November 2018 Newsletter


This week we held a special school assembly with both year groups to reinforce the types of behaviours we expect between now and the last day of school for 2018.  

In schools we often call this time of the year the “silly season” as some of our students relax a little too much, the hormones kick in and there is evidence of behaviours that don’t belong in a school.

We have no intention of spoiling end of year fun, in fact we encourage students to take part in lots of festive activities in the last few weeks of school, particularly our Year 8s as they come to the end of their primary education, however we do want this done in a safe and sensible manner.

At the assembly this week we reinforced the following points:

  • Respecting fellow students, their property, personal space and right to learn in a safe environment
  • Maintaining a high standard of uniform
  • Following school rules particularly around attendance and arrival time at school
  • Maintaining a positive community profile, especially when walking through Mt Eden Village

The staff and I will reinforce these standards regularly with students and we ask that you at home support us in ensuring it is a happy end to the year.  One thing that is very important is making sure your son/daughter has a school hat. No other types of sun hats or caps will be permitted and students are withdrawn to the library at lunchtime if they do not have a regulation hat.  We appreciate that buying a new hat is an expense for the last seven weeks but rules are rules. A number of students tell me their hat is stolen – judging by the number of hats I pick up on the field, in cloak bays and in the hall, I’m sure this is not the case.  A good search around areas they frequent will in most cases help them locate their hat.


Strike Action by Primary Teachers

As you will be aware from press releases, a number of rolling strikes have been planned by the teachers union – New Zealand Educational Institute (NZEI).  The Auckland strike date is 12 November which also happens to be our school athletics day at Mt Smart. Please note we will not be postponing this event, it will go ahead regardless.  Obviously we might need a hand from a few parents depending on how many of our teachers take strike action. We will send out information and any requests for help via the Friday Flyer or School Apps.  Stay tuned for updates.


Stepping into their Shoes (tonight at 6pm in the Library)

Tonight we are fortunate in having Yvonne Godfrey speak to us.  The title of her presentation is “Grown up to go up”. Yvonne is a great speaker, highly motivating and has great parenting tips.  She also speaks at AGS on similar topics so a really nice segway for our parents who have sons going to AGS.

Look forward to seeing you all there, 6pm in the hall (NOTE:  No longer in the library due to large numbers attending).


End of Year Prizes

At this time of the year we are spending quite a bit of time deciding on prize winners for the final assembly.  The decisions are not easy and we appreciate that some students will be disappointed if they don’t receive a prize.  While we will feel incredibly proud of our prize winners, to those that don’t win a prize please remember that the greatest prize is being able to say I’ve done my best and I know I’ve done a good job.  Our PM Jacinda Ardern sums this up very nicely with … “Great feats are not great because they were first, or because they achieved some measure of publicity, but because they took effort, commitment and courage.  Some of the most extraordinary things are undertaken without fanfare or acknowledgement – they are accomplished by just getting on with things by people who consider themselves ordinary.  Within the ordinary sits the extraordinary”.  Jacinda Ardern

Have a great month – only 85 days until Christmas!

Jill Farquharson, Principal




First Aid Training

This week will be the first of three weeks that our students will be offered to learn the skills and knowledge of being an Emergency First Aider with the workshops leaders from St John ‘Here for life’.

This learning opportunity will focus on three main areas including:

  • Demonstrating the assessment of a patient using D.R.S.A.B.C. (Danger, Response, Send for help, Airway, Breathing and Circulation) and taking the appropriate action
  • Demonstrating the appropriate responses for an unconscious patient and perform CPR
  • Describing appropriate responses to a variety of situations requiring first aid

At at the end of the workshops each child should be better equipped to know what to do and who to call if they are the first person to an incident/accident.


V8 Supercar Event

We have been lucky enough to secure complimentary tickets to attend the ‘Students on Track’ event at Pukekohe Friday 2 November.  We have a bus load of students and parents helpers who will have a unique opportunity to get up close to the V8 Supercar action at Pukekohe Race Track, which includes the V8 Supercars, top 10 shot out and other local racing classes (Toyota 86’s, NZ Supercars, Porsche Series and many more categories) compete to be the best in their division.  

