March 2019 Newsletter


I am sure the last two weeks of school have been an enjoyable time for all our students – in talking with the teachers they have told me that students in their classes are feeling happy, motivated and looking forward to coming to school each day.  I’m sure camp and EOTC may have influenced some of these comments but long may this last!

Our Schooling Futures: Stronger Together with Whiria Ngā Tūātinitini’.  Report by the Tomorrow’s Schools Independent Taskforce

In December last year significant changes to the way schools are run and governed were proposed by the Tomorrow’s Schools Independent Taskforce. A number of key issues were identified by the taskforce and recommendations were proposed.  Eight areas were identified and a summary of those areas can be found below in the BOT Chairperson’s report.

If you would like to read the full report, it can be found here.

As a school we are exploring the recommendations in detail and will review the proposals during the consultation period which runs until 7 April 2019. The report will certainly prompt discussion and provide valuable opportunities for teachers, leaders and our board to discuss and unpack the document. Consultation is also open to the wider public and your feedback can be sent directly to the taskforce ( or via our board survey (which is linked in today’s newsletter).

As an Intermediate school, we are very interested in the options around transition points for students and the taskforce’s opinion that longer periods of “middle schooling” will provide greater stability for students.  This will be a hot topic of conversation for us – I believe there are huge benefits to Intermediate Schooling.

The board are also fully engaged in unpacking the Report by Tomorrow’s Schools Independent Taskforce and have written to you in today’s newsletter.  Please take the time to read their letter and complete the survey.  It will provide them with a strong platform of community voice to frame their submission.

Letter from the Board of Trustees

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

The Government has issued for consultation the ‘Our Schooling Futures: Stronger Together, Whiria Ngā Kura Tūātinitini’ Report by the Tomorrow’s Schools Independent Taskforce.  A copy of the report can be found here.

Consultation closes on 7 April 2019 and the Board of Trustees is in the process of preparing a submission on behalf of the school.

The eight key issues identified in the report (direct quote) are:

  1. The Board of Trustees self-governing model is not working consistently well across the country.
  2. The nature, type, provision and accessibility of meaningful schooling for all New Zealanders is inadequate.
  3. Unhealthy competition between schools has significantly increased as a result of the self-governing school model.  It has also impacted on the ability of some students and whānau to exercise choice.
  4. Students with learning support requirements should have the same access to schooling as other students and it is clear that currently they do not.
  5. The quality of teaching is the major ‘in school’ influence on student success but our teacher workforce strategies lack the necessary support, coherence and coordination.
  6. Leadership is central to school improvement and yet we have few formal and planned structures to develop and sustain school leaders.
  7. The overall resourcing for the compulsory schooling sector is currently inadequate to meet the needs of many learners/ ākonga and those who work in it.
  8. A number of significant structural issues and policy settings make it difficult for the key educational agencies to be as effective as they might be.

The taskforce has proposed significant changes to the education sector and we encourage you to read the report to understand these fully.

The specific recommendations that would have an effect on how we run our school include:

  • The role of boards would be reduced to preparation and implementation of the School Strategic and Annual Plan, student success and wellbeing, localised curriculum and assessment.
  • Education Hubs would replace current Ministry of Education regional offices.  They would assume many of the ‘business’ governance responsibilities currently held by school boards, while also providing specialist educational support.  These responsibilities would include property, staff employment (including the Principal), enrolment scheme (including out of zone and international students) and decisions on student suspensions, exclusions and expulsions.
  • Consideration is also being given to the role of Intermediate Schools and whether Middle Schools, i.e. Year 7 to 10 would be more appropriate.

The Board is concerned that the report does not acknowledge that schools such as ours are working well and that there is a significant cost implication to New Zealand in transitioning from a community led model to a more centralised homogeneous system.  We strongly support the need for an equitable approach to education but would prefer to see effort being targeted on those schools and children in need.

To help inform our submission on the school community’s behalf we need your help by you taking a few moments to complete a survey here.

Simonne Eldridge – ANI BoT Chairperson

Post-Fire Update

In the newsletter each month (sent via School Apps and on our website on the first day of each month) I will provide additional detail around property developments post-fire.  The Friday Flyer has snippets of what is going on but the detail will be in each newsletter.

What’s happening?

