July 2021 Newsletter

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In today’s newsletter we have the following:

  • News from the Principal and DP’s
  • ICAS Tests
  • Upcoming Events for July
  • Change of Details
  • School Production – Into the Woods
  • Student Congratulations
  • Psychologist and Counsellor Spot
  • PTA News
  • ESOL Trip to Maritime Museum
  • ANI Sports-Pro Programme
  • House Points Update
  • Facebook
  • Community News 

NEWS from the PRINCIPAL and DPs 

Dear Parents and Caregivers 

Tēnā koutou i ngā whānau o te kura.

The Senior Leadership Team (SLT) have had an end of term focus over the past few weeks on a number of areas we felt needed to be addressed at a whole school level.

The first focus was on our ‘NO BULLYING’ stance.  Teachers shared our definition of bullying (found here) so students were clear on what we mean when we talk about bullying.  The word bullying is often used incorrectly so we wanted to be sure our young people knew how we as a school define bullying.

The second focus was behaviour – in class and in the playground.  At ANI we foster a culture of being ‘hosts’ and not ‘guests’. The idea of being a ‘host’ means that we take ownership of our learning and behaviour. ‘Hosts’ understand the importance of being self-governing young people who make good choices and treat each other with respect. We want our students to value the people they work with and treat them accordingly. We take this very seriously and discussions with families will happen should we have students whose actions are contradictory to those of a ‘host’. We thank you in advance for reinforcing this at home too. 

And finally, the third focus was on uniforms. Correct uniform is very important to us as it reinforces our high standards and image in the community. Students also need to be in the correct school uniform on their way to school and going home at 3.00pm. This includes correct socks and plain black school shoes.  PE gear is NOT to be worn to and from school. The only exceptions are:

  • On a Tuesday three netball teams play at Mt Wellington courts. Those students need to be released on time to get out there for a 4pm game. They can leave the school in their netball kit.
  • Netball teams who train early morning (7.30am) can come to school in their PE gear but they must get changed once finished.
  • Distance squad members can come to school in their PE gear (Tuesday/Thursday) but they must change before school starts. 
  • Whole school sports events such as ANI Olympics or athletics day.

Here is what the students had to say about us reinforcing these rules and school values:


We are finding many students arriving late to school each day and would like to ask parents to remind their children to be at school before the bell goes on a Monday morning at 9.00am and 8.45am the rest of the week. When students arrive late they miss out on some learning time each morning and this time accumulates and can become a lot of hours if added up.  A suggestion might be to send your child to bed 10 minutes earlier so they can be on time to school each day.  If students continue to be late on a regular basis the school will be communicating with parents so we can come up with an action plan for improvement. 

Opportunities for Students

A reminder for students to get involved in the many activities that the school offers such as sports, music, leadership and the Arts.  We also encourage students to get involved in the school Production ‘Into the Woods” which is scheduled for the first week in Term 4 (Tuesday 19, Thursday 21 and Friday 22 October).  This will include performing on the stage, lighting, sound, costumes, props and many more options.  There is something for everyone but be sure to show the IB learner profile of ‘balanced’ so your school work does not suffer.  

School Reports – Term 2

This is just a reminder that student reports will be coming home on the last day of school, Friday 9 July at 2.00pm.  Following your child’s report will be an opportunity to meet your child’s teacher at our student-led conferences.

Student-Led Conferences

Student-led conferences will occur on Wednesday 28 July from 1.00 – 7.00pm and Thursday 29 July from 3.00 – 5.00 pm.  This conference is a time to sit down with your child and their teacher to discuss the learning progress made to date and what your young people can focus on, next steps for the remainder of the year.  

Wednesday 28 July from 1.00pm – 7.00pm (school finishes at 12.30pm)

Thursday 29 July from 3.00pm – 5.00pm (school finishes at 3.00pm)

Booking your interviews:

The booking website opens on Friday 9 July at 9.00am will close Wednesday 28 July at 10.30am

1. Go to www.schoolinterviews.co.nz and enter the event code zccyw and click Go.

2. Enter your name, email address and the names of the students you wish to make bookings for.

3. Select the teachers you’d like to book by selecting your child’s Room # or subject, and then selecting the teacher name and click Go.