The day is designed to give students the opportunity to immerse themselves in the motorsport world and see how the things they learn in the classroom translate into real life situations on and around the race track.  The students will see practical applications of mathematics, physical education, environmental awareness, tourism, marketing, event management, media studies and engineering in action at a motorsport event.

Those who have had their names pulled out of the hat, randomly, to attend will have a great day talking to drivers, team bosses and those who work on the cars to get them ready for race day.

I am sure it will be a great experience for those lucky enough to attend on the day.

Shane Devery, Deputy Principal


New Leaders

Over the past month our Year 7’s have been putting their names forward for Head Boy and Head Girl for 2019. The response from our Year 7 cohort has been overwhelming with over 70 students (20% of Year 7) expressing an interesting in leadership – what a healthy sign for a school.

Our current Year 8 leaders have read through each application and have shortlisted down to 32. The next step for each shortlisted candidate is to have a one on one interview with the Senior Leadership Team who will then decide on the four leaders for 2019.

The candidates who are not successful will have the chance to apply to be part of the Strategic Planning Team for 2019 and other leadership positions.  These groups drive the schools strategic goals and they report regularly to the BOT.

We are so pleased that we have a school of young people who are so passionate about leadership. We know by the calibre of leaders applying that our 2019 year is going to be our biggest year to date.


Special Offer for ANI Parents

We have a special offer for our parents regarding the purchasing our devices.  PB Tech have a page for parents to purchase direct from any PB Tech Store or online at a discounted rate, the link is below:

alternatively you can navigate to;


2)      click the BYOD button

3)      select the drop down and choose Auckland Normal Intermediate

Please note: the unique discount code for to unlock pricing is “BYOD2019” (top left corner to enter)

They have a range of finance options for parents as well, from Finance Now, or Q card.

Simply an option for parents who are starting to plan for devices in 2019, it is not compulsory for you to buy through this supplier.

Bryce Mills, Deputy Principal



Thursday 1 November – Stepping into their Shoes, 6-8pm in the Hall – NOTE: no longer in the Library (RSVP link below); MAGS Boys Testing Day; Student Agency presentation at East Tamaki School; Boys and Mixed Touch Rugby; Post Active Shield Cricket at Keith Hay Park

Friday 2 – V8 Supercars ‘Students on Track’ programme to Pukekohe; Year 8 boys to AGS for testing 9am-12.30pm

Tuesday 6 – Out of Zone entrance testing #1 in Hall at 9.00am (#2 will be on Wednesday 21st November for those who cannot make this date); Boys Rugby 7s

Thursday 8 – Open Morning # 7 at 9.00am for 2019 students

Friday 9 – Mufti Day; Cycle Day

Monday 12 – ANI Athletics Sports Day at Mt Smart Stadium

Tuesday 13 – 2019 Year 7 Enrolment Interviews 1-5pm

Wednesday 14 – 2019 Year 7 Enrolment Interviews 1-5pm; CZ Badminton; Board of Trustees meeting at 6pm

Thursday 15 – 2019 Year 7 Enrolment Interviews 9am-1pm

Saturday 17 – Albert Eden Cultural Festival (Kapa Haka, Pasifika, CanCan, KPop and Hawaiian)

Monday 19 – 2019 Year 7 Enrolment Interviews 1-5pm

Tuesday 20 – 2019 Year 7 Enrolment Interviews 9am-1pm

Wednesday 21 – 2019 Out of Zone entrance testing

Thursday 22 – EGGS Music auditions; CZ Athletics; School Social 6.30-8.30pm

Monday 26 – PTA Meeting at 7pm

Tuesday 27 – Thursday 29 – IB Exhibition

Wednesday 28 – AGS Orientation morning 9am-12noon

Thursday 29 – Inter-Zone Athletics




In last months newsletter, in the Principal’s news section, Jill wrote a comprehensive piece about preparing for transition to secondary school.  To continue the theme of transition I thought I’d write about what might be happening in the first year of attending a secondary school.

