedtime routine started so that lights out can happen in time for a good night of sleep.  In the morning, ensure that everyone is up in time to complete the morning routine so that getting to school on time is easy. 

It’s hard to overstate how important it is for young people to get to school on time.  The time before formal lessons begin is critically important for children to get themselves settled for the day.  They have opportunities for socialising with their peers and with their teachers, they often have time for a quick game outside so they can get rid of any nervous energy that might have built up in the morning.  The school day undoubtedly goes better if you arrive at school prior to the bell to enter classrooms for formal learning. 

Some strategies that you might want to consider as you develop your plan are:

  • Including some exercise in the morning routine.  Exercise especially outside is a great way to burn off any anxiety that has built up and supports us to regulate our emotional state.  This could be as simple as taking the dog (if you have one) outside for a short walk or run around in the garden, walking, biking or scooting to school.  If you live some distance from school think about dropping your child a few streets away from school so they can finish the journey on foot.
  • Help your child to plan to meet a friend or arrange to be dropped off at a friend’s house to travel to school with someone else. 
  • Sometimes a change in the routine can be helpful especially if there is a bit of a pattern developing which starts at some point in the daily routine.  A simple example of this could be that if your child starts talking about not wanting to go to school as they sit down to their bowl of cereal you could start the day with them cooking breakfast or lining up the cereal with milk, yoghurt, dried fruit and nuts to sprinkle over allowing them to create their own tailored bowl of cereal.  Another idea in this line could be that if mum usually does the morning routine you could try dad taking over for a few days or try getting a shower in the morning if you usually do that in the evenings. I like to suggest taking a playful approach to doing this so that if something doesn’t work then you can try something else. 
  • Another very helpful strategy is to ensure that your child has a plan once they arrive at school or for during the challenging times.  If they need help with this, you or your child could ask if the class teacher could provide some ideas and support. This could involve knowing that they can go straight to class and help with a job like taking chairs off tables, opening windows, organising sports equipment then meet with a friend for a game either inside or out or going to the library or a quiet spot in the classroom to read.  If the tricky time is during an academic subject, they could talk with their teacher about how they might ask for help in a way that suits them. If the tricky times are lunch or morning tea plans can be made to pair a student up with a buddy or to find activities that suit their specific needs.

School refusal is something that is best managed proactively so if your child says they don’t want to go to school, take a few minutes to chat with your child and help them think through how you can make a change to that thinking so that instead they are positive and even enthusiastic about attending school.  Please contact your child’s teacher if this is becoming a bigger issue for you and your child than can be solved on your own.

Robyn Stead – Registered Psychologist (working at ANI)



The Great ANI Knowledge-Athon – Thanks to everyone who supported our Knowledge-Athon.  The prizegiving assembly is being held on Monday, September 16th.  Today is the cut-off for money to be in for prize draws, but any outstanding sponsorship money can still be paid into the PTA’s account 12-3048-0259939-00 (please put your child’s name, room number and “Athon” as a reference), or dropped to the office.  Thanks.

PTA Meetings – The remaining PTA meeting this term will be held on Monday 16th September.  We meet in the Library at 7.00pm – all welcome. Note:  Date change due to Production week.

Jo Beer – ANI PTA



Congratulations to the Year 8 Team B who came second overall at Mathex on Thursday 22nd August – what an impressive achievement! 

Abby Cavanagh



The Central EPro8 Challenge began on Monday 19 August for our young engineers. Two teams of Year 7 students represented ANI, demonstrating creativity, problem solving and perseverance throughout the 2.5 hour event.

Team Insert Text Here saw early success adding 60 points to the scoreboard in the first 10 minutes. The Annihilators soon added 60 points of their own with their free standing lighting tower. 

The two teams remained in the top 6 of 12 teams throughout the night. With 20 minutes to go The Annihilators and Insert Text Here pulled into a tie for 3rd! Tension was palpable in the final minutes and our teams put forth an excellent effort right to the buzzer.

Final standings: 

4th place – The Annihilators 360 pts

6th place – Insert Text Here 320 pts 

The second EPro8 challenge wrapped up at St. Kentigerns on Tuesday 20 August and ANI’s Year 7’s faced tough competition. 

Our Chicken Nuggets opened the night with a complex task – building a high rise elevator.  Given their literal nugget sized stature, they demonstrated creative problem solving and true  teamwork.

