June 2020 Newsletter


NEWS from the PRINCIPAL and DP’s 

Tēnā koutou i ngā whānau o te kura.

When we set out on this year’s ANI journey in February with the year carefully planned out we had no idea how circumstances would change and how education would have been delivered by mid year. Thank you to all families for the great support you have given your child’s learning through the lockdown.  Distance teaching was a big learning experience for all of us at ANI and we know it was for you and your children.

Now that 80% of the children are back at school, school days are taking on more of a normal pattern but with lots of extra precautions to keep everybody safe. The students have shown themselves to be very responsible about hand washing and physical distancing. Please continue to talk with your children about the importance of adhering to these habits and rules.  

A reminder of term 2 activities that will not go ahead: 

  • Big Science Competition
  • PTA School Social
  • Showquest Wearable Arts Spectacular
  • Student-Led Conferences (these will now be in w/c 27 July – TBA whether Zoom or in person)
  • End of Term Prizegiving at Eden Park (these will now be live streamed – Leadership and Premier Awards on Monday 29 June and End of Term 1 & 2 Awards combined on Friday 3 July)
  • Overseas trips
  • Ski training and trials
  • AIMS postponed until 2021 (see under Sports further on)

A reminder of term 2 activities that are pending: 

  • Eye on Nature Wearable Arts Competition

Term 2 activities that will go ahead are listed below under ‘Upcoming Events for the Remainder of the Term’.

The last two months have provided great lessons in resilience, dealing with the unexpected and facing disruption to routines. Sadly, quite a number of our families are having to cope with significant stresses and hardship. I would urge you to be honest and not hide stresses you may face from your intermediate age children.  Rather, engage with them when planning how you will cope and move forward. These young people respond positively to being included when hard decisions have to be made.  They are growing up and strongly dislike being considered as children who wouldn’t understand.  They will also be more accepting of sacrifices they may need to make along with the family.

Please share with us in confidence if your family is experiencing the trauma of redundancy or business worries. We can factor in considerations if we know these things.  

No doubt you will have experienced first-hand many of the typical pre-adolescent behaviours that we see at Intermediate school. This is a stage where friends begin to replace family as the centre of their lives. It is very likely that your child will not want to share as much with you about what they and their friends are doing and talking about.  Part of this is power play as they strive to be grown up and have some independence and control over their own lives. Your Intermediate age child is growing up and does need some “personal life” separate from you and the family.

A common tactic when they want to do something you are not keen about is to say, “Everybody else is allowed to ….”.  We would urge parents to have clear expectations of what they want, e.g. what time is acceptable to arrive home. Take a strong stance on unsupervised gatherings and be sure you know where your child is and with whom. If the insistence that “everybody else is allowed” persists then insist that you will talk with other parents. Odds are that every parent is hearing the same story. Call the parents of friends and share information. Parents need to communicate and work together to decide rules about parties, suitable activities for mixed gender groups, and suitable meeting places.  Above all as a parent you set the rules for your child. Don’t give in to manipulation or let them play off mum against dad or other parents.  You are in charge.  

We look forward to meeting you all again once school functions can be resumed. 

Kia ngatahi ai te tu

E pakari ai te tuara

Together we are Strong

From Jill, Shane and Bryce


Monday 1 – Queen’s Birthday Holiday (school closed)

Tuesday 2 – Year 7 Immunisation Talks in small groups in the Library; 2021 Prospective Student Online School Tour #1 1.30-2.30pm; 2021 Prospective Student Parent ZOOM Information Evening/Q&A session #1 at 6.00pm – note this change of format – no longer a face to face event – ZOOM link will be sent to those who have registered

Wednesday 3 – Ahi whanau house mufti day (for earning the most points in Term 1)

Monday 8 – Friday 19 June – Year 8 Girls Self Defence classes (modified for COVID-19 distancing rules)

Monday 15 – PTA Meeting at 7.00pm via Zoom

Wednesday 17 – Board of Trustees Meeting at 6.00pm via Zoom

Wednesday 24 – Eye on Nature Wearable Arts rehearsal at 11.00am (TBC); 2021 Prospective Student Online School Tour #2 11.00am-12.00pm; 2021 Prospective Student Parent ZOOM Information Evening #2 at 6.00pm – note this change of format – no longer a face to face event – ZOOM link will be sent to those who have registered

Thursday 25 – Eye on Nature Wearable Arts Fashion Competition at 5.00pm (TBC)

