July 2018 Newsletter



Welcome to the last week of Term 2 – can you believe it’s only 177 days until Christmas, gosh where is this year going?!

As we move into the assessment  end of the term with reports distributed on Friday and interviews today and tomorrow, it’s important to remember that measuring student  progress is a process that is continuous and not something that happens just before mid year interviews.

Teachers use a variety of strategies to gather information about how well a student is learning from the start of term one. These  include direct acts of teaching where teachers evaluate the learners understanding and application of knowledge,as well as informal forms of data  such as observations or interviews to make an overall teacher judgement (OTJ) related to the curriculum level that best fits your son/daughter. We held an assessment evening recently to explain these strategies and how to interpret the mid-year report. If you missed this evening the slides can still be found here.  Further explanations will also be available at the student-led conferences this week or if you want to email or chat about this to a member of the SLT here are our contacts (jfarquharson@ani.school.nz; sdevery@ani.school.nz; bmills@ani.school.nz; thughes@ani.school.nz).

As a school we are heavily involved in piloting the Ministry’s new assessment and reporting systems post-National Standards era.  There is more flexibility in how we assess, what we assess, how we analyse it and how we will use it. In reviewing our processes we asked ourselves :

  • What does progress look like for each learner?
  • How can we best measure progress as well as achievement?
  • What tools will we use?
  • How will we share this information with parents?

As mentioned in previous newsletters, we are investigating some great tools that are available to help teachers pitch teaching programmes at the right level. These tools are structured in a way that assist our learners to know what next steps look like in learning and guide them to find out what they have to do to achieve them. http://assessment.tki.org.nz/Assessment-tools-resources

In summary, there is a lot happening at ANI around assessment as we want to make sure we “get it right” for your child.  You can be assured that all forms of assessment used are either Nationally normed or developed by sector experts.


This week we farewell two teaching staff and our Enrolments Officer.  Tracey Hughes (Associate Principal) has won a promotion to Deputy Principal at Mt Roskill Intermediate, Rachel Harlen is travelling to Abu Dhabi to teach in a private school and Sakima Cornwall (Enrolment Officer) is returning to university to study full-time and complete her degree.  We wish them all the very best as they take on these new and exciting challenges and say a big thanks for their work at ANI.

The Room 4 replacement teacher is Mr Patrick Kennelly (currently our PE specialist).  Taking the PE job is Thomas Jones who is currently a relief teacher. Our new Enrolment Officer is Sherraline Shi who comes to us from a similar enrolment position at AUT.  

Mr Sockli will take on the role of SENCO (Special Educational Needs Coordinator) in place of  Mrs Hughes.

Visitors from School of Education, Maryville University St Louis

This week we have 20 teachers visiting schools in our CoL to observe the leadership, teaching programmes and networking initiatives we have developed across all eleven schools.  The teachers are doctoral students who are aspiring to be Principal’s in elementary, middle and high schools. We look forward to welcoming them and showcasing the work of Auckland Central Community of Schools.

Jill Farquharson, Principal



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Assessment Schedule Term Three

Next term we have three summative assessments tests planned for the students alongside their normal class work. These include three e-asTTle tests (Reading, Writing and Math). Data from these tests will be collated and compared to the same data gathered at the beginning of the year so teachers can determine the progress and improvements made by each student.

Teachers will share new test results with students so they can understand what skills and knowledge they have progressed in and what they need to improve on. This enables them to set goals and action plans to work towards for the last two terms of school.

Sitting alongside the summative testing students will continue to be assessed in a formative (ongoing) manner through self assessment, teacher and students conversations and progressive rubrics on inquiry themes.

A good question to ask at home is “Can you share with me what you have been doing in your current IB theme?”

Term Three IB Themes

During Term 3 the students will focus on the following themes:

The Year 7’s will focus on ‘Sharing the Planet’, during week 1-5 and then ‘How We Express Ourselves’, in week 6-10. The link to the NZ curriculum will focus on the Social Sciences.

The Year 8’s will focus on Where We Are In Place and Time, for 7-8 weeks, then each team will begin their provocations for EXHIBITION the final theme being ‘How We Express Ourselves’. The link to the NZ curriculum will focus on the Social Sciences.

