March 2020 Newsletter

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Tēnā koutou i ngā whānau o te kura.

Understanding Year 7 and 8 Children 

We want all our ANI students and parents to enjoy their educational experiences. To achieve this, it is important that teachers and parents understand the wide variety of developmental changes children experience as they transition from childhood to adolescence. Their bodies change, their attitudes and values change, their relationships and their intellectual processes change. Hormones, brain growth and social development all play a part in making early adolescents different from each other and from their younger selves. Every child is unique, they each grow at different rates. Early adolescent children can seem adult at one minute and infantile the next, they are very different from each other and from earlier versions of themselves.

Early adolescence is a roller coaster transition period in life and can result in challenging behaviours and they  are best managed if we understand what to expect. While every child is an individual there are typical behaviours we can expect and which can cause considerable angst for both adults and children if they are misunderstood and not handled constructively. 

Included in our monthly school newsletters this year we will identify some of the common characteristics of this age group and give some suggestions for managing these.

Forgetting is one of the most common and earliest signs of emerging adolescence. Forgetfulness is the cause of much frustration for adults working with Intermediate School children. Early adolescent minds are so preoccupied with issues more real and meaningful to them that they truly do not remember things. Just as we adults forget things when our brains are overloaded and we are handling lots of change in our lives, so too do Intermediate aged children. They are constantly anxious about self; “Why am I so tall (or small)?”. Their minds are filled with “Am I liked?”, “Why is that teacher looking at me?”, “Will climate change destroy the planet?” Mundane things such as the fact that homework is due simply does not register. This is especially true if the due date is more than a day away, let alone when it is a lengthy assignment to be worked on over a week or more.  To an over-busy early adolescent brain a few weeks away could be a decade. That is until suddenly, due date is tomorrow and can cause chaos at home because “it is everybody else’s fault!” that the task has not been done. The same scenario goes with bringing home school notices, permission slips and newsletters, and having PE gear at school on the right day.

Be assured this stage does pass but it can be very frustrating. Teachers and parents can help children who forget by first of all understanding they do not forget on purpose; it is truly part of the age. Parents can help by developing some creative reminder strategies without nagging. A small whiteboard by the door with the day’s ‘must have’ items is a good strategy. Five minutes doing it at night can avoid chaos in the morning so everyone gets a better start to the day. Just a one day list please, as a week is too long. Having a copy of the child’s school timetable displayed at home is helpful. Try to keep yourself informed about what happens at school, know what days sports practice, or choir, or other activities your child undertakes happen and keep across their homework (Education Perfect). 

It is wise for parents to regularly check notices on School Apps or ask if there is an item that may have ‘died in the bottom of the bag’. Sometimes teachers may resort to having a forgetful child put a notice in their lunch box where there is a good chance a parent will find it, or, send the child a text to their cell phone. 

Because they sometimes seem so grown up and independent it can be hard to remember your child is not deliberately forgetting what to you is obvious. Taking a supportive approach can avoid a lot of angst and is more effective than nagging. Sometimes we need to coax, cajole, remind, explain and assist. Other times we just need to stand back and be proud. 

Nāku noa

Jill Farquharson – Principal


Our students are very much enjoying their new MakerSpaces. These vibrant and engaging learning areas allow for endless opportunities and limitless outcomes. In each area a teacher facilitates skill-learning including direct acts of teaching. From there our students have the freedom and autonomy to create and innovate according to need and interest.

These areas are integrated throughout our school which is reflective of the International Baccalaureate ideology. We are excited to see how our teachers and students develop these spaces, they have huge potential and are seen as an exemplar for other Intermediate Schools in New Zealand. 

The Makerspace below lends itself toward music and performing arts. Teachers might use this space for music composition and conducting. 

This Makerspace lends itself toward design and visual arts. Teachers might use this space for graphic design, textiles, screen printing as well as sculpture

The Makerspace below lends itself toward soft technology and science. Our wonderful teachers will use this space for things such as food technology, soft materials and science experiments. 

And finally, the Makerspace below lends itself toward hard technology and science. Teachers might use this space for robotics, science experiments, design and construction


Exciting times and we are delighted students are using them on a daily basis.