  • Stabilise grounds – the MoE have approved that contractors be engaged to stabilise the demolition site so that students can use this space, we intend putting part of it into hard court area and part of it will be grassed.  This will enable us to set up an outdoor seating area on the grass by the pool and add more court space for handball games and basketball. It will be a real asset being able to use this space in the interim period.
  • Fences – once the demo site ground has been stabilised, the fences on the perimeter will be removed which will enhance the area considerably, we do not intend to have these fences onsite long term.
  • Architect and Ministry of Education team and BOT sub-committee – the MoE have appointed an architect to assist the BoT to develop a master plan for a new rebuild.  The BoT have established a sub-committee comprising of the Chair, Simonne Eldridge, a Board member, Brett Ogilvie, staff trustee Scott Boniface and myself to work with the architect John Sofo from ASC Architects on the master plan – exciting times.
  • Relocatables and amphitheatre – We are working with the minor works team from the MoE to establish 8 relocatable classrooms on the bottom field closest to the rock wall.  These rooms will be our technology, arts and ESOL teaching spaces. This location will allow the University to still use half of the bottom field. Final dates for delivery and installation have yet to be confirmed.  We hope to include in the relocatable development a whole school assembly area in the form of an amphitheatre that will be covered. We will keep you posted on this.

Other property updates:

  • Basketball hoops – last year two students secured sponsorship for the three-sided hoops.  Last weekend contractors were onsite to dig the hole but struck rock so installation has been delayed slightly.  We have reconsidered positioning now we know we will have more court space and will erect it in the new tar-sealed area (see above).
  • Spider web – as you know, the PTA fundraised last year for this piece of equipment, installation begins on 4-5 April and will be completed on 14-15 April.
  • New bark (cushion fall) – over the next few days/weeks we will be replacing all the bark in our playgrounds with cushion fall bark which is also being installed under the new spider web.  This is an improvement and will provide a softer and more natural look, as well as being safer for our students.
  • Toilets upgrade – as a consequence of water damage from the fire, we became aware recently that the main toilet block ceilings were water-logged.  These have now been replaced and the toilet ceilings fully replaced and the whole block has had a fresh new paint job.
  • New BBQ tables – we recently purchased 6 octagonal BBQ tables for students to use for indoor/outdoor flow during class time and also to use during lunch eating, they are proving to be very popular.

Student-Led Conferences

The two years your child spends at intermediate school are a time of huge developmental growth.  While with us your child will be changing from a child to an adolescent. Early adolescence is the time when children begin to take charge of their own learning in many dimensions.  During these first few weeks of school your child’s teacher will be working with each child to get to know them as individuals and also guiding the child to develop self-awareness.

You will likely have seen or heard about your child working on tasks where they identify their personality strengths, learning skills and interests.  They will also identify goals for what they want to achieve this year in their academic learning, sports and other interests and social skills. These learning activities are valuable for assisting children be realistic about what they can do and with their teachers help identify where they may need extra learning support to achieve to the best of their ability.

Children learn best when home and school work together with the child.  Do discuss these learning activities with your child and encourage them to know both their strengths and weaknesses and make these traits known to their teacher.  If you have any worries about your child’s school experience please contact us promptly. We can usually help if we know about your worries. Our teachers, like you as parents, want the best possible outcomes for your child this year and we will do our best to achieve this for each child.  We look forward to meeting you all on Wednesday 6 March from 1.00-5.30pm and 6.00-8.00pm.

If you haven’t booked an interview, please click here.

Each interview is ten minutes long. Please ensure you arrive on time to each interview.

Booking your interviews – the booking website is now open and closes on Tuesday 5 March at 9.00pm.

  1. Go to, enter the event code 4EGZX746 and click Go.
  2. Enter your name, email address and the names of the students you wish to make bookings for.
  3. Select the teachers you’d like to book by ticking the checkbox beside their name, and then click the Book Interviews button at the bottom of the page.
  4. Using the timetable, click the Book button beside the time slot you’d like to book for the teacher. You’ll be asked to confirm your booking.
  5. Continue until you’ve booked all teachers.

Once you’re finished, you can view your timetable by clicking My Interviews at the top of the page. You can also print a PDF timetable to take to your interviews.

