October 2019 Newsletter



Today’s newsletter is being sent to you during the school holidays – we hope you are enjoying the break.  Term 3 concluded with a very enjoyable prizegiving where we congratulated a number of students on their successes.  It was a real privilege to be able to host the assembly at Eden Park – huge thanks to CEO Nick Sautner for his support of our school.

With Term 4 just around the corner we look forward to some warmer weather and lots of sunshine.  This is a good time to remind you that hats are compulsory from Monday 14 October and MUST be worn during break times.  No hat, no play. We also hope to have the pool ready for swimming around November.  The pool changing sheds have had a makeover courtesy of our Property Manager, Duncan Wilson – thanks!

As we prepare for end of year assessments, our Year 8 students will take part in mock examinations.  We have booked the lecture theatre at Auckland University (Epsom Campus) to prepare them for entrance exams they will experience at secondary school.  We want to give our students experiences that will support this more formal type of assessment and ensure they are exam ready. Any questions about this, please contact the Year 8 Dean, Megan Hughes (mhughes@ani.school.nz).

Property Update

Things are moving!  Over the next few weeks you will see some action on the field adjacent to the playground as well as in the demolition area.  A full update in a separate communication will be out to you early Term 4. While the delays have been frustrating for us all, we are still in good spirits and focusing on what’s happening “inside” the classrooms rather than outside.

National Education and Learning Priorities (NELP)

Setting out Education Priorities for Today, Tomorrow and the Future

Clearly in a rapidly changing world and in a time when environmental, social and economic challenges affect us all, teaching the same old things in the same old way will not serve our increasingly diverse population.  Rather than impose just Government ideas on our schools, over the last year the Ministry of Education has consulted with almost 50,000 New Zealanders and from their input developed a proposed set of objectives to be set out in the National Education and Learning Priorities. These NELP objectives will apply to early childhood centres, Kohanga reos and schools, and the TELP – Tertiary Education and Learning Priorities will apply to Universities, Polytechnic College and other tertiary providers. This proposal is part of the wider education conversation regarding changes to the education system such as the Review of Tomorrows schools.  

The priorities include educational, cultural, social and wellbeing objectives. They aim to ensure that we have an education system that nurtures shared understandings and results in a productive, open and caring society.  Over the years New Zealand has been world leading in social reforms. This consultative collaborative approach to setting up national education objectives for the nation may well be another example of how we can lead the World. In a world where intolerance and nationalism are constantly in the headlines, New Zealand’s inclusive caring approach to ensure every citizen in our diverse and multicultural society gets access to the best of educational opportunity is a worthy goal. 

On 17th September the Government issued a discussion document titled Shaping a Stronger  Education System with New Zealanders. This document is available on line (https://conversation.education.govt.nz/conversations/national-education-and-learning-priorities/) detailing the education priorities  50,000 New Zealanders have communicated that they consider to be important. A high degree of agreement came through from the consultation but before finalising the statements the Government is seeking further input.  In his forward to the discussion document, the Minister of Education states. “The Government is committed to ensuring that the New Zealand education system will “enable every New Zealander to excel, to help their whanau and communities to thrive and to build a productive and sustainable economy and open and caring society.”   

A Chance to have your say

I urge you to look at the discussion document and make comment as once finalised these learning priority statements will become long term guidelines for Boards of Trustees and educators to follow.   A thrust of the Priority Objectives is that education in New Zealand schools and tertiary institutions will be inclusive, available to all and respect diversity. As well they recognise that education needs to be available through the whole of life and that educators and governing bodies need to remove access barriers experienced by some sectors of our community. Submissions on the NELP close on 25th November 2019 and on the TELP on 25th October 2019.

Nāku noa

Jill Farquharson – Principal



The Challenges of being a Young Adolescent

Growing up in today’s rapidly changing world technology is omnipresent. Many of our young people are online almost constantly which has many benefits but also poses a number of challenges. These might include, staying safe, being kind, dealing with bullying, making sense of violent news clips, cheating in school, multi-tasking, staying up too late and preserving one’s reputation. 

These pressures and others are increasing for our young people, for example, home lives are becoming more complicated. Today’s families are more open about divorce, job losses and special needs; also, many parents are hyper-involved which can result in young people having less autonomy and not feeling they have as much control over their fates. They need space to learn problem-solving skills, make mistakes, resolve conflicts and build a sense of confidence and agency.