What can only be described as a nail-biting emotional roller coaster, the team launched themselves from last place to 2nd after 45 minutes of non-stop effort. In the final stages they were stumped on a task and several teams surpassed them.

A final score of 290 secured their 7th place finish. 

All was not lost, however, as they laughed their way through the night and enjoyed a very on-theme snack afterwards. 

Go Nuggets!

Good luck to the other ANI teams still to compete this term.  Go ANI!!

Heather Amadori – Teacher in Charge



ANI hosted a Chess open day on Thursday 1 August.  All of the students were very excited and picked up a few strategies and skills from Paul MacDonald on how to win the game. It was great to see such an amazing turn out from Year 7 and Year 8.

Mr Jason Shin

Chess Coaching Lessons

Playing chess develops self-confidence, concentration and problem-solving skills.

We are really pleased to start a Chess Coaching Programme at our school and look forward to bringing the excitement, competition and educational benefits of chess to our children.

Why Chess?

* Improve concentration and focus

* Develop important life skills – fair play and decision making

* Tactical & Strategic thinking

* Prepare for Chess Tournaments against other schools

* Develop a love of chess, of learning and of thinking

What happens in the ACCELERATE Coaching Programme?

The ACCELERATE program is designed for advanced students with at least 3 years’ experience playing chess actively. ACCELERATE covers advanced tactics, openings, strategy and endgame skills to help teams perform well at a regional and national level. Paul Macdonald, NZ Major Open Champion will be taking this class. All games are monitored and supervised by the coach who provides individual feedback along the way. Throughout the programme, we reward kids that do well and encourage and support kids that are struggling. At completion of the programme we recognise each child with a certificate based on their performance.

Q Where can I learn more? 

A Visit our website, and click Parents Centre


This is 4 weeks ACCELERATE chess coaching program running on Thursdays from 12 September 2019 till 26 September 2019 from 12:30pm – 1:30pm. The fee will be $55/student for the term. The sessions will be held in the Room #20.

If the program is successful a new full 10-week program will be made available for Term 4.


If your child would like to be part of this please visit our website. Both registration and payment can be done online.



On Thursday 29 aUGUST, ANI hosted the ‘Auckland French Speeches’ for 2019. It was a very exciting day for everyone and a great opportunity to get together as a community and celebrate the teaching and learning of French. A number of schools participated: Baradene College, St Kentigern Boys’ Primary, St Cuthbert’s College, St KentIgern College, Epsom Girls Grammar and Auckland Grammar.

Our students were super impressive and made us very proud. Their presentations were of very high standard.

Congratulations to all the students who took part and to our winners:

Year 7: 1st place Lehansa Jayatilake, 2nd place Jason Tang, 3rd place Nathan McNaughton.

Year 7 native speakers: Ayssa Mailel, William Harre

Year 8: 1st place Stanley Zhang

Year 8 native speaker: Ethan Scottas

Talent Show Year 7: 1st place The ANI French Band, 2nd The French Choir: Mai Douleday,

Milla Finnemore, Reanna Hinds, 3rd place Oscar Swinson

Year 8: 1st place Yulara Oike, 2nd Place The French Girls: Stella Duvander, Caitlin Roberts, Amy Metcalfe, Poppy Bridgman, and Alex Hogg

A big thank you to Madame Hanaway for a fantastic event and organising the ANI students.



I took Oscar Swinson, Room 21, to the Central Zones Speech competition on the afternoon of Thursday 29 August to represent ANI.

Although he didn’t place, Oscar was the first up of nine students and set the bar high with his speech on “Opportunities”, delivering it confidently to the judges and 600 audience members. 

Not only did he display excellent communication skills, he was also a great representative for the school, congratulating all the other competitors on their speeches and making sure he shook their hands. 

ANI received a lovely message from Kate Laurence, the Director at Head Held High:  “I had the great pleasure of adjudicating the Central Zone Speech Competition at Ponsonby Intermediate School yesterday. Oscar did an incredible speech on opportunities. He had a lovely authentic approach with very natural gestures and shared an important and relevant message “we all have opportunities, full stop”. He told me he dances too – what a clever young man. You and your school can feel very proud of him!”

Charlotte Ironside


SPORTS NEWS BY MR NICK EDWARDS (teacher in charge of sports)

Central Zone Boys’ Netball

On Friday 2 August I had the pleasure of taking a team of Year 7 and a team of Year 8 boys to compete in the CZ boys netball competition. Luckily the weather held off until the walk home so they managed to stay dry and reasonably warm during the games. 

