September 2018 Newsletter


Spring is in the air!  Great to see the students outside playing on the field now the weather has turned.  Term 3 is always a great term as we prepare for the Year 8 exhibition and help our Year students prepare for next year by trying different activities and options such as electives.

The change in weather also seems to have put hormones on high alert for many students as we have been dealing with a number of health and safety and relationship issues lately.  We have excellent support services at school with the Deans (Megan Hughes, Year 8 and John Waller, Year 7) always available, in addition to our school counsellor Graeme Smith and the Senior Leadership Team – myself, Shane and Bryce at the ready.

Early adolescence can be a difficult time for students to navigate and an equally trying time for parents.  It’s really important for all of us to understand what they are going through during the two years at intermediate and know the types of things we can do to help.

Did you know …

  • They care more about what their peers think than pretty much anything else. Use this characteristic to your advantage and engage positively with their friends.
  • They are horrified by what their bodies are doing.  Pimples, body odour, developing too slowly, and all the rest.  The best advice is not to draw attention to what’s happening and understand if they seem shy about being the centre of attention.
  • They tend to exaggerate.  Don’t overreact, describe problems in a calm, rational way, maintain a sense of humour, and model the way a healthy person navigates life’s little surprises.
  • They are mortified by public praise.  Primary school students may beam at being recognised for having written a good story, but that changes at intermediate school.  Praise is good, but keep it low-key.
  • They can’t be trusted with confidences.  At this age, they can’t resist the temptation to share a juicy secret.  Treat your emerging adolescent the same way you treat the internet: don’t share anything you don’t want made public.
  • They are pulling away from parents.  This is a normal part of adolescence, but intermediate school children need adult guidance more than ever.  As a trusted adult in their lives, you’re in a unique position to influence them. Remember to be the adult: advise responsibly and model smart decision-making.  
  • They are still children.  One minute they’re having a serious discussion, the next they’re making rude noises with their armpits.  Take advantage of their enthusiasm and willingness to help out, and don’t expect mature behaviour to last very long.  They’re actually acting their age.


Community of Learning

Across the 11 schools in our Community of Learning, valuable connections are continuing to grow and the networking across our CoL schools is inspirational.  On Thursday 15 August, Newmarket School, Parnell District School and ANI gathered with a handful of students to celebrate Maths week. The in-school leaders planned a range of activities, taking inspiration from The Block, where students earned tangram pieces for each activity successfully completed.

On Friday 24 August, a professional development afternoon was organised for teachers involved in the writing PLG.  Around 60 teachers from ANI, Cornwall Park District School, Kohia Terrace School and Maungawhau School joined in on a series of workshops focusing on different aspects of writing.  We were privileged to have external facilitators run workshops on the importance of oral language in order to support our learners so they can become better writers. There were also two transition workshops – primary to intermediate and intermediate to secondary.  ANI and EGGS staff shared how teachers can support their learners writing abilities in order to prepare them for the next schooling sector.

Jill Farquharson, Principal



Devices for Learning at ANI

Globally, devices are being used more and more as a vital tool for learning. They enable learners to quickly access information, collaborate on projects and express themselves in a creative and personalised way. Our students are digital natives, growing up in a digital society and it is our duty as educators to make confident, fully equipped people who will contribute and flourish in the future economy and stay ahead of the change.  It is important our students understand theory and science of technology, that they are creators not just users and that they are able to adapt to technology not yet invented.

The staff at ANI understand the importance of equipping our young people with the tools they need to be successful in their world. We know that our learners will enter professions which are saturated in technology and want them to thrive. As teachers, we are providing rich learning experiences which allow our students to acquire the skills to thrive in this new world.

There are illusions that devices simply replace workbooks and are nothing more than a substitute. The reality is that they allow our students to operate in disciplines that would have otherwise been impossible. The dynamic nature of computers allows student to explore ideas and express opinions with more depth and variety than ever before. The creative use of devices in our classrooms allows students to collaborate and enhances learning by allowing multiple entry points to complex problems. This enables students to construct knowledge and understanding and share it with authentic audiences, never possible before.