It is pleasing to see that things may be moving in the right direction and a good example of this today is the ever increasing sense of justice and agency that we are seeing from our students.  They have always been tuned into justice and fairness, but today’s young people are perhaps even more likely to take on an activist role, such as lobbying for the environment. Greta Thunberg and the global movement she created around the topic of environmental sustainability shows the power of agency alive in our young people today. 

The key, as always, is finding the right balance – not an easy thing to do but, again as always, open lines of communication between students, parents and our school are essential. 

At ANI, we understand the ever-mounting pressures on the shoulders of our young people. The part we play in their lives is ensuring that they have the wisdom to make sound decisions and the tenacity to stick at something and see it through to completion. We feel strongly about partnering with our parent community to ensure our students have the social, mental and emotional toolbox they need to thrive in today’s world. 

Bryce Mills and Shane Devery

Deputy Principals




Monday 14 – Term 4 begins at 9.00am

Tuesday 15 – EGGS testing at ANI at 11.20am

Wednesday 16 – HPV2 vaccinations

Thursday 17 – ANI Open Day at 1.30pm; Room 19 Meet the Teacher at 5.30pm; Parent Information Evening at 6.00pm

Tuesday 22 – Student Coaching at Cockle Bay School

Wednesday 23 – HPV2 and Boostrix catch up day; APPA Rehearsal at Remuera Intermediate; Interzone Basketball

Friday 25 – Teacher Only Day (school closed)

Monday 28 – Labour Day holiday (school closed)

Tuesday 29 – 2020 In Zone ANI Entrance Testing at Three Kings Primary; Year 8 Maths Exam

Wednesday 30 – 2020 In Zone ANI Entrance Testing at Newmarket Primary and Cornwall Park District School

Thursday 31 – 2020 In Zone ANI Entrance Testing at Maungawhau Primary and Royal Oak Primary; Interzone Volleyball

Friday 1 November – 2020 In Zone ANI Entrance Testing at Epsom Normal Primary School; AGS testing at AGS (ANI providing transport for students) at 10.00-11.30am

(Note:  2020 Out of Zone Entrance Testing will take place at ANI on Monday 11 November and Monday 18 November)

NOTE:  Friday 25 October is a Teacher Only Day and there will be no supervision available at school for students on this day.





If you or your friends have an in zone Year 6 student who is wanting to attend ANI next year, please get your enrolment form processed as soon as possible.  Go here for all instructions on how to do this.





We farewelled Room 19 teacher, Ms Danni Cook at the end of Term 3 as she makes a shift back to the Far North.  Taking over from her will be Ms Saasha Jolley who is returning from maternity leave. We are having a ‘meet the teacher’ for Room 19 on Thursday 17 October at 5.30pm.





What an awesome time we’ve had preparing for the school production and an even more fabulous time performing!

Our thanks to cast, stage hands and backstage – you certainly made us proud.  A huge congratulations to producer and musical director Drew Daldy – you rock!

From the Hairspray Jr. team




FINANCE – School Payments and Donations for 2020

Yes it’s that time of year again where we make a request of our Year 7 parents for 2020 payments and donations:

  1. donation: $350
  2. class trips/activity fee: $75 
  3. take home materials: $195

Paying it now will not only be a saving for you but it will also mean one less bill at the start of the year when there are so many other school related expenses to pay. So what are we offering if you make the three payments above before 6 December 2019?

  • A discount of 5% on activity fee and take home materials (note we cannot offer a discount on school donations as you can get a tax credit). 
  • Go into a draw to win one of these great family prizes if you make all three payments (donation, activity fee and take home materials) before 6 December 2019:

1) Two prize of a uniform top up pack consisting of: One cap and one short sleeved polo or one cap and one pair of culottes or shorts

2) Four prizes of a stationery pack

3) Four prizes of an Education Perfect subscription

       Closing date for Prize Draw: 6 December 2019

Be in to win! Winners will be announced on the last day of term and advised by phone and email.

How could you make payment?

Online Parent/Caregiver Portal  

● Banking transfer

          Account Name: Auckland Normal Intermediate

         Account No.: 12-3048-0291429-00

         Reference: Student name

● Eftpos or cash payments at office

Thank you, we appreciate your financial support of the school which enables us to provide additional staff and a high quality education for your sons and daughters.