Bryce Mills and Shane Devery – Deputy Principals 


Tēnā koutou katoa,

On behalf of your Board of Trustees a very warm welcome to Term 1 2020. My name is Brett Bishop and at our first Board meeting in February I was appointed to the position of Chair. I’m looking forward to representing the parent community and supporting our staff to continue to produce the best possible educational outcomes for our children. I am keen to put my previous experience of governance  in the school sector and professional background in organisational development to good use while I am serving as your Chair.

I’d like to take this opportunity to let you know about the key areas your Board will be focusing on in 2020. But firstly, a sincere thank you to our previous Chair, Simonne Eldridge. Simonne has not only  led the ANI Board of Trustees over the past two years with incredible commitment and resolve but also guided us through the challenges of the 12 months following the fire ( hall and specialist classroom block). 

This year your Board will concentrate its efforts on:

  • Partnering with the Ministry of Education and other parties to get the design and build of the ‘multi-purpose’ space to replace the Hall underway. This will be a complex project and Jill and her team will keep you updated as we progress.
  • Reviewing the strategic direction of ANI so that we can continue to create educational experiences for our children that will set them up for success now, and into the future.
  • Meeting our governance obligations to ensure ANI continues to operate in accordance with Ministry of Education requirements and statute law.

I look forward to meeting some of you at the various events we have planned throughout the year.   

Brett Bishop

Auckland Normal Intermediate Board of Trustees Chairperson


Student-led conferences are on Wednesday 18 March from 1.00-7.00pm and Thursday 19 March from 3.00-6.00pm.

To make a booking to see your students teacher, go to and enter the event code tqnmw and book yourself into an available 10-minute time slot.  Alternatively you can click here to go straight to bookings.  

Note: bookings close the morning of Wednesday 18 March at 10.30am.

FINANCE – School Payments and Donations for 2020

To those families who have already paid their school donation in addition to other payments a great big thanks. Your support of our school makes such a difference to the education we can offer your children in addition to all the  extras we provide that make ANI such a great place to learn. 

Ministry Donations Scheme: 

You may be aware that some schools were given the opportunity to opt into a Ministry of Education Donations scheme where schools would qualify to receive $150 donation per student per year and parents would not be asked for a donation. Unfortunately as a decile 9 school we did not qualify for this scheme ( it was for deciles 1-7 ONLY).

What do I need to pay?

School donation – a voluntary payment of $350.  We encourage you to make this payment to maintain the high standard of education we provide and help us provide additional specialist teachers to benefit your children.

Activity fee – a payment of $75 to pay for all class trips and activities at once rather than per trip.  This is a good option to save you time during the year. If you would prefer to pay per trip we will send notices home advising you of the cost.

Take home materials cost – a payment of $195 to cover the materials a student uses at school to make an item, whether it be in class time or the specialist subjects such as hard or soft materials.

Education Perfect – a payment of $40 is to pay for the computer programme we use for your child’s homework.  To access the homework you will need to subscribe to this programme.

How can I make these payments?

Payments can be made by electronic bank transfer, cash or eftpos at the school office and uniform shop ( during opening hours) or by using the online parent/caregiver  portal. 

-Electronic bank transfer

  Account Name: Auckland Normal Intermediate

  Account No.: 12-3048-0291429-00

  Reference: Student name and purpose of the payment

-Cash or eftpos payments 

These can be made office or uniform shop during opening hours (see website) 

-Online Parent/Caregiver Portal: On this portal you can log in and check your personal details, make payments via credit card or internet banking and see what costs are outstanding (see login instructions below).

Online Parent/Caregiver Portal – login and payment instructions

Click on the link: 

Click on ‘Manually Enter Login’

Enter the email address you supplied the school

Click on ‘I don’t know my Edge password’ to create one

Payment instructions

Click on your child’s name

Select ‘School Payments’ tab to see a list of items due

If you wish to pay all outstanding amounts, click ‘Pay All Items’.  To pay an individual item, enter the amount you wish to pay against the relevant item

When you are happy with your selection, click ‘Make Payment’.  You can choose to pay with POLi or credit card. This will direct you to the POLi™ site or credit card payment site, where there will be instructions to guide you through the payment process

After you have clicked OK, success and print options are given before logging out on the left.  Enter your email address and click ‘Send’ if you require the receipt (recommended) to be emailed.  There are also print options for a hard copy. On completion of payment, click ‘Return to Edge Caregiver Portal’ where a success or failure screen is provided

Please email us if you are having any problems accessing your parent portal.