4. Using the timetable, click the time slot you’d like to book for the teacher/s and then click Go at the bottom of the page. You’ll be asked to confirm your booking by clicking Finished.

You will be sent a confirmation email of your booking showing where the interview will take place –there is a link in this email if you wish to change your booking at any time.

Interviews will be 15 minutes long.

Kia ngatahi ai te tu

E pakari ai te tuara

Together we are Strong

Jill Farquharson – Principal

Bryce Mills and Shane Devery – Deputy Principals


Thank you to the many students who have decided to take on one or more ICAS tests in 2021.  The school has registered all students who have completed their forms to the ICAS organisation so the tests can be allocated to each student in time for the August test dates.  Good luck to all students who have enrolled in one or more of the five ICAS tests.


Put these dates in your diary so you don’t miss a beat:

Friday 2 – Girls Chess Competition at Mt Albert War Memorial Hall

Monday 5 – ANI Olympics; Sports and Art Assembly

Tuesday 6 – Year 8 Student Leaders visiting Parnell District School

Wednesday 7 – End of Term Prizegiving at Eden Park, Level 5 North Lounge at 11.00am

Thursday 8 – Market Day from 11.00am – 2.00pm

Friday 9 – Reports go home; Term 2 ends at 2.00pm


Monday 26 – Term 3 begins at 9.00am

Tuesday 27 – 2022 Prospective Student School Tour #3 9.00am-10.00am; Room 25 Meet the Teacher evening at 5.00pm in Room 25; AIMS Parents Information Evening at 5.00pm in the Library; 2022 Prospective Student Parent Information Evening #3 at 6.00pm; Mt Albert Grammar Information Evening for in-zone 2022 prospective students at 7.00pm in the MAGS FW Gamble Hall

Wednesday 28SCHOOL FINISHES AT 12.30PM; Student-Led Conferences from 1.00-7.00pm

Thursday 29 – Student-Led Conferences from 3.00-5.00pm

Friday 30 – Girls & Boys Chess competition at Mt Roskill School


If you have changed your address, contact number, or email address, please let the school office know – it is important we have correct phone numbers on record in case of emergency.


Our school production has now been confirmed – Into the Woods – performances will be taking place at the Mt Eden War Memorial Hall (opposite Potters Park) on the evenings of Tuesday 19 October and Friday 22 October.  There will also be a matinee performance for our neighbouring primary schools on Thursday 21 October.

In the meantime, we would love to hear from any parents who have experience or expertise in the following areas:

  • Musicianship (singing, instruments, sound production, coaching etc.)
  • Drama
  • Dance
  • Costuming
  • Hair/Make-Up
  • Stage Management
  • Lighting
  • Sound Engineering
  • Prop making
  • Marketing and publicity

It would be great to draw from the reservoir of incredible talent in our ANI community.   If you are able to help, please get in contact with Mr Eugene Marshall, Music Teacher, on emarshall@ani.school.nz.


Congratulations to the following students for earning a Principal’s Award this month:

  • Maya (Room 24) for finishing her tessellation first in the class and doing fantastic persuasive writing
  • Zara (Room 7) for being a great helper in the Health Monitors group, she has showed a lot of initiative in identifying potential hazards at school, monitoring school cleanliness and attending every Health Monitors meeting this year

Congratulations to Juliana (Room 9) who has been ranked Number 1 in the Young Kiwi Challenger Series – Language Challenge on Education Perfect – this earned Juliana a Principal’s Award.  Awesome achievement Juliana!

Congratulations also to Emily (Room 20), Lali (Room 27) and Ava (Room 30) for being risk-takers and incredibly open minded, stepping into the role of goalie with no previous experience at the Central Zone Hockey tournament.

Congratulations to Lara and Maya (both Room 24) for supporting the SLT with projects around the school, and also to Barry (Room 10) for showing leadership in the community and helping a fellow student.

Note: We are now using students’ first names only in our publications (no surname) to comply with recent changes to the Privacy Act (2020).


Words Matter.  

The language parents, teachers, coaches, counsellors and psychologists use when interacting with young people is important.  This may seem obvious or straightforward so let us explain what we mean.  