Back in late August, each team created a garden (see pictures below), with the help of Room 12 teacher Mr Aaron Moore and our caretaker, Mr Wilson – you can see these gardens behind the SLT/Library.  In September, we had Lizzi Whaley, the judge from The Block, come in and judge their efforts – and Kauri team (top picture) won!  All these gardens look amazing and it has really improved this area.



On Wednesday the 25th of September the Year 7’s exhibited their work in Inquirefest as part of their units on “How We Express Ourselves” and “Sharing the Planet”. Work included animated movies, visual art pieces, wearable arts projects and songs or media pieces all based upon a world without a different type of resource. The day was a complete success thanks to the hard work of staff and the Inquirefest leaders Katy Constance (Room 14 teacher) and Charlotte Ironside (Room 21 teacher), who helped to organise the day and ensured everything ran smoothly. 

Katy Constance, Charlotte Ironside and teachers in Kauri and Totara Teams





Congratulations to Nikolai Consedine (Room 15) and Stella-Marie Boyd (Room 16) who won a Principal’s award for outstanding achievement in creative writing.  Their stories are below.

Confusion by Nikolai Consedine

An ill wind blows, a whisper in the shadowy darkness.  A road winds, twists and turns like a rabbit trapped inextricably in a fox’s grasp.  My mind grapples with the sense of reality. Am I dreaming, or am I lost the world of reality?  I am in a maze. A maze with walls of silence and misunderstanding. I see signs I cannot understand, noises I hear, but cannot see.  I am forgotten, like a treasure at the bottom of the ocean. Only to be rescued by minds’ own will.

My mind struggles, but the wind is impenetrable.  Again I am swept away, lost in the current of problems and challenges.  The darkness overcomes me. I scream for help but to no avail. The darkness laughs at my expense.  What can I do? The endless cycle continues, after every blow I am weaker. The will to fight back lessens.  My mind relaxes, I succumb to the will of ignorance.

Then out of the darkness, a light forms.  A resistance, help …

Like an angel from heaven, it banishes the devils and sets my mind free.  I realise the message of this horrific ordeal. Life may be harsh, but somewhere out there, there is always help.  Never stay silent. Silence will destroy you.

The Buttons on my Keyboard by Stella-Marie Boyd

All I can see are blank pages.  All that there is. Ideas are flying around my head but each one I catch slips through my grasp like liquid.  No matter what I start, it becomes fruitless after a few sentences. I stare down at the empty pages that lie before me, beckoning me to dress them with words.  In a large world, inspiration is hard to find. There are so many people, so similar to me. I take a breath. I can do this.

My fingers find the buttons on the keyboard.  I tentatively start typing. Each button I press corresponds to a letter, number, punctuation or action that pops up on my screen.  A certain sequence of letters will form a word. A certain sequence of words forms a sentence. A certain sequence of sentences will form a story.  I’m just struggling to find the right sequence. There are millions of possible ways my story could go.

Hoping that path I choose leads me the right direction, I gather speed.  Soon the letters, words, sentences are spilling from my fingers faster than I can speak.  I have finally caught an idea, and it’s staying put. The page is no longer empty. It has blocks of letters, words, sentences on it.  My fingers are flying now; writing whatever comes to mind. I will get this piece done in no time.

But I pause.  The thing is; the stories on my pages are just sentences.  The sentences are just words. The words are just letters. The letters are just pixels, controlled by buttons on my keyboard.

The blank pages are now thoughts.

The words are now ideas.

The pixels are now a story.

That story is mine.





Last month ANI took groups of students on two overseas trips – one to Cairns and one to Japan.  


The Cairns trip (1 – 6 September) was blessed with the best weather they could have wished for, they had a fine dining experience at Ochre where local delicacies such as Crocodile, Barramundi and Kangaroo were trialled.  They visited the rain forest and took the Skyrail to Kurunda. Next was a visit to Hartley’s Crocodile Farm where students came face to face with some friendly kangaroos and watched a snake and crocodile show from a safe distance.  A visit to Tjapukai, an aboriginal cultural centre was next where they were taught how to play a didgeridoo, and were treated to a fire show. Students went out to Green Island, the only Cay Island to also have a rain forest on it, and Michaelmas Cay, located on the outer reef approximately 42km North East of Cairns where they witnessed a lot of sea life, including a turtle or two. 