We are offering all the families who have already paid for take home materials ($195) and school trips/activities ($75) a last chance to go into the draw for some great prizes.  We will provide your child with a week of free school lunches through EZ Lunch (we have 10 of these prizes on offer).

Imagine that – no lunches to prepare for a week!

If you have already paid then you are already in the draw.  If you have yet to pay your take home materials ($195) and school trips/activities ($75), you have until Monday 16th March to pay and be entered into the draw.  Winners will be contacted via email on Friday 27th March and published in the Friday Flyer.

Payments can be made using the parent portal, online banking and the school office.

  1. Parent Portal:  On this portal, you can log in and check your personal details, make payments via credit card or internet banking and see what costs are outstanding.
  2. Online using internet banking:  Please send payments to account number 12-3048-00291429-00, with student name and purpose of payment as reference.
  3. EFTPOS or cash payments can be made at the school office.

School Website Shop

In addition to payments being made through the parent portal, we also have an online shop on the website front page. Here you can pay for uniform items and stationery. You can also book and pay for after school classes via the website. (


This week we are reinforcing the importance of wearing the school uniform correctly.

At today’s uniform assembly the majority of students were well turned out and looked proud as they wore the ANI school uniform.

A few reminders:

  • School uniform (not PE uniform) must be worn to and from school.
  • Socks for boys are black knee length with a turn down band – available at the school office or local retailers.
  • Socks for girls are white ankle socks that cover the ankle – available at the school office or local retailers.
  • Footwear is black shoes (no colour on them), leather or canvas are fine.  High cut boot style shoes (e.g. Converse high tops) are not regular uniform wear.

Check the website for uniform details including pricing. 

A big thank you parents for your support in keeping our standards high.


Goal setting is one way of taking a direct action that will help you to be successful at school and in the rest of your life. We thought that this month we’d write about how you can set some great goals and also understand more about how you might keep them!

One of the most common ways of setting an effective goal is using the SMART acronym.  SMART stands for Specific, M stands for measurable, A stands for achievable or attainable R stands for realistic and T stands for time-bound or time based. You can use this acronym to check that the goals you are setting for your learning or personal development are useful.

Identify a larger purpose that you are working towards with your goal. For example you might want to be a good enough soccer player to go to AIMs or to do well enough in school to complete a degree at university and get a well paid job.

Be realistic about yourself when you set goals. If you are someone who isn’t keen on physical activity but your goal is to increase your fitness so you can run the whole of the cross country course you should set a short term goal that allows you to gradually increase your fitness. A goal that involves you committing to run a lengthy distance every day is likely to fail.

Make specific plans for when you might be tempted to skip a step on the way to your goal. It’s important to be realistic about what might get in the way of your goal and make a clear plan about what you will do if that happens. For example you might have a goal of working on homework every night.

Find someone to help you stay accountable. Pair up with a friend who has a similar goal and help to keep each other on track. Just knowing that your friend can see that you have taken an action towards your goal will help to keep you working on the goal.

Think about your goals as part of a bigger journey. Achieving a goal isn’t a destination or an end point it’s one step along the way. This is particularly helpful if you encounter some bumps in the road. If you see achieving your goal as part of a journey it’s much easier to keep going.

Plan to take a break from your goal every now and then. If you make a plan and acknowledge that you are in fact taking a break it’s much easier to get back to working on achieving your goal. Allow yourself some time to indulge in activities that you really enjoy even if this means that you might miss working on your goal at times.

Identify some possible distractions or alternative behaviours that might help you stick to your goal. For example if your goal is to reduce the amount of time spent on social media you might find it’s helpful to have a list of other things you could do other than social media.  These could be calling a friend to chat, reading a book, playing a game outside, helping out with chores at home.

Consider setting a range of goals, some might be relatively easy for you to achieve, some a bit more of a challenge and even some that might be a big stretch and perhaps unlikely for you to achieve at this stage. Research has shown that stretch goals that everyone acknowledges are unlikely to be achieved promote creative thinking.