When talking with young people about their school, social, sporting and family life, the words used by adults help young people to make sense of their experiences.  There are a range of ways in which adults do this. Adults can be encouraging, critical, they can provide constructive feedback or ideas to move forward. All responses are valid ways of communicating and designed to support change of some description.  

But what about when communication requires young people to manage challenging experiences or accept something?  This type of communication can be difficult for many adults to provide.  Often our first instinct is to find solutions, give advice or make it better somehow.  However, when young people are faced with difficult situations sometimes the most helpful thing an adult can do is simply encourage them to accept the reality.  

Let’s think about fairly typical scenarios. Perhaps your young person has missed out on the top sports team they trialled for, missed out on getting the role they wanted in the school production or were not invited to a birthday party. Often as adults we lead with words such as ‘’oh well, better luck next time’’, or ‘’perhaps you could try something else’’, or we offer to take them out for a treat or distract them with something different. 

Another approach is to simply offer empathy and acceptance that this happened.  Using words like, ‘’that’s a shame’’,or ‘’I’m sorry to hear that, I can see you are feeling a bit down about it’’.  This allows young people to learn about their own experiences of sadness, disappointment, frustration and so on. They also learn that these feelings are okay, acceptable and eventually the feelings move on so we can experience other things.  It also helps them to learn about the language they can use to communicate how they are feeling.  

Not knowing how to manage uncomfortable emotions can lead us to avoid situations and feelings or substitute them with unhelpful behaviour such as getting angry or acting out.  It’s human nature to want to fix a tricky situation and when our children and students are involved there is even more impetus to fix things.  As adults we can do our young people a huge favour by pausing, allowing them to experience difficult emotions and to work their own way through them.  

As neuroscientist Nathan Wallis points out, adolescents are working from their emotional brain. Therefore, they’re not the most logical creatures. His advice to adults is to listen first, acknowledge their feelings, then brainstorm ideas without telling them what to do. To remember this, Nathan Wallis suggests applying a 2:1 ratio. For every 1 minute you’d like them to listen to your words of wisdom, spend 2 minutes beforehand engaging their emotional brain by listening and acknowledging their feelings. 

One way to further engage is to remind your young person/student of what their goals are in this situation.  For example if they start to say that because of their experience they are going to do something negative such as quitting the team or stopping singing forever, it is helpful to remind them of their overall goals or values in this area.  Why is it that they play sports?  Why did they try out for the school production?  What kind of actions can they take that would move them towards their goals?  What have they learned from this experience that might help them?  If they resist this kind of discussion then perhaps they need more time to experience the feelings that the situation has provoked and be reassured that this is fine and a normal part of life.  

Gina Speedy & Robyn Stead 

School Counsellor and Educational Psychologist


PTA Meeting

Our next PTA meeting will be on Monday 2 August at 7.00pm in the ANI Library.

Julie Rope – PTA Chairperson


Year 7 ESOL and International students had a wonderful day at the Maritime Museum on Tuesday 29 June.

The tour took them through time, starting in the 19th Century and gave them a feel for what the conditions were like for people traveling to New Zealand from Europe, including right up to the present day with America’s Cup. Students were able to interactively create their own boat and even try to make it sail!

Gina Speedy (School Counsellor), Kate Shin (International Director) and Aideen Ryan (ESOL Teacher) 

ANI OLYMPICS – Monday 5 July

ANI is happy to announce that on Monday 5th July we are having our first ANI Olympics. This will be a whole school event dedicated to sports.We are going to have many sports events and competitions that will happen between mixed year 7 and 8 teams. These teams are a combination of two classes. The ANI Olympics will have traditional team sports such as Basketball, Football and Netball as well as capture the flag games. We also will have athletics in the morning from 9.15am to 10am. On the day of our Olympics, we also will have the Cross country trial for AIMS. This will start our day and will happen at 9.10am.Besides all the traditional sports, we have a range of non-competitive games that will happen simultaneously with the competitive options. We will also provide opportunities for extra roles during the event, such as journalists and photographers.
Our students are excited for this whole school sports event.
A reminder that on the day of our Olympics, Monday 5th July, students can come to school in their PE uniforms.