At ANI, we have a culture of trust with regards to device use. Students sign an ICT agreement when they enrol which they adhere to during their time at our school. Should they betray our trust and behave in a way which is contrary to the agreement, the following takes place;

  • The device is taken off the student and given to Mr Mills (or a member of SLT if he is not available)
  • Contact is made and the family is informed
  • The event is recorded
  • The student collects the device from Mr Mills or the SLT member at the end of the day
  • Should this happen for a second time, the device is not returned to school until the student can prove that they can be trusted. This will be determined on a case-by-case basis and constructed with the family

Our infrastructure is robust and every student is tracked while they are on our system and using our WIFI. This includes being able to see what is happening on their screen as well as any and every email that is sent. We understand that although we encourage a culture of trust, we need strong accountability to ensure our young people make good choices when using electronic devices.

Thank you for supporting us in creating an exciting place for our learners!


Introducing Yvonne Godfrey – speaking at ANI on “Stepping into their Shoes”

We are thrilled to announce that Yvonne Godfrey will be speaking at our event on 1st November at 6.00pm. The parent evening is called “Stepping into their shoes” and is designed to give our parents a glimpse into how learning happens at ANI. We have Yvonne opening the evening and will be leaving you with tips and tools to better support your young person at home. Yvonne is a mother, grandmother, author and regular presence on both television and radio. She frequently speaks at Auckland Grammar School and Kings School and will leave you with tangible tools that you could draw on and implement at home. This event is not to be missed! Please RSVP that you will be attending here.

Yvonne is the owner and founder of MIOMO (Making it on my own). This is a programme designed to get young people ready for adulthood. The link to her site is here.

Here is a short clip of Yvonne speaking –


Yvonne Godfrey will be opening the evening and then a link to her speaking – YouTube link. We hope to see you there!


Bryce Mills, Deputy Principal


Japanese Billets

Last week we said goodbye to our guests from Wajiro Higashi Elementary School in Fukuoka.

It was a whirlwind tour for our sister school who stayed in New Zealand for four nights with ANI hosts and two nights sightseeing in Rotorua.

A huge thank you to the eight host families from ANI who took in a Japanese student and provided a real kiwi cultural experience that they will no doubt never forget.

The ANI students are now looking forward to visiting Wajiro Higashi School in September.


Year 8 IB Exhibition Provocations

This year our Year 8’s transdisciplinary theme for exhibition will be ‘How We Express Ourselves’, “An inquiry into the ways in which we discover and express ideas, feelings, nature, culture, beliefs and value: the ways in which we reflect on, extend and enjoy our creativity: our appreciation of the aesthetic” .

The exhibition presentations are in week 7 of Term 4 but we start provoking the students thinking on September 19 & 20.  We are very keen to develop parent/community partnerships during these two days and are asking if any parents could help out by hosting a provocation – either take one yourself or know of anyone that could help out.

Some ideas could include: Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Digital Creativity, Design or ways in which to show how people express their ideas and beliefs.

The main provocations consist of 6 workshops across 3 days (1.5 hours long) or it could be a small presentation at a Year 8 assembly.  If you think you may be able to help or have any questions please contact me, Shane Devery, at


Year 8 Parent Evening about Exhibition

A Year 8 parent information evening about the IB exhibition will be held on Wednesday 26 September at 6pm in the school library. The evening will provide an opportunity to clarify and discuss the expectations and provide information regarding the process and the final outcomes of the theme ‘How We Express Ourselves’. A Google form has been created for you to signal whether you will be coming to the evening. Follow this link.


Shane Devery, Deputy Principal



Overseas Trips

Have a fantastic authentic experience to all those students attending an overseas trip in September.  Noumea: 8 – 15 (week 8), Japan: 16 – 24 (week 9) and Cairns: 22 – 28 (week 10).

I hope you have a great learning/cultural experience and share a lot of memories and photos on your return.  