In March, our students will be participating in Goal Setting conferences in conjunction with parents and teachers. The students are involved in the goal setting process every step of the way. Students will be asked to think through and record their strengths and goals for specific learning areas. Greater student agency is achieved when our students take an active role in the reflection, discussion and determination of specific learning goals. Such purposeful input increases their engagement and commitment to the process. Students may need support with choosing a suitable goal, but they will feel far more in control if they can determine the path to achieving it. These conferences also facilitate accountability, as parents, teachers and students are made aware of key goals and timelines.

During these conferences, it’s important to tease out the ‘why’ with students. Why is that goal important to you? Why now? Why have you chosen to do it this way? When our students understand the purpose behind their chosen goal, they are more likely to stay on track. However, veering off course is also welcomed! As we progress through the goal setting process, things change, ideas shift and a re-evaluation of goals is necessary. Allowing for this flexibility fosters greater problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

Naturally, when things veer off course, or we feel we may not achieve the desired goal, doubt can set in. Achieving a goal is not a straight 100m sprint, it’s more like a crazy fun run with a few fun surprises along the way!

Some students respond well to productivity apps such as Strides or WOOP (Wish, Obstacle, Outcome, Plan). Regular notifications and small ‘rewards’ can often be enough to build momentum and keep the goal in the forefront of minds. There are numerous options out there worthy of a look.

Gina Speedy and Robyn Stead

School Counsellor


This year we have our sister school students and teachers from Wajirohigashi Elementary School, Fukuoka, returning to Auckland Normal Intermediate School from 19-22 August 2020 (four nights).   

The draft itinerary is outlined below and while the group are in Auckland we will require host families for the ten students.  It would be great if you could consider this opportunity as it would not only benefit your own family but provide a unique authentic experience for a Japanese student.  Those students/ families who visited Japan last year, 2019, this would also be an ideal opportunity to reciprocate being a host family to provide an amazing opportunity as the host families in Japan provided for your child.     

So what am I asking for?

  • Host a Japanese student for four nights (19 – 22 August) and take them sightseeing on their free day, Saturday 22 August. 
  • Host families do not necessarily need to provide the student with their own room/ space but if it is possible it would an ideal outcome.
  • If you are considering to apply to and attend the Japan trip (your child) and you are willing to become a host family, this will add to the application criteria over those not hosting a Japan student.
  • Parents will also be required to be police vetted and will be contacted by myself once your application has been successful.

Please contact me should you like to take advantage of being a host family to a Japanese student.  Email:


To make the most of our School App, you can choose your alert subscriptions so you’re not getting unnecessary alerts.  Please follow these instructions to do this …

  1. Tap on the 3 horizontal lines in the left-hand top corner of the School Apps home screen.
  2. Next, tap on Alert Subscriptions
  3. You can then choose to follow either Year 7 or Year 8 (or both!), you can choose which sports events your student is involved in, cultural groups, student leadership, classroom-specific messages, after school programme, etc.
  4. Also, if you don’t get a sound alert when new messages appear, you can change this under your phone Settings / Notifications – go to School Apps and turn on Sounds.

Up to now, we have been sending most messages out to ‘All subscribers’ but would now like to be more specific so people aren’t being inundated with messages that do not apply to them or their students.



Monday 2 – Individual student photograph catch-up in the Library, 9.00-10.30am

Tuesday 3 – HPV #1 Vaccination for Year 8 students; Central Zone Boys Cricket 

Thursday 5 – Central Zone Swimming; PTA Social at Greyfriars Hall, Mt Eden Road, 6.30-8.30pm

Monday 9 – Year 8 Netball trials (1 of 2) from 3.30-5.00pm; PTA AGM at 7.00pm in the Library

Monday 9 – Friday 13 – Mufti Week (see PTA spot further on in newsletter)

Tuesday 10 – HPV #1 Vaccination catch up date for Year 8 students 

Wednesday 11 – Year 8 Netball trials (2 of 2) from 3.30-5.00pm

Thursday 12 – Whanau Hui/Fono at 6.00pm

Sunday 15 – Mt Eden Normal Primary School Food & Fun Fair, 11am-3pm

Monday 16 – Last day to get PTA Chocolate fundraiser money in

Tuesday 17 – Central Zone League Tag

Wednesday 18 – Student-Led Conferences from 1.00-7.00pm (school finishes at 12.30pm)

