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Orientation Programme and Support Services

International students at Auckland Normal Intermediate will be provided with a proper orientation process.

The Orientation Programme

On the student’s first day, he/she will be met by the Teacher Responsible for International Students and shown their classroom. All students will be mainstreamed immediately upon arrival with a small group withdrawn for further orientation, English testing, and teaching as required. Assistance with academic planning is given, if required.

The classroom teacher will be responsible for ensuring the new student has a buddy group consisting of two or more other students whose role is to help the new student with daily routines, timetables, and activities during the breaks. He/She will also ensure the student knows where to find the sick bay, tuckshop, toilets, etc.

Orientation will include school layout, rules and regulations, counselling, support systems and resources available. Familiarisation with New Zealand culture, schools and learning will also be provided.

The International Student Coordinator will continue to monitor the student during the first few weeks while the student settles into the class and the school. The Coordinator will also be available for support of the students, the classroom teacher, and the parents / caregiver.

Once the initial period is over, the Teacher responsible for International Students will continue to monitor the student and his/her progress through informal meetings, ESOL teaching times, and where necessary through formal meetings with the student, the classroom teacher, and/or the parents/caregiver.

Translators will be made available where necessary. These may be another student or an adult, depending upon the situation and the requirements.

Parents / caregivers and students need to know that Auckland Normal Intermediate has an ‘Open Door’ policy. At any time they may make an appointment to see the classroom teacher, or the Teacher Responsible for International Students to discuss any queries or concerns.