Monday 3:  Last day for Knowledge-a-thon money to be returned to go in prize draws; PTA Meeting at 7.00pm

Tuesday 4:  Open Morning #5 for 2019 students at 9.00am, Interzone Cross Country, ANI Netball Prizegiving at 5.00pm

Wednesday 5:  Central Zone Gymnastics Day at Olympic Park, New Lynn

Thursday 6:  Student Leaders presentation at East Tamaki School

Friday 7:  Knowledge-a-thon Prizegiving, Year 7 Elective Mt Eden summit walk, AIMS Girls Basketball at St Mary’s College

Saturday 8 – Saturday 15:  Noumea Trip

Sunday 9 – Friday 14:  AIMS Week in Tauranga, Bay of Plenty

Wednesday 12:  APPA Choir Rehearsal at Remuera Intermediate

Sunday 16 – Monday 24:  Japan Trip

Wednesday 19:  Music Festival Orchestra 8.30am-12.30pm; Central Zone Boys Volleyball; BOT Meeting at 6.00pm

Thursday 20:  Music Festival Orchestra 8.30am-12.30pm; Central Zone Girls Volleyball

Saturday 22 – Friday 28:  Cairns Trip

Tuesday 25:  Year 7 Celebration of Learning – ‘Inquire Fest’ 1.00-3.00pm

Wednesday 26:  Exhibition Parent Evening at 6.00pm in the Library

Friday 28:  Term 3 ends at 2.00pm

Monday 15 October:  Term 4 begins at 8.45am



Regular spot from Robyn Stead, our “Psychologist on Site”

Kia ora parents, students and friends of ANI.

I’m Robyn Stead, a registered educational psychologist.  I work at ANI on a Tuesday seeing clients and I am also available to staff to share research and ideas from the field of educational psychology.  Welcome to my space in the ANI newsletter. Jill has invited me to share some ideas on parenting and educating young people in the intermediate years.  This regular column, “What to do when…” will provide some additional support to parents who have questions about how to support their kids through the period of intense change that is early adolescence.  I am keen to discuss topics of interest to the ANI community and invite you to get in touch, or check out my website which has further contact details.

I am a registered educational psychologist, registered teacher, a wife and a mum.  I began my career in education as a teacher and was very quickly drawn to special education and then to educational psychology.  After a career in public education I am now in private practice. My work is varied, ranging from cognitive and academic assessment to helping parents and schools manage student behaviour and supporting educational professionals.

I am often asked what an educational psychologist does.  This usually happens after people move beyond the concern that I am reading their mind.  Spoiler alert – I can’t, but it would make my job easier if I could. The psychology workforce group have provided a great definition of the role of the educational psychologist.  Educational psychologists are experts in helping people solve complex, persistent problems that interfere with a young person’s learning. This gives educational psychologists a pretty broad scope.  I work with parents, teachers, school leadership, children and young people, all in an effort to make sure that the persistent problems interfering with an individual’s learning are resolved or at least managed well.

I look forward to hearing from you,  Let me know what is concerning you or what you are wondering about.

Robyn Stead, Registered Educational Psychologist


Travelwise School

We are a Travelwise school!  This means we work with Auckland Transport on road safety and making trips to school active, social and safe. Our team of Travelwise Student Leaders develop initiatives, such as the cycle training, and organise items for assembly to keep students safe on the road whether they are walking, travelling by car or public transport, scooting or cycling. We do our best to educate students on safety while at school, and we need your help at home as well. In light of recent events in regards to road safety, we ask that you remind your child about safe practices. Here are a few tips when travelling to school:

  • Always look both ways before crossing the road
  • Don’t cross on a corner – cars can come around very fast! Try to cross on a straight part of the road where you can see both ways.
  • Be aware. If you have headphones in, make sure you are aware of what’s going on around you.
  • Walk with a friend. This makes walking more fun and gives you extra eyes to make sure you are crossing in safe places.

Be alert. Be Travelwise!

Dani Biddle, Travelwise Coordinator


The Inquire Fest

Calling all Year 7 parents and caregivers! We are inviting you to ANI’s very first Inquire Fest. This is a celebration of Year 7 learning. Take the opportunity to engage with our hard-working students who have spent the last term expressing themselves through our environment.