A reminder if parents are in industries or jobs in which you could be an expert and you are willing to offer your time to support the students in their learning we would love to hear from you.

I am looking forward to another thought provoking and interesting term of learning in term three.

Mr Shane Devery, Deputy Principal


Community of Learning (CoL)

As the year has progressed, the CoL leaders have continued working alongside teachers to improve their pedagogical understanding of writing and mathematics in order to benefit the needs of our students. We have worked alongside Jenny Thompson, from the University of Auckland on the Learning Progression Frameworks. This is a tool for teachers to use as a way of identifying students progress in relation to the New Zealand Curriculum.

We have also had time to meet with teachers from other schools, within our community, to discuss shared initiatives in writing and maths. Early next term we have planned an across school professional learning day for writing. This will be an afternoon where literacy expert Charlene Mataio from Tools4teachers will be sharing her knowledge. It will also be an opportunity for teachers from local primary and intermediate schools to share information that will help students transition from each sector.  Schools we are working closely with are Cornwall Park District School, Parnell District School, Newmarket, Maungawhau and EGGS.

Mr Bryce Mills, Deputy Principal


The Great ANI Kiwiana Quiz

In Term 3 the PTA will be running its annual Athon. The children are able to support the school through this fundraising event and also learn “Kiwiana’ knowledge in a fun, competitive way.  There are lots of prizes up for grabs for the highest level of sponsorship brought in by an individual, best class and spot prizes.

We will share information and details of the Athon with students at assembly on Friday 10th August.

On Friday 17th August the children will be given the questions and a sponsorship form to take home. Their homework for the following week is to find the answers to the questions and gather as much sponsorship as they can. The following Friday, the 24th August, all children will sit the test with the aim of getting all the questions correct. Then they will need to collect in all the sponsorship they have received and return it to school during the week of the 27-31 August.

Thank you for supporting our students in this exciting event.

Athon Timeline:

August 10 – Assembly to promote the Athon

August 17 – Athon forms distributed

August 20-24 – Learn the questions

August 24 – Test day

August 27-31 – Sponsorship forms and money returned

Mrs Tracey Hughes, Associate Principal



Monday 2:  Parent Interviews 3.15 – 5.00pm; Maryville University visiting until Wednesday 4 July

Tuesday 3:  Kapa Haka Matariki performance at Epsom Library at 11.00am; School finishes at 12.30pm; Parent Interviews 1.00 – 7.00pm

Wednesday 4:  Auckland Rugby coming into class; Wearable Arts Show at EGGS 5.30 – 7.30pm

Friday 6:  Year 7 Awards Assembly at 9.30am-10.30am; Year 8 Awards Assembly at 11.00am -12.00noon; School finishes at 2.00pm

Monday 23:  Term 3 begins at normal time of 8.45am

Wednesday 25:  Year 7 Boostrix

Thursday 26:  Otago Problem Solving #4

Monday 30:  ASB Get Wise Financial Literacy at school for the week

Tuesday 31:  ICAS English Examination; ANI Roadshow – visit to Maungawhau Primary School



ANI Strategic Leadership Team

This term the Strategic Leaders have been busy innovating and crafting different plans and ideas to implement into their learning at Auckland Normal Intermediate. As such, they have implemented an ANI ‘Team Spirit’ award for the overall best team out of Totara, Rimu, Matai and Kauri. The award will conclude with the team on the highest points at the end of the year being awarded the inaugural trophy. The team is busily preparing and sharing ideas and challenges to award teams points. These challenges include sport challenges, singing assembly, Superbowl points, principal awards, tidy rubbish monitors and so on.

Furthermore, this group recently welcomed visitors from Australia and America to ANI. Their welcome included sharing what ANI is about, how their role in the school is pivotal for success and what their goals are as outlined at Board meetings. These presentations have been warmly welcomed with all students displaying outstanding leadership qualities.

Encompassing all of that, students have held regular meetings and developed their leadership knowledge and understanding along the way. They are a bright a bubbly group of individuals that have super exciting futures ahead!

Next term we look to visit several primary schools, present to the East Tamaki staff and present lots of challenges to all of the teams. With lots, lots more to come!