Before your interviews, you’ll receive an email reminder containing your timetable. If you need to cancel any interviews, you can do so by following the link in the email you received when you first signed up.

If you are unsure of what to do please give us a call on 630 1109 – we are here to help.

The portal we use to book interviews may look slightly different to ones other schools use (e.g. the primary your son/ daughter attended).  Our booking system is called which is part of School-Links, which is a provider we use for checking up on lateness and absences and managing our parent interview bookings.

You may be wondering if you need to book interviews with other teachers at this time.  We have a Q&A section to help:

Q:  How do I know if I should speak to a specialist teacher?

A:  You are welcome to speak to any of the specialist teachers about what their subjects offer. This term all students are learning basic skills across the different specialist subjects which classes are rotating through each week. The room that the specialist teacher will be in on the night is in brackets next to their names on The specialist teachers are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Q:  What about the science teacher?

A: Year 8’s have science during Terms 1 & 3 with Matai during the first half of the term and Rimu from 11 March. Heather Amadori will be located in Room 3 if you have any questions about the science programme. Year 7’s have science for one block per week during Term 2 & 4.

Q:  What about the ESOL teacher?

A:  If your son/daughter has ESOL lessons, the ESOL teacher Mrs Earley will be available for an interview.

Q:  Will the Senior Leadership Team be available?

A:  Yes – the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) will be available and will rotate around the classrooms.  Please come and say hello or if you would like an interview, use the booking schedule.

Q:  I’ve got a question about school sports.

A:  We can help you – the PE teacher is Thomas Jones and our Sports Coordinator is Nick Edwards.  Thomas is available between 1.00-8.00pm but if you want to see Nick about sports you will need to book in separately with him on  

Q:  How do I know where to go?

A:  We have linked a map and a copy of the staff list to help you.

We hope this assists.  Any further questions just email or call us.

Kind regards

Jill Farquharson



Cyber Safety Talk with John Parsons – Wednesday 20 March, 6:45pm – 8:15pm in the School Library

ANI are very fortunate to have engaged John Parsons who is a NZ Cyber Security expert who will be specifically presenting on the issues and dangers associated with the inappropriate use of computers, mobile phones and the internet, while protecting a persons digital footprint in an increasing cyber world.

The aim of the evening is to inform parents and educate our community to understand the value of a persons identity which is the first step to using ICT safely.

Cybercrime is a very real issue facing families in NZ, but there are easy practical steps to help prevent it. Topics covered on the night include:

  • Cyber bullying,
  • Online grooming,
  • Learning to repel and report and many more.

We have limited spaces to attend this very informative evening, at no charge, with only space for 120 adults.  If you intend on coming please email You will then receive a confirmation email which will be your ticket to gain entry on the night.

Please note families from our local contributing primary schools, alongside other schools in our Community of Learning will be invited to attend this evening also.

We look forward to receiving your email to confirm your place – no confirmation email, no entry.

ANI Curriculum Overview: A Curriculum that is relevant, challenging and integrated

The ANI curriculum encompasses academic, cultural, social, sporting and community orientated programmes. We believe the curriculum should:

  • encourage lifelong learning where students are active thinkers, take ownership of their learning and constantly reflect on their progress
  • be student centred, personalised and relevant to the learner
  • make connections with what students already know, and be linked to wider world aspirations
  • focus on the key competencies
  • enable students to apply new learning in a variety of contexts and in a variety of ways
  • provide opportunities for students to engage collaboratively with teachers, peers and the world as they learn
  • incorporate e-learning to equip students with future focused skills to meet the needs of our rapidly transforming world
  • be globally significant

At ANI we deliver the New Zealand Curriculum (NZC) through the International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Programme (PYP). It focuses on the development of the whole child as an inquirer, both in the classroom and in the world around them. It provides an educational framework based upon what is currently known about how young students learn and draws on best practice in primary schools worldwide.

The PYP framework is guided by six Transdisciplinary Themes which have global significance, explored using knowledge and skills with a powerful emphasis on inquiry-based learning.

All areas of learning at ANI are integrated into the Transdisciplinary Themes including the specialist subjects. The following curriculum areas are taught by the classroom teacher and integrated through an inquiry learning approach: English, Mathematics, Social Sciences, Health and Physical Education.

To learn more about IB please follow this link on our school website.