Monday 29 – Leadership awards live streamed

Tuesday 30 – Year 7 Boostrix Immunisations in Library

Wednesday 1 July – Mid-Year Reports go home; Booking link sent home to parents for Parent/ Teacher/ Student-Led Conferences in week two of Term 2; Sausage sizzle for winning whanau house

Friday 3 July – End of Term 1 and 2 Awards live streamed; Term 2 ends at 2.00pm


We have been sending daily attendance data to the Ministry since school started back in Level 2 (Monday 18 May).  We will now be sending student attendance data to the Ministry weekly, from 29 May. The purpose is to:

  • report to the National Crisis Monitoring Centre and government on levels of attendance during the COVID-19 period
  • inform and support Ministry planning for students and schools returning to normal operation, and 
  • evaluate and report on the effectiveness of initiatives implemented by the Ministry to respond and manage its response to COVID-19.


Our teachers have been working hard to make informed judgements on each student’s progress and writing their individual reports. With this in mind school reports will be distributed on Wednesday 1 July. Following on from reports we will be inviting parents and students to schedule an interview early Term 3.


Parent interviews have been scheduled for Term 3, on Monday 27 July (3pm- 5pm) and Tuesday 28 July (1pm- 7pm). A separate link will be sent out on Wednesday 1 July to book your preferred time and day. If you are unable to make one of these days, please contact your child’s classroom teacher to organise a separate time to discuss their learning progress.

At this stage, Interviews will continue to be face to face with teachers in their ILE’s, unless we are advised differently, and therefore we will use an online meeting platform such as Zoom. Confirmation of the expected interview format will also be distributed on Wednesday 1 July, once we have more information on Alert Levels.


Positive news on the camping front for the Year 8 students in 2020. The school has been in contact with the camp directors and we have been provided with the following two options:

Option One: Gatherings of 100 or less (level 2)

We split Rimu and Matai teams so three classes attend camp at a time (not six classes).  This means we will have four camps in total. The time frame will be split over the four weeks in August. How the teams are split will be determined before the end of Term 2 and information will come out to parents so you can book time to come along and support your child if possible.

Option Two: Gatherings over 100 (level 1 or level 2)

If we are allowed to have numbers over 100 at the time of camp, then we will book two weeks in August to attend camp. Rimu will attend from Monday 17 – Friday 21 August and Matai Monday 24 – Friday 28 August.

Please Note:

  1. The camp will be abiding by any Covid19 regulations/expectations to maintain an environment that will ensure these are met e.g. cleaning equipment, distancing at breakfast, lunch and dinner, etc.
  2. There will be no overnight camping in tents during these new dates.
  3. Once we have confirmation on how many numbers can attend camp we will let parents know our decision of option one or option two.
  4. We envisage the cost for camp to remain the same for both option one and option two however we will let parents know if things change and camp costs change.


Our Choir and Orchestra commence on the 8th of June again. Our fabulous teachers and tutors have been preparing exciting material for our students when our programmes start again. Our Choir is gearing up for the APPA festival later this year and our Orchestra are planning community and school visits to showcase their learning and expertise. The ANI Rock Bands have started meeting already and are gearing up for school tours as well as the annual Rock Band Competitions. It is so exciting to see the Music Programme at ANI alive and well and our thanks to teachers Jon Pickford and Yasuko Okamura! Watch this space – our music programme rocks!


Congratulations to Haran Thirumeni (Year 7, Room 22) who received a Principal’s Award last week for his writing – not only was his lockdown diary in last month’s newsletter, he has now written an outstanding story ‘Utopia’ for his appreciative theory assignment – well done Haran!


Students who are interested in sitting one or more of the four ICAS tests in 2020, (Reading, Mathematics, Digital technologies and Science) can pick up a notice from the school office to take home and discuss with their whanau. 

Once you have decided what tests you would like to sit please bring in your signed permission slip to the office please (NOT class teacher) – payment to be either Eftpos or online banking (no cash).  Final date for test applications and money to be paid is Monday 20th July.  NO exceptions.


During the lockdown period, Room 20 gave the students the opportunity to take part in a fun activity – they had to think about the IB learner profiles and how they have personally demonstrated them during lockdown. They then shared them through a drawing and Ms Pielichaty made a collage. 


