February 2020 Newsletter

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Tēnā koutou i ngā whānau o te kura.

Nau mai ki te ngāhurutanga rua mano tekau! Ngā mihi nunui o te tau hou.

Hello to all families at our school. The Senior Leadership Team of Jill, Shane and Bryce welcome you to the new decade. A huge happy new year to you all.

The staff and I are looking forward to meeting and getting to know this year’s students and their families. We extend a very warm welcome to both the returning year eight students and the year sevens who are just beginning their Intermediate experience.  Thank you parents for entrusting us to provide quality education for your children. ANI is a school with a long and proud tradition of having high expectations for both students and staff and of enabling students to reach high levels of achievement.

We expect our students to display appropriate standards of behaviour not just in school but also coming and going home, on trips, visits and anytime they are wearing the ANI school uniform. We are a school that values student voice and students are encouraged to communicate across all areas of the school with their views and requests. It is this ongoing dialogue between students, teachers, school management and our Board of Trustees that ensures we are providing programmes that are relevant for today’s learners.

A change of school or class level often requires adjustment to a new way of working.  Having a new teacher or new classmates can be a challenge and sometimes it takes children a couple of weeks to feel comfortable to settle in. The move to Intermediate school, finding their way around a new campus, changing class rooms and working with several teachers in one day can be a little overwhelming for our year seven students, however it is very rare for a child to not be happy in their new environment after a couple of weeks. If your child is stressed in the first few days please reassure them they will learn the new routines. If anxiety persists please talk with your son/daughter and put in place strategies to help. After the 17 February, (our  first full week of school) if you feel you need to speak to someone about placement please contact one of the Deans or a Deputy Principal – their details are in the “Who is who on the staff” section below. 

To achieve their potential Intermediate students need to have good attendance and develop traits of punctuality so they get to class on time. These habits are also essential for them to succeed at Secondary school and later in their careers. If your child is absent from school due to illness or other legitimate reasons please make sure they email the teacher to catch up on work, in addition to checking the homework portal to keep up to date. 

  Intermediate school is a time when children go through huge developmental growth, physically, intellectually, socially and they begin to take charge of their own learning. In the first couple of weeks of the school year the students will identify goals for what they want to achieve this year in academic learning, sporting achievement and cultural experiences. The children will be helped to be realistic about what they can fit into their schedule in any one term. They will identify their strengths and weaknesses and with their teachers identify areas where they need learning support.

Children learn best when home and school work together with the child. Please discuss learning activities with your child. At ANI each child is at the centre of decision making about their learning and with support from staff take an active role and responsibility for their learning and progress. We welcome parent contact and I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible, especially at the first parent evening which is meet the teacher next week – details enclosed in today’s newsletter. 

Everything we do at ANI starts and finishes with supporting your child and their learning. Bring on 2020 – we are really excited about what is to come! 

Back to school routines after the holiday break 

Over the past week we have published a few hot tips on School Apps in preparation for school startup. If you have missed these, hop onto the School App and check them out. In addition, here are a few last minute reminders for returning students to get back into the swing of school routines.

  • Stay organised – being late for class can lead to stress when you already don’t want to go back to school.
  • Skipping breakfast might save time, but it can leave you less able to focus.  If you don’t have time for food, grab an apple, granola bar, or banana on your way out the door.
  • Make sure you are prepared for the day before you go back to school.
  • Always check your backpack the night before – go in order from your first class to your next class, and make sure you have everything for that class.  This will save you time in the morning.
  • Make sure that you set your alarm clock!  Sometimes you might forget to set your clock.
  • Try to introduce yourself to new kids in your class. 

What do students need to bring on their first day?

There are a number of things to remember to bring on the first day:
– your morning tea and lunch plus a drink
– sunscreen and hat or cap
– your P.E. gear as you might be taken out for a game
– your stationery (it can be covered if you like), pens, pencils and your device
– a lock for your bike or scooter if you travelled to school using this form of transport
– a smile and great attitude

Where do we meet on the first day?

On Thursday 30 January, students will meet in the University Barn for a year group assembly – Year 7s meet at 9am and Year 8s meet at 11am (parents welcome also – see map below). You will be welcomed to, or back to ANI and find out what class you are in. Following the assembly you will then go back to class with your teacher. 

A formal welcome for the whole school (Whakatau) will be held at a later date (details will follow on School Apps).

All students stay at school until 3pm on Thursday 30 January. 

On Friday 31 January all students will start at 9am.


We are pleased to advise that the school is fully staffed with talented professionals. Your child’s teacher has spent a large amount of time preparing for the term ahead and they are ready for action. This week teachers participated in professional development, attended various planning meetings, gathered resources and had a bit of fun with team building activities. 

If you’re keen to know who is who on the staff please go to our website and click on the image.  You can also click HERE for a full staff list and the staff members role. 