Please Note:

There will be a parent evening on Wednesday 3 April, starting at 6pm, to provide parents with an opportunity to learn more about the IB framework and assessment and at ANI.

Shane Devery – Deputy Principal

Parent Engagement Evenings 2019

As a school we are pleased to be able to offer our parent community the opportunity to attend a variety of parent engagement evenings which range from information about how learning takes place at ANI through to renowned guest speakers to equip and empower you. These events are all complimentary as we value and understand the vital role parents play in the learning process. More information about the events will be coming out soon via School Apps. These are dates to add to your diary;

  • John Parsons presenting on “Cyber Safety”. Date: March 20 2019. Time: 6.45pm to 8.15pm. Venue: ANI Library.
  • Bryce Mills and Shane Devery presenting on IB and Assessment at ANI. Date: April 3 2019. Time: 6.00pm to 7.00pm. Venue: Rooms 1,2,3.
  • Yvonne Godfrey presenting on “Being a host and not a guest”. Date: May 16 2019. Time: 7.30pm to 9.00pm. Venue: ANI Library.
  • Yvonne Godfrey presenting on “Raising resilience and independence in young people”. Date: August 1 2019. Time: 7.30pm to 9.00pm. Venue: ANI Library.

We look forward to not only getting to know you better but also partnering with you in the learning process of your young person.

Bryce Mills – Deputy Principal


Friday 1 March – Swimming Sports; Orienteering trials; ANI Talent Quest

Monday 4 – Class/Individual Photographs; Year 7 Boys Football trials at lunchtime

Tuesday 5 – Central Zone Boys Cricket; Year 8 Netball trials after school

Wednesday 6 – Central Zone Swimming at Diocesan School; School finishes at 12.30pm; Student-Led Conferences 1.00-8.00pm (see above for instructions on how to book appointment/s)

Thursday 7 – PTA Chocolate Fundraiser assembly; Year 7 Netball trials after school

Friday 8 – Chocolates go home with students; Orienteering trials; Year 7 Girls Football trials at lunchtime; ANI Talent Quest

Monday 11 – Cricket Active Cup at Kings College

Tuesday 12 – NZCT Competition vs Sacred Heart @ SHC; Year 7 Netball trials after school; Māori and Pacific Parent Hui/Fono at 6.00pm in the Library

Wednesday 13 – Football trials

Thursday 14 – Central Zone Girls Cricket; Year 8 Netball trials after school

Friday 15 – Polyfest 2019 at the Manukau Velodrome; ANI Talent Quest

Monday 18 – Futsal trials; Boys Active Cup Cricket at 10.00am; PTA AGM Meeting at 7.00pm

Monday 18 – Friday 22 – Mufti Week

Tuesday 19 – Futsal trials

Wednesday 20 – Interzone Boys Softball; Girls Futsal trials; PTA School Social at Greyfriars Church Hall at 6.30-8.30pm; John Parsons Cybersafety Talk (limited tickets – see above) in Library 6.45-8.15pm

Thursday 21 – Interzone Girls Softball; Boys Active Cup Cricket from 4.00-6.00pm at St Kent’s Boys School

Friday 22 – Central Zone Orienteering; ANI Talent Quest

Saturday 23 – St Cuthbert’s Open Day 10.30am-12.30pm

Monday 25 – Hockey trials; Girls Active Cup Cricket at 4.00pm; Final day for chocolate

Tuesday 26 – Hockey trials

Wednesday 27 – Monday 1 April – EOTC Group 2 (Rooms 13, 14, 21 & 22)

Wednesday 27 – Board of Trustees Meeting at 6.00pm (this date may change due to availability of Board members)

Friday 29 – ANI Talent Quest Finals

Tuesday 2 April – Friday 5 April – EOTC Group 2 (Rooms 15, 16, 17 & 18)


Tēnā koutou, mālō e lelei, fakaalofa lahu atu, talofa lava, bula vinaka and warm Pacific greetings. Our first Māori and Pacific hui/fono will take place on Tuesday 12th March at 6pm and will be held in the Library. This is your chance to have your say about what you believe is important for your children and for us as a school to talk about the programmes we run here at ANI to ensure equitable outcomes for all. There will be refreshments provided and will be a great opportunity to meet staff, as well as meet your point of contact, Matua Sam Hughes who will be looking after all things Māori and Pacific at ANI.