The Inquire Fest will be held on Tuesday the 25th of September from 1.00-3.00pm. We hope to see you there!  All welcome (parents, grandparents and friends)

Hailey, Abbie, Maryam and Pauli, Year 7 IB Promotion Team


A-MATH-Zing Race

Read Mr Lawrence’s blog on the A-MATH-Zing Race.


Wattie’s Cans for Good

On Thursday 23rd August, we said farewell to our large collection of cans for the Salvation Army. We had David Seymour, Rhondda Middleton (Salvation Army representative) and two representatives from Wattie’s to present the strategic leaders with a certificate of participation for all of their hard work over the past month. In total, ANI donated 1,209 cans which were warmly received. The overall bragging right for team points went to Rimu team with a massive donation of 569 cans.

A huge thank you must go to the students, parents and wider community of ANI for their generosity in donations. The Strategic Leaders are extremely proud of the schools effort and are looking forward to hearing if we are successful in any prizes from the Wattie’s competition.



French Speech Competition

On Thursday 30th August, ANI hosted the ‘Auckland French Speeches’ for 2018. It was a very exciting day for everyone and a great opportunity to get together as a community and celebrate the teaching and learning of French.  A number of schools participated: Baradene College, St Kentigern Boys’ School, Sancta Maria College, Epsom Girls, Auckland Grammar and St Peter’s College.

Our students were super impressive and made us very proud. Their presentations were of very high standard.

Congratulations to all the students who took part and to our winners:

Year 7

Jasmin Gallanos Tremoleda 1st place room 22

Aiya Segev  2nd place room 11

Year 7 Open Category (native speakers)

Ethan Sottas 1st place room 12

Victor Hutier 2nd place room 14

Year 8

Boshra Rahnamaee 2nd place room 10

Liam Cassidy 3rd place room 7

Lastly, thank you to the parents who came along to support our students.



Ben Sinclair (Year 7, Room 15) recently returned from the USA where he represented New Zealand at the Cal Ripken World Series U13 Baseball tournament. This tournament is held annually at the Ballparks-of-America facility in Branson, Missouri, and features 16 representative sides from America, as well as 8 international teams including baseball powerhouses Korea and Japan.

Ben’s favourite positions are pitcher and 1st base, and his go-to pitch options include a fastball, curveball and slider. He hopes to one day be a starting pitcher for the New York Yankees.

 Ben1  Ben2

Jayden Lau (Year 7, Room 21) has been selected to perform in the New Zealand Ukulele Junior Squad.  He will be attending the NZ Ukulele 3-day course in September, and then performing at the APPA festival at the Auckland Town Hall, and additional performances at the Auckland Museum and at the NZ Ukulele Festival – all in November.  Well done Jayden.


PTA NEWS by Jo Beer

The last day for Knowledge-a-thon sponsorship money to be returned to qualify for prizes is this coming Monday, 3rd September.  The money can be dropped into the Eden Room before school (in an envelope labelled with your child’s name and room number please) or you can deposit it directly into the PTA bank account 12 3048 0259939 00 with your child’s name and room number as a reference.  Students have the opportunity to win great prizes.  Our top fundraisers will become ANI VIPs for a day with lots of special treatment, plus we will have draws for movie vouchers, electronics vouchers, and free entry/refreshments for the next social.  There is a very tight race for best class, with a pizza lunch up for grabs. Funds raised will go toward new playground equipment.


SPORTS NEWS by Mr Kennelly

Rugby League

ANI played a friendly Rugby League match against Murray’s Bay Intermediate. In the first half, we struggled to get into the game and were down 8-0. However in the second half, we came out strong and with two great tries making the score 8-8.

Sadly Murray’s Bay scored two final tries to win it 16-8. Thanks to Murray’s Bay for making it possible, it was played with great spirit and heart.

A great performance by the boys as for many this was their first game of league ever.



Sports Exchange with Murray’s Bay Intermediate

ANI played against Murray’s Bay in our first sports exchange between the two schools. Our Boys Basketball and Mixed Hockey travelled to Murray’s Bay. Our Mixed Hockey won a close contest and the Boys Basketball suffered a heavy defeat.