Both the Education Review Office and the Ministry of Education Research Division have some great research with a New Zealand schools focus to guide thinking about transition.  Their findings suggest that rather than an event, transition is a process requiring students to make ongoing changes over an extended time as new challenges appear. Reassuringly for parents by the end of their first year at secondary school most students in the studies reported many positive experiences at secondary school.  They were making good academic gains and few when asked said they would rather return to primary or intermediate. Of interest is that it appears that for some students the second half of the year is a time that negative thoughts about High School appear rather than within the first few weeks.

Protective factors include ensuring that friendships are continued or established at the new school.  Students who had friends transitioning to the same school benefited from this, but the new school environment also provided opportunities to make new friendships with a wider range of students.  A sense of belonging through engaging in cultural and sporting activities was also a feature of successful transition along with the sense that teachers and school staff provided interesting and engaging lessons and demonstrated that they knew about and cared about their students.

How can parents help to ensure Year 9 (or 3rd form if you have a son going to Auckland Boys Grammar), is a positive year that sets the scene for a successful secondary school career?  Developmentally one of the key jobs of an adolescent is to begin to separate from their parents as they move towards adulthood. Parenting an adolescent is tricky as many of you will be aware already.  It takes strategy. Keep in mind that at times your offers of help will be declined (possibly not very politely) just because your teen wants to be independent. Overall the best approach is to stay connected to the new school by attending any events that are open to parents such as meet and greets for new parents, parent teacher conferences, sporting events or other.  Stay informed of what is happening at school by reading newsletters and school websites. Keep talking to your child about school when you can. Good times for talking are, in the car while you are driving them somewhere or while you are both engaged in a task together such as cooking or washing the car. If your child expresses any concerns, try a problem-solving approach.  Generate a range of possible choices allowing your child to make the final choice for themselves. If you are concerned that things aren’t going well get in touch with school. Year level deans are usually responsible for the pastoral care of the children in their year level and will be interested in hearing from you.

Making the move to high school signals a time of change for both parents and children.  Recognising this and adapting to the changes by using new strategies will help to make high school a time of positive learning and growth for parents and their children.

Robyn Stead, Psychologist



Stepping into their Shoes

NOTE:  No longer in the Library due to large numbers attending.  Please make your way to the Hall.

Please RSVP that you will be attending here.

PTA NEWS by Jo Beer

The Term 4 School Social is being held on Thursday 22nd November from 6.30-8.30pm.  Permission slips will be sent home next week.

From our fundraising activities this year, a fantastic new climbing net has been ordered for the playground and will hopefully be installed over the coming weeks.

There will be a Mufti Day on Friday 9 November.  Please bring $2 to participate (to classroom teacher).


SPORTS NEWS by Mr Kennelly

Athletics Day

On Monday 12th of November (Week 5) the ANI Athletics Day will take place at Mt Smart Stadium. Students will compete in a range of track and field events relating to their Year level. Children will be transported by bus which will leave school at 9.00am and be back at school by 2.45pm. The buses and venue hire will be paid for by the student’s activity fee. A permission slip has been sent home for this event and needs to be returned to classroom teachers.

Students will need to bring:

  • Morning tea and lunch
  • Juice/ water bottle – no fizzy drinks allowed
  • Snacks – chocolate, barley sugar, etc
  • School PE shorts and shirt or team colours, i.e. blue, red etc.
  • Trainers, track shoes – students must wear shoes throughout the day
  • School hat
  • Jacket/ raincoat
  • Sunblock  

All parents and caregivers are invited to come along to the day. We hope to have a fun and enjoyable event.


Chesspower National team finals

ANI qualified this year for the Chesspower National team finals. The team did extremely well and place a respectable 7th place. It was a tight competition with a single point between 4th place and 7th. John Liu placed an impressive 3rd place in the individual standings. Well done team!


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