This year ANI is proud to announce that we are taking over 170 students to the Association of Intermediate and Middle Schools (AIMS) competition. This competition is happening in Tauranga from Sunday 4th to Friday 10th September, 2021. We will be taking all team sports to the competition and we also have students representing ANI in most of the individual sports.
AIMS is the biggest inter-school competition in Aotearoa at an Intermediate/Middle school level and we will be really well represented by our own students.
ANI is getting everything ready for the week long competition and have announced all individual players and teams lists other than one sport. The only exception is cross country, which will have trials this coming Monday – 5th of July.
We will be asking for parents support during the week to manage and assist with food organisation and possibly transport to venues and coordinating students etc. This is an important part of our culture and values, and your help for the different sporting events will be greatly appreciated. If you require to stay with the team at our accommodation and require food options etc, please contact Mr Carlos or your team coach/manager.
A letter with some initial information about AIMS will be sent home for all our players (team or individual) by Friday 2nd July. An electronic version of the letters will be sent through the School APP.
Please let us know if have any questions. (Mr Carlos – ckucera@ani.school.nz)
More details on costs and information for individuals and teams will be presented at the AIMS parents evening on Tuesday 27th of July (Term 3) from 5 to 6 pm, in the school library. At this meeting you will meet the coaches, managers and teachers who will be supporting our school during the week.
We look forward to seeing you all there.


We are immensely proud of the ANI Sports-Pro Programme. This sports academy is multi-faceted and meets the needs of a wide range of students. Topics and lessons range from high-performance sport and nutrition, to working with learners who find learning challenging. This programme digs beneath the surface and looks at the various components of sport. Have a look at the website dedicated to this programme HERE.  

For more information, contact Mr Carlos on ckucera@ani.school.nz.

Ngā mihi nui,

Carlos Kucera – Sport specialist teacher and sports coordinator

Central Zone Rugby

A huge congratulations to our Under 55kg Rugby team who WON the Central Zone competition on Friday 11 June.  It was very exciting and they were probably the smallest team there but their grit was impressive. They represented ANI so well both on and off the field and we were so proud of their efforts.

Brooke Tuiali’i

Specialist Technology Teacher 

Central Zone Boys Hockey

On Monday 21 June, our boys headed off to Harbour Hockey for the Central Zone competition.  Our pool play comprised of three games, with each game played better than the last, adding one more goal to the total score, another notch of confidence in our belt of competence.

The semi-finals brought their fiercest competitor – the only team to score goals against us – but our heads remained high as we played our hearts out. 

Our final game brought the chance of a podium placing, a chance that appeared highly likely on the probability continuum. Four goals, some rough calls, and a growing fatigue summarise this finale. Victory was ours, bending mercilessly to our aggressive demeanour.  We placed 3rd with only 3 goals scored against us the entire tournament.

The boys all played a pivotal role in this epic tale. A huge congratulations to them all!

Andy Lawrence

Room 27 Teacher

Central Zone Girls Hockey

ANI had another fantastic day on the turf on Tuesday 22 June. The girls placed 5th overall at the CZ Girls Hockey competition.  Three girls gained Principal’s Awards for stepping up into the role of goalie, which was an unplayed position to them before this event.

Andy Lawrence

Room 27 Teacher

Central Zone Table Tennis

Students had an awesome day at the Auckland Table Tennis Association (ATTA) in Newmarket on Thursday 24 June, with every single player winning at least one game each!

The 16 students made us very proud to be part of ANI, as they were so supportive, kind and respectful to each other and their opponents.

A special mention to Scarlett (Room 22) who got through to the quarter finals in the girls competition. 

In the boys round, we had three ANI students in the quarter finals including Brian (Room 28), Eric (Room 10) and Aidan (Room 15).

Finally, Brian (Room 28) was awarded 3rd place overall, he showed great sportsmanship throughout the whole competition and will be one to watch for first place for next year’s final!

Aideen Ryan Jo Wang

ESOL Teacher      Room 10 Teacher

MiniBall Finals

On Tuesday 29 June, our ANI Blue team were the winners of A grade basketball, beating Dilworth Junior Campus 8A team – fantastic result.

Jacob Markham

Technology Teacher


Wai has overtaken Whenua to take the lead since last month, Te Hau is coming 3rd with Ahi still very close in 4th place!


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