The Japanese trip (5 – 13 September) started off by spending the day at Universal Studios in Osaka, followed by rising early in the morning to take the Shinkansen train to Hiroshima. The students visited a shrine and then met up with their host families which they were very excited about as they’d been emailing from NZ prior to the trip.  The students experienced some traditions in Japan such as taking their shoes off when entering a building and putting slippers on. The group were treated like royalty at the Wajiro Hagashi School Welcoming Ceremony. The Japanese students sang songs and performed a dance for us. ANI responded by singing the National Anthem and performing the Haka followed by the students doing their speeches. Gifts were also exchanged. 





The small but mighty team of ‘Mega Minds’ were at EPro8 on Wednesday 4 September – a shout out to Sunny Patil, Atharv Dixit and Kaedyn Funnell-Wong! They have been the only ANI team so far to attempt and succeed in creating a power generator.  We were all impressed with their maturity and determination throughout the night.

With 12 teams in the mix, our Mega Minds held their 5th place position and scored an impressive 270 points.

A huge shout out to “The Mad Scientist” team who competed at EPro8 on Wednesday 11 September – well done to Abbie Mackay, Snigdha Tewary, Kairav Haldar and Viraj Agarwal. 

They were battling for top position throughout the entire competition, holding 3rd place for nearly an hour, before having qualification snatched away in the last 15 minutes, resulting in a 4th place result.

Despite some impressive handywork, they battled hard and showed some cool, calm and collected thinking and we were all incredibly proud of them!

Again, ANI went into valiant battle at EPpro8 on Thursday 12 September. We had two teams consisting of; Parth Setiya, Abdurrahman Mohammad, Kishandeep Kumar and Katie McKay (Team 1) and Max Heather, Stella-Marie Boyd, Ananya Kaushai and Amorita Ng (Team 2). 

Both teams had a calm and steady approach, not being distracted by the noise and action of other stations, however they did struggle in terms of the size and complexity of the problems, especially the ratio of height to base size for a free standing structure. We almost had to set up a “splash” zone around their area!! But neither team gave up and showed resilience and determination, having learnt some important lessons in engineering!  Team 1 came 12th and Team 2 came 5th.

EPro8 wrapped up on Tuesday 17 September with the final team, or more accurately our Dynamic Duo! 

Unfortunately, two members did not show up, however this positive and creative duo took it all in stride. 

They claimed 9th place (out of 12) with 170 points. 

If you see Anna Thorp and Abe Ablas (go Room 24!), please congratulate them. They worked twice as hard to make up for absences and we were all super proud of them. The event sparked their desire to return next year and they have a bright future ahead! 

Charlotte Ironside and Heather Amadori (teachers in charge)





Over the past term, the Community of Learning team has made it a priority to connect staff with one another and be informed about the various initiatives throughout the school, at both an individual and school-wide level. In order to achieve this, we dedicated time for teachers to invest in the goals of their colleagues and have their goals invested in. Some teachers were trained in the GROWTH coaching model to facilitate these conversations, ensuring they were genuine and purposeful. In small groups composed of staff from different Professional Learning Groups, teachers were given the opportunity to share the ideas circulating in their group, receive useful feedback concerning their personal aspirations, and gain the experience of coaching another colleague. The feedback from facilitators and participants was positive, commenting that it was a good opportunity in a safe setting, grow the community around the school, and to gain direction of their own goals through the conversations. We are currently planning the best strategy to keep this momentum as we enter the fourth term, and hope to nurture this coaching culture at ANI.   

Andrew Lawrence, Across School Leader for our CoL





Teenagers, what’s with them?

You are all the proud parents of either pre-teens or teenagers and as you will all be aware this is a time of tremendous developmental change.  As a psychologist I’m fascinated by this period of change and am curious about the reasons for these behaviours. As a parent I was probably as bewildered and confused as anyone about what was with my teenagers.   

Understanding what’s underlying and driving some of these confusing behaviours can be helpful in developing useful parenting strategies.  Developmentally adolescents are on the next stage in their journey towards becoming independent adults. They are moving from being totally dependent on their parents as babies and toddlers towards developing the skills that will allow them to live independently.   Teenagers are renowned for pursuing excitement, novelty, taking risks and preferring the company of their peers to parents and other mature adults. These traits can make them challenging to parent and war stories of difficult teenagers abound. 

