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Fees & Associated Costs

Tuition fees (annual and payable in advance; GST inclusive) NZ $14,168.00 (plus administration fee)

Please email, for 2019 fees.

2019 International Student Fees (as from 1 January 2019)


Period of Enrolment Student Fee Admin Fee Total Fee
One year $14,168.00 $1,000.00 $15,168.00
One term $3,542.00 $250.00 $4,542.00
Short term (4-8 weeks) $500.00 per week $1,000.00
Short-term student may use a loan uniform free of charge.

Student Costs

Period of Enrolment Free Pay Loan
1 – 4 weeks Education Perfect Camp/EOTC
One term Education Perfect

Any item in Activity Fee
One After School Programme

NSW Tests
Uniform (if available)
One year and more Education Perfect

Any item in Activity Fee
One After School Programme

Free Uniform

NSW Tests

The fee includes:

  • Classroom tuition
  • Specialist classes e.g. IT, Technology, Art, Science
  • Textbooks on loan
  • Stationery/Materials levy
  • PE and swimming
  • ESOL tuition (if required)
  • School/class trips and activities
  • Visiting and performing groups
  • Free after-school music lessons in one instrument for one year or a leisure class for one year

Per term, payable in advance (GST inclusive) NZ $4,000.00, plus administration fee.

Note: a minimum period of tuition is 4 weeks.

Other Costs

Other Curricular Activities

  • Camps and Education Outside the Classroom (approximately) NZ $300.00 per student 

Additional Compulsory Costs

  • Medical and travel insurance NZ $500 – 600.00 pa

(Southern Cross policy only is accepted, arranged through Auckland Normal Intermediate)

Optional Activities

  • Music lessons or music instrument hire (costs vary)
  • Sports team participation (costs vary)
  • Voluntary activities (costs vary)

It is understood that all children will participate fully in all aspects of Auckland Normal Intermediate’s teaching and learning programme.

Fees Protection

Auckland Normal Intermediate has a Fee Protection policy to safeguard the fees paid by international students, in the unlikely event that the school may not be able to commence or continue to deliver tuition to the international student. The school’s Board of Trustees guarantees to hold in reserve sufficient funds to meet the requirements of any refund in these circumstances.

Refund Policy for International Students

To be eligible for any refund:
Refund of fees will be considered only after a written request from parent or legal guardian has been received by the Board of Trustees setting out the special circumstances of the claim.

If the application is made before the start of the course:

The parents must apply in writing to the Board of Trustees setting out the special circumstances of the claim prior to starting the course.  Please note the Administration Fee of $500.00 is non-refundable.

If the application is made after the start of the course:

If a student wishes to withdraw after starting the school, course or programme, no refund will be made except in exceptional circumstances.  These may include the student returning home due to serious illness of a close family member.  All such refunds will be at the discretion of the Principal and Board of Trustees and evidence will be required.

The Board of Trustees may refund fees to the person who paid the fees less the following amounts:

  • An administration charge of $500.00 (GST inclusive)
  • Costs to the school already incurred for tuition
  • Components of the fee already committed for the duration of the course
  • Specialist fees
  • Appropriate proportions of salaries for teachers and support staff (if applicable)
  • Costs already incurred for the use of facilities and resources
  • The proportion of the Government levy the school is required to pay.
  • Any commissions paid to an agent representing the student.
  • Any other costs already incurred

The Board of Trustees will make no refund:

  • Where a student has been stood down, suspended or excluded
  • Where a student is asked to leave the school because of poor attendance
  • Where a student returns home for any reason other than serious illness or death of a close family member (evidence must be provided)
  • If the enrolment application is found to be inaccurate in any way and the contract is terminated
  • Where students acquire permanent residence or domestic student status after having enrolled at the school, no refund will be made for the term in which their status changes

(unless the Board of Trustees in its absolute discretion determines otherwise).

Click here to view our refund conditions for International Students.

School Zone

Auckland Normal Intermediate has an enrolment policy with defined boundaries for domestic students. Students living outside this school zone must enrol in their own zoned intermediate. In the event of an enrolled international student who gains domestic student status, the student would be expected to live within the defined school zone or move into the school zone immediately. If the student continues to live outside the school zone, they are required to transfer from Auckland Normal Intermediate to a school in their local area.