Class placement
While we do our best to get class placements right, on occasions the teacher we have selected  for your child may not suit. Placements are made taking a variety of factors into the mix such as school reports, previous test results, placement test, interviews and teacher feedback. If you feel that despite our best efforts a change may be required then please wait until they have had a full week of school before calling us to make sure it’s not just settling in at the start of a new year or a new school.  We would be happy to meet with you to discuss your concerns after Monday 17th February. For an appointment please email:
– Year 7:  Bryce Mills( Deputy Principal) bmills@ani.school.nz or Scott Boniface (Year 7 Dean) sboniface@ani.school.nz
– Year 8:  Shane Devery (Deputy Principal) sdevery@ani.school.nz or Megan Hughes (Year 8 Dean) mhughes@ani.school.nz


All day to day information, events and updates will be communicated to you through School Apps. The school newsletter (published monthly), the Friday Flyer (published weekly on a Friday) and other notices will all be sent to you via a School Apps notification. This app can also be used to report an absence and can be downloaded by the whole family and on multiple devices.

Should there be a school emergency this is how we will notify you so it is essential you have the App installed. For clear instructions on how to download please visit here.
Any problems our IT expert Mr Tinashe Biri can be contacted on tbiri@ani.school.nz

Student Safety 

As part of keeping children safe ANI office staff will follow up and contact parents about any unexplained absences. This happens via a text to your mobile. Please remember to use the School Apps to notify us if your son/daughter is away and also remind them it is a requirement they sign in and out at the office if they are leaving the school during the day. We take student safety seriously and will ensure you are advised of any concerns we have around absences as quickly as possible. 

Have a happy year ahead ! 

Nāku noa

Jill Farquharson – Principal

Bryce Mills and Shane Devery – Deputy Principals 

A PROPERTY UPDATE – from the Board of Trustees and SLT

One year on from the devastating fire of January 23, 2019 – ANI is in great shape!  This time last year, some of you may recall that it was an enormous achievement just to open our doors!  Teaching with limited resources became normal, with greatly reduced outdoor spaces, no hall, or specialisation areas and 8 classrooms less than the previous year – we learned how to do things differently and are very grateful to the university for their generosity in what was a very challenging year.

One year on, ANI feels different!  We still have work to do, of course, but we have a number of property projects drawing to a close, with each of these improving the learning environment available to staff and students, and offering new opportunities.

1. Classrooms 

Work on the 8 new relocatable classrooms was completed late last year.  We’re really pleased with how these now blend in – already it feels like they were always there.  Teachers assigned to these rooms have made them feel like home!

2. Additional outdoor space 

– The fenced off construction site has been reduced, providing the school with additional playground area.  This area has been tar-sealed, and courts marked out – with a fabulous new basketball set up being installed currently.  

– The remaining construction site has more permanent wooden fencing surrounding it – we’re still thinking through options to personalise this for ANI

– The university have kindly offered us use of the lower field – this will have soccer field markings and goals added.

3. Makerspaces

You may recall us mentioning this project last year.  Makerspaces are workshops where our students can gain practical hands-on experience across our specialist areas.  The introduction of these will transform how our specialisation programme is integrated into the wider learning programme.  In 2020, in addition to their usual spec days, students will be able to utilise these areas as part of other curriculum areas and inquiry topics.

To aid our specialisation team in the delivery of this, we have recruited specialisation support staff, and have introduced all classroom teachers to their Makerspaces  areas, with a focus on skills and health and safety. In the first few weeks of term 1, our students will run through an induction programme across all spec areas – to enable them to make full use of these new spaces.  Makerspaces are still a new concept in intermediate schools, so we’re looking forward to working with our students to find out how to make the absolute most of these facilities.  

We are planning an official opening of these areas later in term 1, and look forward to giving parents the opportunity to see these first hand as part of that.

4. Phase 2 – New School hall

As these projects draw to a close, our property team are moving onto phase 2 of the re-build.  We have provided our architect with an educational design brief for our new hall – and will be receiving sketch designs later this month.  As you know, a school hall is often not only the heart of the school, but of the wider community too. The new future-focussed school hall will be the doorway into ANI – it will welcome all, and become an educational community hub.  We look forward to sharing designs, and a build timeline with you as this project progresses. In the meantime, we are grateful to the university for the ongoing use of ‘The Barn’.

Exciting times ahead – the Board of Trustees (Chairperson – Simonne Eldridge) and the Senior Leadership Team (Jill, Shane and Bryce)


On the first day of each term the team your child belongs to (Year 8 Matai/Rimu, Year 7 Totara/Kauri, Specialist Kowhai) will send home a newsletter outlining events and activities for the term.  These are uploaded to our website at the beginning of each term.