Warm Pacific greetings. This year our school will once again be attending Polyfest, the Māori and Pacific performing arts festival that takes place between the 13th – 16th March at the Manukau Velodrome. This festival is a celebration of Pacific culture and is the high school competition for all cultural groups. We will be attending as a school on Friday the 15th of March. This will cost $18 and will be covered by your Class Trips/Activity fee.  A permission slip has been sent via School Apps and a hard copy with your child.

Ngā mihi,

Matua Sam


We are offering all the families who have already paid for take home materials ($195) and school trips/activities ($75) a last chance to go into the draw for some great prizes.  We will provide your child with a week of free school lunches through EZ Lunch (we have 10 of these prizes on offer).

Imagine that – no lunches to prepare for a week!

If you’ve already paid then you are already in the draw.  If you have yet to pay your take home materials ($195) and school trips/activities ($75), you have until Monday 16th March to pay and be entered into the draw.  Winners will be contacted via email on Friday 22nd March and published in the Friday Flyer.

Payments can be made using the parent portal, online banking and the school office or uniform shop.

  1. Parent Portal:  On this portal you can log in and check your personal details, make payments via credit card or internet banking and see what costs are outstanding.
  2. Online using internet banking:  Please send payments to account number 12-3048-00291429-00, with student name and purpose of payment as reference.
  3. EFTPOS or cash payments can also be made at the school office or uniform shop.


We have a number of exciting events coming up in March:

  • Chocolate Fundraiser – our biggest fundraiser of the year is kicking off on Friday 8th March when students will be issued with boxes of chocolate bars to sell.  We are offering students lots of fantastic prizes as incentives. A letter will be sent through School Apps on Monday 4 March with more details about this.  We raised over $23,000 for the school last year through chocolate sales, so your support is hugely appreciated.
  • Mufti Week – students are allowed to wear mufti Monday 18th – Friday 22nd March for a donation to the PTA.  Day passes are $2, week passes $5 and “extra passes” for jewellery, nail polish, hair colour etc. are an additional $5.  Passes will be sold the week prior in classrooms.
  • School Social – Save The Date!  A popular and fun event for students, the School Social is being held on Wednesday 20th March at Greyfriars hall (cnr Mt Eden & Windmill Rd’s) from 6:30 – 8:30pm.  A separate notice with permission slip will be sent out closer to the time.

If you would like to get involved in the PTA, new members are always welcome.  Come along to our next meeting (+ AGM) on Monday 18th March at 7pm in the school Information Centre (Library).

Jo Beer – ANI PTA


Lunch orders will be taken via the pre order lunch service using the ezlunch website  There will be no Tuckshop facilities until an alternative option is decided on later in the next few weeks.

Michele – EZ Lunch


This year we have triennial elections for 4 positions on our Board of Trustees.  The common election date is 7th June 2019 and while this may seem like some time away it will be upon us before you know it.  If you are thinking about standing or would like to know what a trustee does, check out the three minute clip for prospective trustees on the School Trustees website here.

Our board do an amazing job, they are fully committed and support the school in a variety of ways.  Being a member of this team is very rewarding and they would be only too happy to share their experiences.  Contact the board secretary ( if you would like to make contact with a current member.  The next Board meeting is at 6.00pm on Wednesday 27 March (note – this date may need to be changed due to availability of Board members but we will let you know).


How can I help my child to develop and maintain good friendships?

Friendship can be defined as pleasure in the company of others, it is a reciprocal relationship in that support is expected to flow both ways. Friendships give children a context to learn social skills, they learn about themselves and other people, they provide emotional and learning resources and they provide models for subsequent relationships.

At this stage of the year the children in Year 7 are (hopefully) exploring the friendship possibilities that meeting children from a wide range of primary schools offers.  The Year 8 children will be continuing the connections they made last year.

If you are worried about your child’s friendships, there are a few things you can do.  It’s important to start by considering whether your child is someone who requires many friends.  Some more introverted children prefer few friends compared to other more extroverted children. Some children also establish closer friendships with peers outside of the school setting, possibly even on-line.  Keep in mind that the virtual world is just like the real world and children will need appropriate levels of parental supervision and support.