During lockdown, Radio NZ ran a competition to design a T-shirt that would reflect the strange time we’ve been through during Level 3 and 4 and get future generations asking “What was that all about?”. As part of our distance learning Specialist program, ANI students were encouraged to work through the design process and submit an entry.  Radio NZ received hundreds of top-quality entries from New Zealanders of all ages, including professional artists and designers. They chose four winning designs which will be printed onto ethically produced T-shirts and $5 from the sale of each T-shirt will be donated to a charity of the designer’s choice. We are so proud to announce that our very own Chase Peake (Room 10) was one of the winning designers! His professional looking t-shirt print was simple, witty and perfectly met the design brief. Congratulations Chase for your outstanding effort and achievement! 

If you would like to purchase a t-shirt – go here to order.


Helping young people deal effectively with difficult social situations 

At times we will all be confronted with difficult social situations where someone is saying something we find challenging.  This may be saying unkind or inappropriate things about a friend or acquaintance or may be statements contrary to our own beliefs.  Many people find these situations awkward and uncomfortable.  Young people are developing the skills to effectively manage these kinds of scenarios and may need some help to do this.  

There are three commonly used but less effective reactions to difficult social interactions, namely:

  • Passive
  • Aggressive/angry 
  • Passive aggressive.  

Rather than focusing on what not to do, we can guide children toward better strategies such as the ones outlined below:

Firstly, we can consciously decide the incident is not worth our time or effort instead choosing to ignore or walk away. The difference between this and being passive is that this is a considered decision rather than simply allowing someone to do something to you.  

Another option is to choose to act assertively.  Whilst this can be difficult to do at times it may be the best choice.  Acting assertively means to state your needs/thoughts in a calm, non-threatening way.  

Children can practice being assertive with ‘I statements’. This is a simple way to communicate that helps manage conflict. An ‘I statement’ might follow this format:

‘’I feel ___ when ___ because ___. 

‘’I would like/I think that ___.

For example, let’s turn a ‘You’ Statement into an ‘I’ statement:

‘’Why won’t you help? You’re so lazy and trying to make us do all the work. You should go and join another group. We don’t want you in our group any more!’’

‘’I feel frustrated when you don’t join in the group project because we need your help. I think that you could start with task 2.’’

‘I statements’ are helpful for adults too! Children feel less controlled or defensive when they hear your perspective. It takes the heat out of ‘’You should…’’ ‘’You didn’t…’’ ‘’How could you?’’ situations.

When your child shares a social dilemma, a parent’s first instinct might be to give them advice or try to fix it for them. Instead, listen before responding and ask open ended questions. This helps them process their thoughts, make their own decisions and prevents children feeling their problem is being minimised. Remember, friends and peers are a huge priority for adolescents and an important part of the road to adulthood. 

Questions you may like to ask:

What do you think their perspective is?

What was that like for you?

What would you like to happen?

So you’re feeling ___ because ____. Have I got that right?

What do you like in a friend?

Finally, social media has changed the game from when we were at school! Maintaining friendships online can be a double-edged sword. For adolescents, these interactions are just as real and important as face-to-face. On the plus side, technology helps and reinforces positive experiences. The downside is its permanence and visibility can intensify issues. The key point to get across to children is that it’s not about the technology, it’s about the

behaviour. If you take the phone/laptop/text out of the picture – is it still ok? If not, ask for support. 

Young people may need help to think through these options and it may be helpful to practice in advance, so you are more confident of saying what you want to say. People who may be able to help with this are class teachers, counsellors, school deans, parents or a more socially confident peer.

Robyn Stead & Gina Speedy

Educational Psychologist and School Counsellor


The major prizes for the chocolate fundraiser were awarded to students on Monday 25 May by Diana Winstanley, the PTA Chairperson.  Our two bicycle winners (Alden from Room 14 and Jess from Room 20) were presented with their amazing bikes from Mt Eden Cycles by Bryce Taylor of Anne Duncan Real Estate, and followed this up with a visit to Mt Eden Cycles shop the following day to meet the owner Mark Taylor.  Well done to everyone who sold chocolates!  Room 20 will enjoy their pizza lunch on Thursday 4 June as their prize for selling the most of any classroom.  We also had 43 students who sold 5+ boxes, and they were each awarded a Fundraising badge – please come to see Deidre in the SLT office to claim your badge.  

Here are some pictures from Monday morning’s prizegiving, beginning with Bryce Taylor from Anne Duncan Real Estate presenting Alden and Jess with the bike they will receive.

Alden from Room 14 and Jess from Room 20 receiving their bicycles from the owner of Mt Eden Cycles, Mark Taylor.