This is a whole school event where students are buddied with another class and mixed teams participate in a number of fun activities and games during the entire day.  A great way to get to know each other, being engaged with sports activities, and at the same time have lots of fun. Students are allowed to come to school in their PE gear on this date.  Also, bring your hat or cap, sporty footwear, a drink, and sunscreen. Details will be provided to students by the classroom teacher on Thursday 30th January.


On Wednesday 5th February, come along to school and meet your child’s teacher in their classroom from 5.00-6.00pm, have a sneak peek at the new MakerSpaces and then enjoy dinner and games on the field until 7.00pm.  There will be sausages, drinks and pizza for sale – all $2, or you can bring along your own picnic food. We will have lots of sports equipment out for families to use and all the class teachers will be circulating. A fun night for all.  


Monday 3 – PTA Meeting at 7.00pm

Wednesday 5 – HPV talks; Meet the Teacher and Picnic 5.00-7.00pm 

Thursday 6Waitangi Day (school closed)

Friday 7 – Teacher Only Day (school closed)

Monday 10 – Class and Individual Photographs

Monday 10 – Friday 28 – Dental Van at ANI

Thursday 13 – Technology Parent Evening in the Library 6.00-7.30pm (a separate notice coming soon on School Apps)

Tuesday 18 – Monday 24 – Year 7 Totara team EOTC 

Wednesday 19 – Board of Trustees Meeting at 6.00pm

Thursday 27 – PTA Chocolate Fundraiser Assembly


Tuesday 18 – Monday 24 February – Year 7 Totara Team EOTC

Monday 23 – Friday 27 March – Year 7 Kauri Team EOTC


Monday 23 – Friday 27 March – Year 8 Rimu Camp

Monday 30 March – Friday 3 April – Year 8 Matai Camp


Please note that Thursday 6th February is Waitangi Day which is a national holiday. The following day Friday 7th February, we will be having a Teacher Only Day and the school will be closed. On the Teacher Only Day our staff will be involved in a number of professional development activities and will be assigning assessment tasks for students.

On both days and there will be no supervision at school for students. We would appreciate you making  alternative arrangements for your children. 


Term 1: 30 January – 9 April

Term 2: 28 April – 3 July

Term 3: 20 July – 25 September

Term 4: 12 October – 11 December

FINANCE – School Payments and Donations for 2020

To those families who have already paid their school donation in addition to other payments a great big thanks. Your support of our school makes such a difference to the education we can offer your children in addition to all the  extras we provide that make ANI such a great place to learn. 

Ministry Donations Scheme: 

You may be aware that some schools were given the opportunity to opt into a Ministry of Education Donations scheme where schools would qualify to receive $150 donation per student per year and parents would not be asked for a donation. Unfortunately as a decile 9 school we did not qualify for this scheme ( it was for deciles 1-7 ONLY).

What do I need to pay?

School donation – a voluntary payment of $350.  We encourage you to make this payment to maintain the high standard of education we provide and help us provide additional specialist teachers to benefit your children.

Activity fee – a payment of $75 to pay for all class trips and activities at once rather than per trip.  This is a good option to save you time during the year. If you would prefer to pay per trip we will send notices home advising you of the cost.

Take home materials cost – a payment of $195 to cover the materials a student uses at school to make an item, whether it be in class time or the specialist subjects such as hard or soft materials.

Education Perfect – a payment of $40 is to pay for the computer programme we use for your child’s homework.  To access the homework you will need to subscribe to this programme.

How can I make these payments?

Payments can be made by electronic bank transfer, cash or eftpos at the school office and uniform shop ( during opening hours) or by using the online parent/caregiver  portal. 

-Electronic bank transfer

  Account Name: Auckland Normal Intermediate

  Account No.: 12-3048-0291429-00

  Reference: Student name and purpose of the payment

-Cash or eftpos payments 

These can be made office or uniform shop during opening hours (see website) 

-Online Parent/Caregiver Portal: On this portal you can log in and check your personal details, make payments via credit card or internet banking and see what costs are outstanding (see login instructions below).

Online Parent/Caregiver Portal – login and payment instructions

Click on the link: https://parent.musac.school.nz 

Click on ‘Manually Enter Login’

Enter the email address you supplied the school

Click on ‘I don’t know my Edge password’ to create one

Payment instructions

Click on your child’s name

Select ‘School Payments’ tab to see a list of items due

If you wish to pay all outstanding amounts, click ‘Pay All Items’.  To pay an individual item, enter the amount you wish to pay against the relevant item

When you are happy with your selection, click ‘Make Payment’.  You can choose to pay with POLi or credit card. This will direct you to the POLi™ site or credit card payment site, where there will be instructions to guide you through the payment process

After you have clicked OK, success and print options are given before logging out on the left.  Enter your email address and click ‘Send’ if you require the receipt (recommended) to be emailed.  There are also print options for a hard copy. On completion of payment, click ‘Return to Edge Caregiver Portal’ where a success or failure screen is provided

Please email us if you are having any problems accessing your parent portal.