Thursday 19 – Central Zone Girls Cricket; Student-Led Conferences from 3.00-6.00pm

Friday 20 – Polyfest; Central Zone Orienteering

Monday 23  – Year 7 Netball trials (1 of 2) from 3.30-5.00pm

Monday 23 – Friday 27 – Year 7 Kauri Team EOTC; Year 8 Rimu Camp at Tui Ridge

Wednesday 25 – Year 7 Netball trials (2 of 2) from 3.30-5.00pm; Board of Trustees Meeting at 6.00pm in the Library

Monday 30 – Friday 3 April – Year 8 Matai Camp


Term 1: 30 January – 9 April

Term 2: 28 April – 3 July

Term 3: 20 July – 25 September

Term 4: 12 October – 11 December


  • Cricket Central Zone tournament for our boys is on this week. On Tuesday, the 3rd of March, we are taking four Year 7 and Year 8 boys ANI teams to Auckland Domain to compete. (Mr Carlos and Mr Edwards)
  • Swimming Central Zone competition will happen on Thursday (5th March) at Diocesan. Good luck with the competition for our Year 7 and Year 8 girls and boys! (Mr Jones)
  • First trials for League Tag have happened. This week second practice/trials will happen on Wednesday for boys and girls. [We are requesting parents help for lunchtime practice (If you are keen to support, please email – Mr Carlos)]
  • Signups for Futsal (girls and boys) is happening on the first day of the week (Monday 2nd March) and the second call will be on Wednesday 4th March. (Mr Carlos)
  • Girls football training will happen on Tuesday – 3rd March with our teacher/coach Mr Gleeson.
  • Boys football training will be on with our teacher/coaches Mr Dyer and Miss Ireland: Year 7 -Thursday 5th & Year 8 Friday 6th March.
  • ANI Netball – If you are interested in some pre-season netball training with a professional coach on Thursdays afternoons (from 3.30 to 5.00 pm), please take a leaflet from the front office that will explain all you need to know. (Mr Edwards)
  • Sports Google classroom will start this week for our students. This will be a communication channel for all our sports – students can get the code with the classroom teachers and on the daily notices sheet.


PTA AGM & Meeting – The ANI PTA is holding a brief AGM followed by a regular meeting on Monday March 9th at 7pm in the Information Centre (Library) at school.  We would love you to join us – come along and find out more about what we do and how you can support ANI and its students.  All welcome.

Chocolate Fundraiser – Our biggest fundraiser of the year is underway!  Remember you can return money and collect more chocolate every morning before school in the Eden Room (next to Reception).  Alternatively you can pay online into the PTA Account 12-3048-0259939-00. Please put student name and room number as a reference on all payments. 

Key dates:

  • Mon 2 March – 2-box “fast seller” cash draws (return $120 by this date to qualify)
  • Mon 16 March – final day (cut-off date for prize draws) all money to be returned by this date please

There are loads of awesome prizes up for grabs, and a “fundraiser” badge for every student who sells 5+ boxes.

School Social – A popular and fun event for students, the School Social is being held this coming Thursday, 5th March at Greyfriars hall (cnr Mt Eden & Windmill Rd’s) from 6:30 – 8:30pm.  Entry is $6 and students must bring the signed permission slip to enter. Refreshments and glow sticks will be available to purchase.

Mufti Week – Students are allowed to wear mufti Monday 9th – Friday 13th March for a donation to the PTA.  Day passes are $2, week passes $5 and “extra passes” for jewellery, nail polish, hair colour etc. are an additional $5.  Passes are available for purchase from the SLT office. Mufti Week is optional, and designed to be a fun event. We expect all students to be respectful of every individual’s decision to wear whatever they choose during Mufti Week, including their uniform.

PTA Gives Back – Fun new climbing blocks have been installed in the playground.  The PTA donated funds towards these and it’s been great to see so many students enjoying this new climbing challenge.