Emma from Room 14 and Isabella from Room 16 with their Go-Pro’s (donated by Interworld Fundraising).

William from Room 16 – winner of the Lenovo Tablet donated by Interworld Fundraising.

Below are pictures of our $50 and $20 voucher winners (all names printed in the May newsletter).


If you still have chocolate money or boxes to return, please let the PTA know as soon as possible (email: pta@ani.school.nz) so we can update our records. We are still hoping to reach $20,000 so it is fine to keep selling those chocolates.

Diana Winstanley – ANI PTA



We have been lucky enough to secure funding in 2020 through the Ministry of Social Development and ACC to have Juile Poirier come into ANI and offer the opportunity to all of our Year 8 girls to complete six hours of self defence training.

The project provides:

  • A fully qualified Self Defence Teacher 
  • All course resources, including: Letters of explanation to parents and Information sheets for the teachers of the girls.

The girls will learn:

  • To think and act confidently
  • To be more aware of their safety
  • Verbal and physical skills to keep themselves safe
  • To seek support if needed

We believe this is a great opportunity for our Year 8 students to learn some new skills and strategies to deal with any situation that they feel uneasy or unsafe in.  

For more information please follow this link.  www.wsdn.org.nz 

The workshops will begin on Monday 8 June and will run over a 2/3 week period.  

Please note:  The programme will be adapted so the girls will not be touching each other and will not be working within each other’s breathing space.


We are immensely proud of the ANI Sports-Pro Programme. This sports academy is multi-faceted and meets the needs of a wide range of students. Topics and lessons range from high-performance sport and nutrition, to working with learners who find learning challenging. This programme digs beneath the surface and looks at the various components of sport. Have a look at the website dedicated to this programme HERE


To our amazing schools,

It is with heavy hearts we’re confirming the 2020 Anchor AIMS Games will be postponed until next year.

We know that, for many of you, this year’s tournament was going to be a bright ray of sunshine amid the Covid-19 gloom, something to aspire to and get life back to normality.

The reality, however, is that normality is still a long way away for so many of our athletes, families, schools and communities.  We have had a huge amount of feedback from people saying the spectre of Covid-19 and the associated financial and emotional factors would make it impossible for them to attend this year.

We want to make sure that any tournament we hold is open to all, that we create amazing memories and joy instead of stress and hardship.

We will be back, bigger and better than ever, from September 4-10, 2021… lock it in!

For more detailed information our media release will be on FACEBOOK.


Dear Parents/Guardians,

Auckland Netball, in consultation with Netball New Zealand, have advised ANI:

  • To prepare for the start of the 2020 netball season to begin in the second week of Term 3 (w/c 27th July) and to run for 10 weeks until the second week of Term 4 (w/c 19th October).
  • All Year 7 and Year 8 teams will play Monday nights at Windmill Park as it has been recommended to schools local to these courts to play there to avoid the large crowds and close proximity of courts at St Johns.
  • Year 7 trials will be organised to run in the last weeks of Term 2 (dates will be confirmed within the next few weeks).
  • Netball New Zealand and Auckland Netball will not give permission for the season to start until safety assurances and standards have been met under Ministry guidelines and inspections have been carried out. 
  • All of these dates are tentative and may have to be updated or adapted depending on circumstances and developments.

IMPORTANT: If your child is in Year 8 and has been selected for a team, please email Mr Edwards (nedwards@ani.school.nz) by Friday 19th June if you DO NOT wish them to participate in the season and we will update the teams accordingly.

IMPORTANT: If your child is in Year 7 and has signed up to trial, please email Mr Edwards (nedwards@ani.school.nz) by Friday 19th June if you DO NOT wish them to participate in the trial or the season and we will update the trial documentation.

Thank you all for your patience and understanding as we continue to try to make the most of what we can organise. 

Kind regards,

Nick Edwards, Teacher in Charge of Netball


ANI runs a house/whanau system – your son or daughter will tell you which house they belong to.  They can earn points by displaying the school values and any other positive behaviours. 

Here are the Term 1 results from our whanau competition:

This term Ahi will have their mufti day for winning 3 flags – this will be next Wednesday 3rd June for Ahi House only

Winning house for Term 2

They will receive a mufti and free sausage sizzle to be held on Wednesday 1st July. 

Term 2 points so far …

Ahi – Fire40.5
Te Hau – Wind36.0
Wai – Water25.0
Whenua – Land39.5


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