Neuroscience has been able to tell us that adolescent brains have already reached 90% of their full size, so it’s not that teenagers are lacking in brain cells.  However, during adolescence the brain does a tremendous amount of re organising which slowly progresses over the teen years and into the early 20s. The advantage of this reorganisation is that brain processes become much speedier and more reliable. This comes at a cost of some flexibility, we lose the ability to easily add to our behavioural repertoire.  If we consider language acquisition, we know that babies are born with the ability to learn any language they are constantly exposed to. As we grow and develop our understanding of our primary language/s it becomes more difficult to learn an additional language. We do become much speedier and more efficient at understanding our primary language, but it comes at the cost of flexibility to add new languages.

The behaviours of seeking excitement, novelty and risk and preferring the company of peers are all symptoms/evidence of a much more flexible brain that serves the purpose of allowing teenagers to move into new and challenging situations in a way that many of us adults would hesitate to do.  Hopefully with some more insight into why teenagers do what they do we can better choose parenting strategies that can support this transition into adulthood smoothly and with a little less conflict. Parental involvement that allows independence while providing the reassurance of connection is likely to be the most successful approach.   Next month I’ll be talking more about specific parenting approaches that work well.

Robyn Stead – Registered Psychologist (working at ANI)




Upcoming PTA Events:

  • Monday 4th November – PTA Meeting at 7.00pm in the Library, all welcome.
  • Monday 4th – Friday 8th November – Mufti Week.  Students who wish to wear mufti can purchase day passes for $2, week passes for $5, and “extra passes” for jewellery/nail polish/hair colour etc for $5.  Passes will be available from the SLT office just before and during the mufti week. 
  • Thursday 21st November – School Social, 6:30-8:30pm at Greyfriars Hall, cnr Mt Eden and Windmill Roads.  A permission slip will be sent out closer to the time.



SPORTS NEWS BY MR NICK EDWARDS (teacher in charge of sports)

AIMS Games

It was a huge week from Sunday 8 to Friday 13 September for ANI.  The Opening Ceremony was held on Sunday 8 before the real fun began on Monday.

Day 1 – Monday 9 September:

  • Hockey won their Monday game after an enthralling to and fro. 
  • Basketball had a really tough introduction to the games in their first loss but won their second game after some much better teamwork and resilience. 
  • Waterpolo also had a tough first day narrowly losing their first game before facing exceptionally difficult opponents in a tough defeat. 
  • Netball had one incredibly hard game, one easy and deserved victory, and one agonisingly close loss where they played some of the best netball Miss Murray has seen them play. 
  • Boys football remain undefeated with two wins and a draw. 
  • Girls football won confidently in their first game before learning from defeat in their second game. 
  • Individuals have done really well with some great achievements from our swimmers, tennis players and squash player. 
  • MVP for the coaches has to go to TJ for being really confident with great communication when dealing with sick and injured athletes in his team. 

Day 2 – Tuesday 10 September:

  • Hockey continued their excellent form winning handily in their morning game before digging deep to win their final game of the day meaning they have qualified for Wednesday’s quarter finals! 
  • Basketball had a big day ahead of them with three games. Their first two games were really strong victories with the whole squad contributing well. Their final game was neck and neck but ended in a narrow loss. 
  • Waterpolo had one game and made it count with a resounding victory! 
  • Netball sandwiched two convincing and hard fought victories with one tough defeat but in doing so set up some big games for Wednesday 
  • Boys football were undefeated despite one really aggressive game but that couldn’t dampen the positivity of the coach as their next game resulted in another victory. 
  • Girls football built throughout the day with a loss, then a draw but ended with a thunderous victory. 
  • Individuals continued to represent the school well and special mention goes to swimmers Irene and Amorita. Irene got to the final and achieved 10th for 100m butterfly whilst Amorita made the final for both 50m and 100m breaststroke. She came 2nd for 50m and 4th for 100m. That means she is essentially the second fastest Year 7 girl for 50m breaststroke in NZ! Not bad at all! 
  • MVP for the coaches goes to Rachael and Kueni for their wonderful cooperation and high spirits. 
  • The Hip Hop girls arrived at the Te Omeka Marae and we enjoyed the whakatau they were greeted with – even during AIMS we got in on Te Reo week! 