The boys had a great day and represented our school really well showing great sportsmanship. I just want to commend them all on their efforts and for giving netball a go! Our Year 7 Boys came 4th overall and our Year 8’s came 5th place out of 8 different schools. 

A massive shoutout to Mr Lawrence, Mr Markham and Miss Schaumkel for coming down to support the boys during their games and an even bigger shoutout to Miss Murray for taking over for me for the last few games. 

Danni Cook


Central Zone Boys’ Basketball

On Wednesday 7 August we attended the CZ Basketball competition at the North Shore Events Centre. Good pool play from the lads results in two wins and a draw leaving us at the top of the table. We faced St Peters in the quarter finals…

Jacob Markham


Central Zone Girls’ Basketball

On Thursday 8 August our girls attended the CZ Basketball competition. A much smaller team by stature, the girls showed great resilience and competitiveness against much bigger teams. An unusually rough tournament left the girls bruised and battered. By giving their all throughout the day and showing great sportsmanship the girls left winners, although they may not have got the results they desired.

Very impressed by the attitude shown by the ANI students, they should be proud.

Jacob Markham


Year 7 and Year 8 Central Zone Girls’ Netball

On Friday 9 August the girls netball teams had a fab day at the Central Zone netball competition!  There were some pretty tough games and both teams showed amazing sportsmanship and perseverance.

Year 7 girls came in 4th place (missing out on 3rd by only 1 goal!!!)

Year 8 girls came in 7th

We are very lucky the weather held off till the last game!!  Massive thanks to Kueni for all her support on the day! 

Rachael Murray


NZ Duathlon Championships

On Sunday 11th August, ANI had the following children compete in the NZ Duathlon Championships:  Elena Worrall, Zane Wyllie, Bernard Pawson, Alexa Harris and Hamish Bolland. We had some fantastic results and the children showed great determination to compete in such a challenging event!

Nick Edwards


ANI Boys’ Football v Ponsonby

ANI got off to a great start against Ponsonby on a sunny Thursday afternoon (15 August) with some great sustained pressure which ended up with an own-goal with Fenton Murdoch lurking behind.

Will Britton capped off a very fine display at right wing-back with an extremely well-taken goal after intercepting the ball on the half-way line and making a surging run towards the box, rounding a defender with ease and scoring with a low shot across goal to make it 2-0 at half-time.

ANI continued to press in the second-half and Fenton Murdoch was rewarded with a goal after being involved with many chances.

ANI played some fantastic football throughout, sticking to our principles by playing out the back and are getting better at keeping possession and recycling the play. Another flowing move and interchange with George Walker set Miles Turner free, who made no mistake firing in a goal with his left foot.

Finn Dwyer, making his debut as ‘keeper today, had nothing to do in the first half but he made several outstanding saves at full-length in the second-half and earned a well-deserved clean-sheet.

It could have been 5-0 but ANI were denied by the linesman’s flag being raised, but today was a great step in the right direction as we build our game and fitness for AIMS in a few weeks’ time.

Final score: 4-0

Man of the match: Will Britton

Alasdair Forbes


Water Polo Winterfest

The ANI Water Polo teams had a jam packed weekend on 17-18 August with some highs and lows. 

The A team placed 10th overall with two first up losses (knocking us out of the top 8) against eventual winners (Murrays Bay 13-1) and another top placing team (St Kents 5-1) but found their rhythm and went on a three-game winning streak beating Kristin, Mount Maunganui and Kings only to fall in the final game to Remuera Intermediate 4-3 in the Plate final of A grade.

The B team was mixed up of B/C/D players playing in the B grade so up against some top competition. After a slow start and a few early losses, they found their feet and took down Kings 3-2 and finished the tournament ready for the next one in two weeks.

Special mention to Harry Chu (Room 11) for making a number of 1 on 1 blocks in goal and even scoring more goals than most field players.

Thomas Jones


Central Zone Squash

The students today (Thursday 22 August) at CZ Squash were all well mannered and had a great time. I had compliments from a Royal Oak teacher in regards to their politeness. The kids enjoyed the table tennis in the waiting room as much as the squash games making many new friends from different schools.