Jo Beer


We offer a school lunch service through EZ Lunch (Kindo) where you can order a range of food and drinks for your child – these get delivered to their classroom daily (please ensure you have your order in before 8am on the day you require the lunch).  EZ Lunches are available Monday to Friday.


Congratulations to Nicole Xie (Year 8) who attended the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestral Summer School this year, from 13 – 17 January 2020.  Nicole was one of the youngest attendees. The Conductor, David Kay were impressed with the commitment of the students and thrilled with the quality of playing at the Finale Concert on 17 January 2020 at the Auckland Town Hall.

Congratulations to Aishi Das (Year 8) who has been selected for New Zealand’s 14 & under female World Junior Tennis Team. Aishi has been selected to represent New Zealand at the Asia-Oceania qualifying event to be held in Carrara, Australia from 22 – 27 March 2020 – we wish her all the best at this competition.

Congratulations to Timothy Choi (Year 8) who has achieved the following results in Table Tennis this year:

  • Auckland championship Under 15 single 1st place, double 1st place.
  • Auckland championship Under 18 single 1st place, double 1st place.
  • Auckland championship Men’s Open double 1st place.


Central Zone Girls Tennis

This competition was held at the Auckland Netball Centre on Tuesday 18 February – the students played a number of matches and came third overall. Aishi Das won all her matches and was ranked first out of all the Year 8 girls.

Jason Shin, Teacher in Charge of Tennis

Central Zone Boys Tennis

The boys competition was held two days later on Thursday 20 February at the same venue.  The students competed in numerous games and they all played extremely well. George Anderson was  ranked second out of all Year 7 boys and Nikolai Consedine ranked third out of the Year 8 boys.

Jason Shin, Teacher in Charge of Tennis

Central Zone Boys Softball

A great day was had by all on Tuesday 25 February at the much anticipated CZ boys softball. The lads had been enthusiastic and eager to put their practice to the test, going in confidence to the event.

The Year 8 boys made a promising start and hopes were high after a dominant 4 – 0 opener over Mt Roskill. They were shortly brought back down to earth going down by the same deficit to a hard-hitting Waikowhai. A well deserved 5 – 0  win over Royal Oak set the standard for the ANI vs Royal Oak staff game being held shortly. Great sportsmanship was shown to a learning Balmoral side before coming up against a slightly over coached Ponsonby. Unfortunately, we went down but walked away with our heads held high as this would be the last loss of the day. Ending up a comfortable 5th overall. Outstanding teamwork displayed and fun times had.

The Year 7 boys, or unbeatables as they are probably calling themselves, had a great day – coming 1st!! Going through the whole tournament with 1 or possibly 2 draws being the only thing close to defeat. A great sense of pride and some excellent fielding saw them have wins over some of the bigger names in CZ Softball such as St Peters and Ponsonby. The Round Robyn system didn’t allow the team to experience any finals softball, but they took away the fact that skill can overcome size and determination will prevail. 

Well done to all those who took place and a special thanks to the parents Leeann, Joel, Donna and student-teacher Folau who made the day run as smooth as silk.

Jacob Markham, Teacher in Charge of Softball 

Central Zone Girls Softball

The year 8 girls had a tough start in their first three games on Thursday 27 February with losses to Mt Roskill, Waikowhai and Kowhai. After some much needed water and team talks they finally became more in sync and managed a great win over Ponsonby which lifted spirits. Great energy and sportsmanship was shown throughout the day as we steadily improved and began to look like a real team. A great day had, finishing 10th overall.

The Year 7 girls had a positive start to the day having the mixed bag of a win, draw and loss in their first few matches. They showed consistency throughout their day with standout player Emacyn leading the way with bat and ball. With softball being a new experience to the majority of the team, they did really well to finish 5th in a tough competition. All girls represented ANI with pride and should be happy with the effort and skills they displayed.

Again a massive thanks to the parents Jonna, Sarah and Student Teacher/head coach Mr Folau for making the day go off without a hitch.

Jacob Markham, Teacher in Charge of Softball


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Please support Bryce Taylor (Anne Duncan Real Estate) and 

Mt Eden Cycles who are very generously providing us with a

2020 Specialized Pitch Sport 27.5 bicycle (see picture below) as one 

of the prizes for the PTA Chocolate Fundraiser.