The following things may seem obvious to parents who have had many years to develop their social skills, but it is worth thinking about whether your child is able to do the things expected of a friend.  Does your child’s body language invite others to interact? Do they know how to establish appropriate eye contact? Do they have an open posture and an inviting facial expression? Does your child sound friendly, expressive and pleasant?  What is your child’s tone, pitch, rate and volume? Does your child have a range of appropriate greetings and introductions they can use in different situations? Do they know how to start conversations? Do they have a range of simple questions or topics that they can talk about?  When they engage in a conversation, do they know how to answer a question, do they take turns allowing the other person to speak? At this age it is tricky to get the balance of parental involvement just right. I frequently use the analogy of a dance when talking about parenting intermediate age children.  It’s important to be there to provide support when needed but equally important to stand back a little to allow them to go it alone. Ensure that there is the right balance between under and over involvement.

Keep in mind the importance of providing praise to your child as they learn and practice their skills.  Offer opportunities for them to self-reflect on how things went. Keep a growth mindset. Any difficulties should be a learning opportunity.  It is helpful to use the following questions. What could we do differently? Who could help?


Superbowl 2019

The annual Superbowl class competition was held on Friday 8 February on the ANI fields. Our Year 8 classes combined with a Year 7 class to compete in 24 fun and challenging tasks to gain points with the hope of being the Superbowl champions for 2019. The final results of the day were:

1st Room 10 and 22 with 4,628 points

2nd Room 4 and 16 with 4550 points

3rd Room 9 and 21 with 4373 points

A big thanks to all the staff for their hard work on the day.

Central Zone Girls & Boys Tennis

The girls had a glorious, sunny day at Windmill Park on Tuesday 19 February for the CZ Girl’s Tennis Tournament. Our girls ended up in the middle of the table with 4th equal and 5th placings. They were all well-behaved, tried their hardest and had fun!

Many thanks to Lukas Martin who came down and gave me a hand.

The boys were in great form on Thursday 21 February at Windmill Park for the CZ tennis tournament. Our best result was by Lachlan and Hayden in the Year 8 doubles, placing 3rd! The Year 7 doubles placed a commendable 4th also. Special mention to Ryan who had never played before, practised before school and came away with one win!

It was a long day in the heat and wind but they did our school proud with their good behaviour and positive attitudes.

A huge thank you to Carlos Kucera who supervised the boys and Rebecca O’Neill who ran proceedings.

Central Zone Girls Softball

Both the Year 7 and Year 8 girls teams had a great day participating in the Central Zone Softball Day. The Year 7’s were a bunch of enthusiastic and new to Softball girls who finished 8th. Our Year 8’s found their game in the last game winning 13-0 and finishing 7th on the day. Thanks to the parents for transport and Ramblers Softball Club for coaching the Year 7’s.

Central Zone Boys Softball

A sunny and great day had by all boys at CZ softball. The Year 7s showed great sportsmanship and even managed a huge upset over a rep stacked St Peters. The Year 8 boys showed a lot of talent and teamwork managing to secure 3rd place.

Table Tennis

The Auckland Table Tennis Association is organising a Primary & Intermediate team competition during Term 2 and Term 3 of the 2019 season. Team contests will be played on Wednesday nights from 4.00pm – 5.30pm at the Auckland table tennis stadium. There will be 7 nights of competition. Auckland Table Tennis Association can distribute a sign-up sheet direct to students. The sign-up sheet requires parental permission to be granted. Students can enter teams with their friends. Entries are e-mailed direct to the Auckland Table Tennis Association. This method of collecting entries has proven successful in several schools to date.

For the Primary & Intermediate team competition. The sign-up sheet requires parental permission to be granted. Parents are then responsible for their children getting to the competition, during the competition, and taking their children home. Auckland Normal Intermediate would not need to provide a staff member to supervise the children.  Please see me (Nick Edwards) if you want a sign-up sheet.

Nick Edwards, Sports Coordinator


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Public Meeting re Tomorrow’s Schools Review – 7 March at 7pm, Holy Trinity Cathedral

David Seymour is holding a public meeting consulting our parent community about what the Tomorrow’s Schools Review may mean.

For more information, click here.

Click here to view what else is going on in our community.