One of the boys teams (Phil, Josh and Austin) did exceptionally well and placed 2nd in a very nail biting game!  Here are the full results for ANI:

Girls Team 1 – 7th (3rd in the plate competition)

Girls Team 2 – 6th (2nd in the plate competition)

Boys Team 1 – 2nd 

Boys Team 2 – 16th (4th in the consolidation plate)

Boys Team 3 – 14th (2nd in the consolidation plate)

Sarah Richardson


Pre-AIMS Football Tournament

The AIMS Girls’ Football team headed to Western Springs on Thursday 22 August for a tournament against some teams they may face at AIMS. Unfortunately, due to thunder and lightning, the tournament ended early and the girls only got to play 3 out of the 5 scheduled games. 

In their first game, they played Belmont and were able to hold them off until a shot on goal just snuck through leading to a 1-0 loss.

In the second game against Baradene, the girls were a lot more comfortable and had a lot more possession, but were unlucky in scoring. A goal by Baradene in the final seconds of the game led to a disappointing 1-0 loss. 

The final game against Murrays Bay saw the girls getting a lot of opportunities to score, but again they were unlucky and weren’t able to get the ball in the net. The final score was 0-0.

Despite not getting a win, the three games were a great opportunity for them to get more comfortable playing together. They were feeling better and looking stronger as a team with every game. It was great to see the support they had for one another, and also for the boys’ team throughout the day. They are looking forward to training more in the coming weeks to get on that scoreboard!

After struggling to get on the scoreboard in their tournament last week, the girls football team made up for it on Wednesday 28 August with a whopping 5 goals against ROI, resulting in a 5-0 win. They worked hard to apply what we have been working on in training and really came together in a team effort. Thanks to all of those who came to watch, they (and I) really appreciated the support!

Katrina Gomes

The ANI boys’ First IX gave a good indication of where they are at during the pre-AIMS tournament, featuring many of the other teams preparing for the AIMS Games.

The first game of ANI’s group was against Mahurangi. The boys upped the tempo after an uneventful first-half to put two goals in the net in the second to win 2-0, with Haruki Miyata scoring the pick of the goals with a neat turn and powerful finish into the top corner. It could have been 3-0 after a rapid break-away but for the agonising – and harsh – raise of the linesman’s flag.

Blockhouse Bay were the second opponents for ANI and the game was evenly contested with few chances for either teams. Goals were going to be hard to come by and the match was decided by an outstanding free-kick of real quality which Finn Dwyer – an enormously reliable pair of hands throughout the morning – had no chance in keeping out as it flew into the top corner over the wall. ANI were unlucky to lose but it was a very solid performance overall.

An extremely tough and physical final group game against Northcross saw ANI pushed to their limits as the rain came pouring down. Both teams created chances and ANI had some extremely good link-up play in the attacking half, but could not find a goal. To add to the drama, the weather turned apocalyptic and the game became stretched as both teams searched for a winner and in the final 5 minutes ANI were stunned as they conceded a contentious goal that looked to the world as if it was offside.

The game ended abruptly as a dazzling tendril of lightning ripped through the abyss of the sky, which ended the tournament on health and safety grounds, so no further knock-out games were played.

There were so many positives for the boys to take from today; in particular: teamwork, resilience and a never-say-die attitude. They ran their socks off and should be very proud, against tough opposition. A nice taste of what awaits us at AIMS

Alasdair Forbes


School Cycling Championship

Elena Worrall, Erwin Sanchez and Zane Wyllie competed in this event organised by Taupo Intermediate. The event consisted of a team time trial followed by individual road races around the Taupo Motorsport park.

Our cyclists joined with Remuera Intermediate in the team events where Elena was 7th in the Year 8 girls time trial (of 12 teams) and Erwin and Zane were 5th in the Year 8 boys time trial (of 12 teams). Having never ridden these combinations previously, our riders completed the course adapting well to the challenging conditions.

As the rain continued to fall and the wind picked up the road races featured in the afternoon on a wet and slick course. Our riders rode well amongst the aggressive racing in fields of 30+ riders.

In the road races Elena was 14th in the Year 8 girls road race, Zane and Erwin were 9th and 17th respectively in the Year 8 boys road race.


Central Zone Cross Country

Incredible achievements at cross country central zones held on Wednesday 28 August. Some of our top dogs weren’t able to come as they were skiing, but we still had five students placing top ten in their categories.

The Year 7s were the real champions; the girls received 1st place in the team awards and the boys 2nd.

All of the students had a brilliant time and represented the school fantastically in their effort, resilience and general manner. Well done to all!