The Boys and Girls Football and Netball was held at ANI. The Girls Football won a close match 2-1 with 2 excellent goals in the second half. The Boys Football and Netball both lost.

Thanks to all those parents who came along to support. We hope to make this an annual fixture on our Sporting Calendar.

Central Zone Netball

Boys Netball

Our Year 7 and 8 boys attended the annual Central Zone Boys Netball tournament on Friday 3rd August. Although on the day they had mixed results, our boys never gave up and participated with great enthusiasm. A big thanks to those parents who supported the team and we look forward to competing again next year.

BN1  BN2

Girls Netball

Our girls 7A and 8A Netball teams competed in the annual Central Zone Netball tournament on Tuesday 7th August. Our teams competed well but sadly both missed out on the quarter-finals. A big thanks to Ms Jolley and Ms Murray for taking and organising the trip. A big thanks to those parents who were able to attend and support the girls.

GN1   GN2

Central Zone Basketball

Boys Basketball

Well done to the boys team who came 5th at the CZ Basketball tournament. The boys had a great tournament and showed great teamwork and sportsmanship.

Thanks for the great coaching Mr Markham, the parents who made it along and the girls for being great referees.


Girls Basketball

The girls had an amazing start to the Central Zone tournament, with hard fought wins over Kowhai, St Cuthberts and a draw against finalists Dio. It was great to see an enthusiastic team that has really come together over the last term leave everything out on the court and have a good time. Finishing the day with only 2 losses out of 8 games, the girls should be proud. A big thanks to Wayne Fowler the coach, legend and our referees and parents who came along to support the team.

GB1  GB2

Water Polo Winterfest Tournament

ANI was represented over the weekend in the WinterFest Water Polo tournament.  We were placed in Division B, playing in Pool A. The team consisted of Adam He, Alex Bell, Jamie Eickhoff, Andrew Lu, Neila Halstead, Alex Winn, Libby Patterson, Sterling Simpson, Harrison Chu, Wooyoung Wang and Billy Ashe.  Over the whole tourname the team went through undefeated.

The match results were as follows:

– Friday 8.30am ANI v St Cuthberts Green (9-0)

– Friday 5.00pm ANI v Sommerville Intermediate (10-0)

– Saturday 12.00pm ANI v Sacred Dolphins (6-3)

– Saturday 7.30pm ANI v Orewa College (11-3)

Semi Final

– Sunday 11.30am ANI v TNIS Year 8 (8-5)

Grand Final

– Sunday 4.30pm ANI v Albany Junior High School Year 8 (7-2)

All students need to be commended on their sportsmanship and their ability to work as a team throughout the entire tournament.  Each student played a pivotal role in the success of the weekend. A special congratulations goes to Jamie Eickhoff who won Player of the Tournament in our division.  This is an amazing effort! On a whole, the group represented ANI in the highest of regards and demonstrated their work ethic in the pool.

Thank you must also go to the parents and friends and family who supported these students across the event.  Their time and efforts were greatly appreciated by all. Furthermore, thank you to the ANI teachers who helped cheer and support these students at various matches.

Lastly, special thank you to our coach Gabby and team manager Joel who ensured that the team was well prepared, guided and coached throughout.

A wonderful weekend of water polo with a wonderful team!  Congratulations again to all involved!

Kate Green, ANI Water Polo Coordinator 2018


Cross Country

After Thunder postponed our first attempt at the cross country and despite the weather on the second attempt we successfully ran the Cross Country for 2018. Despite the cross country being optional over 80% of our pupils chose to run. This demonstrated the calibre of our students and their engagement in school run activities. Our results from the 2018 Cross Country are as follows:

Year 7 Girls:  1st Ruby Brathwaite; 2nd Gemma Manning; 3rd Macey Williams

Year 7 Boys:  1st Benard Pawson; 2nd Nikko Tuxford; 3rd Miles Turner

Year 8 Girls:  1st Tessa Swinson; 2nd Sunnie Yan; 3rd Dhanika Patel

Year 8 Boys:  1st Zach Heyes; 2nd Samuel Manders; 3rd Noah Thomas


Pre-AIMS Football Tournament

Our Girls Football and Boys Football played at the Pre-AIMS Tournament at Western Springs on Friday. The girls had good performances against Somerville Intermediate School and Murray’s Bay Intermediate finishing top of the pool. In the final we played a strong Baradene and sadly lost 2-0. The boys played well against strong opposition. As the tournament progressed they improved in their attack and finished with a good win against Te Atatu Intermediate.

A big thanks to the parents who came along to help especially Emma Carr-Smith  and Ralph Walker. Bring on AIMS!

FB1  FB2  FB3

ANI Ski Team

It was such a shame we didn’t get to compete in this years NIPS especially after all the training the kids have put in. In saying that the children still had a wonderful time and got to improve their skills skiing in very little visibility as well as freestyle skiing and I have to say we saw an improvement in their abilities. We certainly kept them busy and active so there were no cases of cabin fever. Even on days when the lifts were closed we would hike up the hill to race down or practise on the jump they made with Michael Young. They even got to keep up their race skills by practising on the slalom course another member of the lodge set up for them. So all in all it wasn’t a wasted trip.

You will be happy to know that all the ANI students were incredibly well behaved and kept in high spirits even when doing their lodge chores. They represented the school well and are a credit to you all.

A special thanks to the parents who attended during the week especially Dana Macrae ( camp Mum) and Steve Cassidy for their work down at the mountain. The school appreciates your time and support. Better luck next year team.


Central Zone Squash

Noah Thomas and Arjun Manivannan attended this years Central Zone squash tournament. This was the first time the tournament has been hosted in a number of years. Both students made it to the semi-finals. Arjun finished up 4th in the tournament after narrowly missing out in the semi-finals. Noah made it to the final and won the final to be crowned the Auckland Central champion for 2018. Congrats to both boys for their excellent performance.

A big thank you to Hari Manivannan for transporting and managing the boys for the tournament.


Tough Guy and Gal Challenge

On Monday the 27th of August, 40 students represented ANI in the Junior Tough Guy and Gal Challenge 2018. The event was held at the Helensville Tennis Club on a local farm. It was a great day out getting dirty and running hard. All of the students enthusiastically completed the course and they enjoyed every minute of it.

The students who won placings on the day were:

Sunnie Yan (Yr 8) – First Female/ First overall

Tessa Swinson (Yr 8) – Second Female

Ruby Brathwaite (Yr 7) – Third Female

Flynn Rhodes-Macrae (Yr 8) – Third Male

We all had fun in the mud!

ToughGG  ToughGG2


North Island Intermediate Cycling Race

The ANI cycling team attended the annual North Island Intermediate event in Taupo. We raced 2 teams in the team trial series and individual events for Year 7 and Year 8. It was tough conditions and was extremely cold and windy. Our Year 7 team of Zeke, Elena and Erwin finished an impressive 4th place. Our Year 8 team of Zane, Zach and Dexter finished 11th place overall. In the individual events we competed well with Zane and Elena our best finishers,  both coming in 8th place.

Well done team and a huge thanks to all the parents for their hard work over the weekend.


Interzone Cross Country

What a beautiful day for CZ Cross Country today (Friday 31st August). The students all had a fantastic time, running their best through the thick mud.  ANI did very well on the day, gaining Team placings in three out of four races. The results were as follows:


Year 7 boys  – 3rd place overall

Year 8 girls – 2nd place overall

Year 8 boys – 3rd place overall

Top placings (1-10) Individuals:

Year 7 girls – Ruby Brathwaite / 9th overall

Year 7 boys – Bernard Pawson / 1st overall; Miles Turner / 9th overall

Year 8 girls – Sunnie Yan / 2nd overall; Tessa Swinson / 3rd overall

Congratulations to these individual students as they now go through to the Interzones Cross Country. This will be held next week – Tuesday the 4th of September.




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