Day 3 – Wednesday 11 September:

  • Hockey’s unbelievable run of victories came to an end with a close loss in the quarter finals but they were on the hunt for a top 8 finish! 
  • Basketball started the day off with a strong victory and showed grit to deal with a close fought loss in the afternoon. 
  • Waterpolo had one game and deserved victory but had to settle for a draw. Their keeper played very well. 
  • Netball suffered a really close loss in the morning but rebounded with two strong wins as the day went on. 
  • Boys football were unlucky in their first game so tasted defeat for the first time but impressed in the afternoon with a thumping 6-1 win chasing goal difference. 
  • Girls football took time to warm up with a loss in the morning followed by a draw. We were all sure they would build to a victory next! 
  • Individuals racked up even more medals with Zane coming 2nd in Multisport and with Hamish coming 13th, that meant the Year 8 Boys Team came 2nd – even more silver medals! Elena’s multisport placing was 16th and she also contributed to the relay team meaning ANI came 6th. Our tennis players, golfer and squash player continue to impress and progress in their respective sports. 
  • The Hip Hop Girls blew us away at the evening performance – an impressive display. 

Day 4 – Thursday 12 September:

The penultimate day of the AIMS Games was a real mix for ANI with lots to celebrate:

  • Hockey’s search for a win continued as the top 8 proved to be tough! Great play from the team and lots to be proud of.
  • Basketball have grown in their games over the week but todays loss was a big test of how to deal with defeat. 
  • Waterpolo had two games, winning their first and adding another win to the list in their evening game. 
  • Netball balanced one incredibly tight victory, playing immensely well, with one incredibly close loss that tested their teamwork and cooperation during and after. Their evening game saw them play well again but suffer a close loss against strong opposition. 
  • Boys football were unlucky again in their first game of the day with a penalty shoot out not going our way.  They made amends in their second game with a solid win, however, and continued that form into their next game with another win. 
  • Girls football were made to pay for wasting chances in their first game as their opponents scored two goals in the final minutes of the game to win 2-1. They dominated their second game to respond in style. Their third game of the day tested them right down to a penalty shoot out with ANI coming out on top this time! 
  • Individuals racked up even more medals with Zane and Hamish coming 2nd in the boys mountain biking team event (6th and 13th place individually) whilst Aishi also claimed silver in the girls tennis final against a high calibre Year 8! Nikko came 11th for boys tennis with Hayden and Lachlan being knocked out early in the doubles event by very highly seeded players. They played some great rallies! Austin and Cherie (squash and golf, respectively) finished up their competitions positively and they represented the school so well!   
  • The Hip Hop Girls final placing was 14th out 29. Their performance was praised for its technicality and coordination. We feel they were top 10 and from the applause of the audience, top 5! 
  • MVP for the coaches goes to Katrina Gomes for supporting the girls to not ruminate on their missed opportunities and continue to have a great time playing the sport they love.

Day 5 – Friday 13 September:

  • ANI were on a high for the last day of the 2019 AIMS Games. 
  • Hockey drew their final game 5-5 to earn a fantastic 7th place finish out of 28 teams. What an achievement! 
  • Basketball’s final placing was 29th out of 64 teams. They certainly earned their place after some tough games.
  • Waterpolo finished strong, 17th out of 31.
  • Netball’s nail-biting final game was won 12-11 to earn the girls a 79th place finish out of 125 teams. Their lofty ambition was to reach top 80, and they did just that! 
  • Boys football continued their dominant form with another win to earn a 25th place finish out of 56 teams; although 7 wins, 2 draws and 2 losses meant there was hardly anything separating the top 20 teams. 
  • Girls football’s final placing was 21st out of 34 teams, which is the least they deserved after some fantastic play. Their penalty shootout win was a real highlight of the tournament. 
  • For our final individual placings, Austin finished 38th out of 66 competitors in Squash, earning a medal for an unbelievable 5 game come back. Cherie ended her week of golf with 7th place in gross and 1st place in stableford! A well earned placing after a long week where she shot over 4 different golf courses in incredibly varied weather conditions. 
  • MVP for the coaches goes to Jacob Markham for always  being a calm and positive model for his team to follow, bouncing back from losses, van breakdown, and all that an AIMS week can throw at you, to focus on the good things! 
  • This year’s team of Jacob, Kueni, Rachel, Alasdair, Katrina, Andy and TJ worked their socks off to make sure the children had a priceless experience that they will never forget. I can’t thank the team enough for their wonderful dedication! Here’s to those teachers!! 