Miss Kate Green, ANI Student Strategic Leader Coordinator


Cultural & Performing Arts Festival

Last week we held ANI’s bi-annual cultural festival, The Greatest Show. It was a fantastic night where all students involved were able to showcase their talents and celebrate the diversity of ANI. All of the staff could not be more proud of all the students involved, from the AV Crew to the cast members, everyone did an amazing job to put on what truly was The Greatest Show.

“No one ever made a difference by being like everyone else”, P.T Barnum



Rachel Harlen and Danni Cook, Cultural Leaders


EGGS Wearable Arts Show

This year many dedicated students have spent lunchtimes working on their wearable arts creations. 17 groups showcased their fabulous designs at the ANI Cultural Festival last week. Congratulations to the ten groups who have been selected to go on to the Epsom Girls Grammar Wearable Arts Show on Wednesday 4th July. The show runs from 5:30PM-7:30PM and tickets can be purchased on the night at the door.


Tessa Swinson

Georgia Brown

Isabelle Welch

Millie Bush

Rooms 7 & 8


Aiya Segev

Kristin Kung

Rooms 11 & 12


Elisha Hong

Britta Peltola

Selina Hong

Rooms 3, 4 & 5


Sarah Holmes

Alex Kirk

Milly Strachan

Maya Maginness

Lola Funnell

Rooms 13 & 14


Dima Kanani

Agustina Salinas

Shivani Patel

Bipasha Patel

Rooms 1,3 & 8


Bianca Horan

Katlyn Thomas

Belle Horan

Willow Stringer

Rooms 2, 5, 8 & 9


Holly Still

Ruby Brathwaite

Macey Williams

Rooms 12 & 16


Sophie Koh

Iris Liu

Melanie Xiao

Rooms 11 & 23


Chanelle Townsend

Abbie MacKay

Emily Hsu

Room 15


Jessica Wang

Judy Wu

Room 24

Rebecca O’Neill, Technology Teacher

SPORTS NEWS by Mr Kennelly

Central Zone Boys Hockey

The boy’s hockey team ventured over the bridge to the North Harbour Hockey Stadium. With great determination and high spirits, they played incredibly well, winning three games, drawing two and placing 2nd overall, having only one goal scored against them the entire day.

The boys had a great attitude and invested a lot of energy, effort and time into perfecting their abilities. The payoff from this investment was easy to see and the boys should be proud of how well they played. We all had a lot of fun and can’t wait for the next opportunity to play. Congratulations, boys and Mr Lawrence for a great outcome.

Mr Andy Lawrence

CZ Boys Hockey

Central Zone Girls Hockey

After several weeks of early morning training sessions the girl’s hockey team finally got their day at central zone.

We left in good spirits to the North Harbour Hockey centre. Goals were hard to come by though and we drew our first two games 0-0. After two narrow defeats we faced Royal Oak in our final game. It was tight again with goals hard to find. We had penalty corner after penalty corner until Dhanika finally broke the deadlock with a clean strike from the edge of the D. The defence held steady for the last five minutes to finally give us a win in the last game of the day.

Good luck to those girls who go to play at AIMs and special thanks to coach Robyn, Mr Lawrence and Mr Waller for all their time and effort.

Mr John Waller

CZ Girls Hockey

Auckland Secondary Schools Mountain Biking

Zane Wyllie and Hamish Bolland represented ANI at Race 3 of the Auckland Secondary Schools Mountain Biking competition. On a tough course at Woodhill against 30 other riders from around Auckland both boys performed well. Hamish finished in 5th with Zane close behind finishing 6th. Well done boys and we look forward to seeing you compete in the next round.

Mr Patrick Kennelly


Central Zone Table Tennis

Our table tennis team after weeks of training at the Auckland Table Tennis centre attended the annual Central Zone tournament. The team had a great day with some excellent results.

Raghav Rao & Mox Liang -1st place, boys doubles
Robert Zhang – 2nd place, boys singles
Bryun Lau – 3rd place, boys singles
Troy Lee & Jaekyum Shin – 3rd place, boys doubles
Jahnavi Kotla – 3rd place, girls singles
Amelia Zhang & Adeeba Shiak – 4th place girls doubles

Mr Oliver Wooding


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