Katy Constance


North Island Ski Championships

What a great event to attend with great students and parents. The results below highlight the dedication and commitment from the ANI team members. Thank you to all the amazing parents who could support the team during the week. A special thanks to Steve Cassidy for his leadership and management of the teams.

ANI boys NIPs:

40 Zane Wyllie 

69 Toby Fox

71 Ryan Stevens

74 Gordon Yan

103 Billy Ashe

110 Nikko Tuckford

128 Hayden Barker

166 Reuben Williams

ANI Girls:

17 Cherie Young

72 Zoe Huang

ANI flyers placed 13th out of 98 teams. The ANI Bullets placed 28th.

Great result everyone!

Shane Devery



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Out of Zone Enrolments to Epsom Girls Grammar and Auckland Grammar School

The enrolment process for 2020 is well underway at both Epsom Girls Grammar School and Auckland Grammar School.  Thank you to those families who have lodged applications already. This is a friendly reminder that the deadline to submit out of zone applications for the ballot for both schools is Wednesday 4 September.  Home zone applications should be submitted by then also at EGGS and by 27 September at AGS.


Message from ADHB on Measles

Please find attached a message from Auckland Regional Public Health Service for schools regarding measles.  This pulls together a number of resources for managing measles, including an updated step by step guide.

Have you got your ticket? Don’t miss out – only 50 tickets left!

A quick note to remind those who haven’t yet bought tickets to the Epsom Girls Grammar School “Meet the Maker 2” event, to get in fast as tickets are selling well and space is limited.  

Meet the Maker 2 returns on Friday 13 September at the Mini Garage where a ticket entitles you to enjoy free tastings of quality craft beer, boutique wines and delicious food – as well as a complimentary drink. We have secured great support from brewers Brothers, Urbanaut and Hallertau as well as the beautiful wines of Harwood Hall and Odyssey.

This was a great night last year, so gather up those friends of yours who didn’t make it and reserve your place at the social event on the EGGS calendar.  

Tickets are available at (search for “meet”) and all money raised will help fund the L Block redevelopment and future capital programmes.

Finally, we have an incredible line-up of auction items for live and silent auctions but if you or any of your friends have items you would like to add (e.g. use of bachs, restaurant experiences, sports events etc.) we would welcome these.

Again, thanks so much for your support.

Mark Jones (on behalf of the EGGS Foundation)


Auckland Girls Choir Audition Invitation

The Auckland Girls’ Choir (“Choir”) would like to extend an invitation to girls from Auckland Normal Intermediate school to audition for our 2020 intake.

The Auckland Girls’ Choir has a proud tradition spanning more than 20 years, and was established to provide accessible, enriching choral experiences for girls aged 9 to 18 years of age from the greater Auckland region.  To date, the choir has attracted girls from over 50 different schools, reflecting the rich ethnic and socio-economic diversity of the greater Auckland region. 

As a training choir, The Auckland Girls’ Choir is unique.  Not only do we focus on healthy vocal production, choral technique, artistry, and performance skills, but all choristers also engage in a leveled musicianship program to enable every girl to be the strongest musician she can be.  In the process, confidence, an enhanced sense of self-worth, self-discipline, teamwork, leadership skills, perseverance and the desire for excellence are proactively fostered.

Girls in the Choir also develop a strong sense of commitment to community service via performances in various civic and community events throughout Auckland each year. These civic performances not only provide the opportunity to perform, but also highlight the importance of giving back to the community, healthy respect for community leaders, and valuing the contributions and sacrifices that many have made to create Auckland into the city it is today.

Membership in The Auckland Girls’ Choir is via an audition where vocal fluency, musicianship, and overall potential will be assessed.  If accepted into the Choir, girls are expected to attend weekly choir rehearsals that span the regular school year. Attendance at a separate weekend workshop in each of the four school terms is also required, as well as full commitment to all performance engagements. 

There is a limited number of need and merit based scholarships available for the 2020 intake, supported and sponsored by Friends of the Auckland Girls’ Choir to increase the accessibility and opportunities for talented girls to join the Choir. 

The first round of auditions for our 2020 intake are:

·         Saturday, September 14, 9am to 4pm

·         Saturday, September 21, 1pm to 4pm

·         Saturday, September 28, 9am to 12.30pm

We warmly welcome girls from your school interested in becoming a member of The Auckland Girls’ Choir to apply to audition.

https: //