Interzone Cross Country

ANI had a hugely enjoyable day out at the Cross Country Interzones competition in Pukekohe on Tuesday 3 September. We were well represented by our Year 7 Girls Team, Ruby Braithwaite, representing Year 8 Girls and Miles Turner, representing Year 8 Boys. To top their amazing performance in Central Zones may have looked like a huge ask, but these runners were not daunted by the task and did not disappoint. 

Our Year 7 Girls team took home 1st place in the team competition with special mention to our top two runners; Aarya Maganlal in 9th place and Ava Gatie in 13th place.

In the Year 8 Girls race, Ruby ran a great race, doing her best to keep up with the leading pack. she had a particularly strong start eventually coming across the finish line in 31st!

As our solo male, Miles Turner was not to be forgotten, running an excellent race, showing great maturity with his individual pacing. Spurred on by the vocal ANI supporters, he finished with a fierce sprint, easily catching 5-6 people ahead of him in the final straight. He crossed the line in 15th place, a superb result!

Kieran Gleeson

Central Zone Boys’ Volleyball

The boys went to the Central Zones Volleyball competition on Wednesday 18 September, they had a great time and came 9th out of 10. 

They were all really eager and ready to play (thanks to some last minute coaching from Mr Daldy and Mr Houston!) and came out fighting in their first two games against Royal Oak and Remuera Intermediate. Minor errors of footwork, serving and lapses in concentration meant points were lost that shouldn’t have been and both games were close, but resulted in a loss for us both times.

Our third game against Te Kura Kaupapa Maori O Nga Maungarongo saw a real step up in the boys attitude and precision. Solid serving from Kaedyn Funnell-Wong and Jonny Thomson saw ANI fight to their first win of the tournament! 

High on the confidence of their last win, the boys were eager to go into their next two matches against Ponsonby Intermediate and Wesley, however ghosts of their pasts came to haunt them, with footwork and “carrying” penalising them heavily. Creative thinking of the “any body part” by the boys saw a couple of great header points scored and even a keepy uppy by Kyle Xu high into the commentary box delayed play. Ultimately though the boys again lost by close margins.

Heading into the afternoon, an inspiring pep talk by Mr Houston had the boys building their resilience to fight back, with excellent play from George Walker and Hunter Te Ratana, however the long day was beginning to take its toll and the boys couldn’t keep up with the power of Mt Roskill and Kowhai.

Shout outs to Kaedyn Funnell-Wong for providing a steady hand on the serving line and Kyle Xu for his creative thinking on the courts. 

Charlotte Ironside

Central Zone Girls’ Volleyball 

On Thursday 19 September, the Girls Volleyball team went to the Central Zones Volleyball tournament over on the North Shore to compete. The girls were super excited and organised ensuring a prompt departure and getting them a good half an hour of practise and coaching before their first game.

Their first match against Royal Oak was a close one, with some great serving from Aishi Das to help build up a lead but the strain of constantly play for 20minutes took its toll with the girls losing some silly points before eventually losing 39-24. 

Not downhearted and determined to score 30 points in their next game, they stepped up against a tough Mt Roskill team who taught them some tough lessons about spacing and spiking at the net. The girls dug in hard and a great performance by Kaitlin Taufa serving up some mean aces, meant that they were so close to reaching their 30 point goal but ultimately were bested by a better team losing 42-29. 

Moving on to three back to back games was always going to be tough and unfortunately proved no better for the girls losing 54 -20 to Pasadena and 36-42 to Ponsonby Intermediate. 

The girls pulled themselves together for their final match, keenly aware that a playoff position was still in their grasps and that their opponents Dio were in the same position. They came out hard, with both teams showing their fatigue with serving issues on both sides, but ANI pulled hard to have a 33-28 lead with five minutes to go! Despite awesome serving by Tema Tupou, the girls still struggled to consolidate points at the net and some errors led to their closest loss of the day, 45-39, with an overall placing of 6th (out of 6) in their pool 

Overall the girls learnt some hard lessons, but they never lost face, always trying hard to keep each other’s spirits high and helping each other improve their skills throughout the day. Huge shout outs to Aishi Das and her mean serve and Kaitlin Taufa for being a constant ray of sunshine throughout the day, even when looking loss in the face – even earning the quote of the day “We may have come 6th, but in my heart we all came first”.

Charlotte Ironside



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Message from ADHB on Measles

Please find attached a message from Auckland Regional Public Health Service for schools regarding measles.  This pulls together a number of resources for managing measles, including an updated step by step guide.