Recent prize draw  (December 2019)

A very sincere thank you to our current Year 8 families who got in early and paid their school donation and other costs  before 6 December 2019. We appreciate your financial support of our school as this enables us to provide additional teaching staff, extra resources and a high quality education for your sons and daughters.

For those families who were entered into the lucky draw,  we can now announce the winners of the early fee payment are as follows:

1) Two prizes of a uniform top up pack consisting of: One cap and one short sleeved polo or one cap and one pair of culottes or shorts

Jinu Yi R22

Immanuel Qin R18

2) Four prizes of a stationery pack

Kong Fan Kong  R20

Ava Page R23

Rosie Skudder  R22

Rosie Choi R16

3) Four prizes of an Education Perfect subscription

Maya Zipfel R18

Jacob Yuan R22

Xiao Yang Shen R19

Emily Cuthbert R22

More chances to win … see below!

We are offering families who have paid the take home materials cost ($195) and school trips/activities ($75) one more opportunity to go into a second draw for some great prizes. We have 10 complementary school lunches  on offer – ten lucky children will receive a whole week of school lunches supplied by EZ Lunch at no cost.

Imagine that – no lunches to prepare for a week!

If you’ve already paid then you are in the draw.  If you have yet to pay your take home materials ($195) and school trips/activities ($75), you have until Monday 16th March to pay and be entered into the draw.  Winners will be contacted via email on Friday 27th March and published in the Friday Flyer.

Why do we ask for a voluntary donation?

If you have already paid your voluntary school donation and other associated costs we thank you most sincerely as these payments allow us to provide the quality education your son/daughter needs to be successful in their future. At this time of the year there is always media hype around how schooling in New Zealand is free. In an ideal world this would be wonderful, however the reality is we receive significantly less funding in our Ministry of Education operations grant than a lower decile school. It is expected that because we are a high decile school we have the capacity through fundraising and donations to meet the shortfall. In today’s newsletter we have provided information explaining how the costs associated with your child’s learning  are spent to ensure we maintain our high level programmes and great facilities. Our Board of Trustees prioritise the budget to make sure areas such as learning resources, ICT, and quality staffing levels are maintained as they have a direct influence on student progress and achievement.

Like most schools there are costs associated with schooling that can not be met by the money we receive from government grants and this is why we ask our parents for a school donation.  As a high decile school we are funded at a very different level than schools that are lower decile. For example, when we look at two areas of Ministry of Education income Targeted Funding and Special Education Grant as a decile 9 school we receive $77.46  per student which is $961.46 less per student than if we were a decile 1 school.

 Targeted Funding                              $30.61 per student

 Special Education Grants                $46.85 per student

However if we were situated in a decile 1 school we would receive the below income per head

 Targeted Funding                              $958.54 per student

 Special Education Grants                 $80.38 per student

 For school of 660 students like ours, this equates to a difference of $634,563.60.

The government believes we have the capacity in our community to raise these funds.

You might wonder what the school donation income pays for.  With the additional funds we are able to employ extra teachers over our entitlement such as:

– two language specialists

– science specialist

– PE specialist

– teacher aide per team

– full time counsellor 

– full time librarian and research ambassador 

– full time lab technician to support science programmes 

– full time tech/ICT specialist 

The funds also allow us to provide quality IT equipment, qualified teachers to take extension and learning support classes and a rich and varied sports programme where teachers accompany every sporting code to events.

School Website Shop

In addition to payments being made through the parent portal, we also have an online shop on the website front page. Here you can pay for uniform items and stationery. You can also book and pay for after school classes via the website. (https://ani.school.nz/)


Happy New Year to all the students and whanau of ANI.  Welcome back to an exciting year of learning. Gina who is a school counsellor and Robyn who is an educational psychologist thought this first newsletter of the year would be a good time to introduce ourselves and explain a little about what our jobs entail.

Gina:  My role as a school counsellor is to support students to enjoy success inside and outside of school life.  Focus areas might be academic, behavioural or emotional. For example managing overwhelming feelings, navigating friendships, making a decision or working through grief, anxiety conflict or similar issues. To do this, a counsellor liaises with students, teachers, staff, parents and whanau. A counsellor can also help with referrals to outside agencies or to seek resources from the community. I work closely with Robyn Stead, an Educational Psychologist and the senior leadership team at school.  Our collaborative work includes focusing on school-wide practices and initiatives such as positive behaviour, resilience and student and teacher well-being. 

Intermediate is an exciting and challenging time where children are becoming more independent, exploring their identity, and when social relationships take on extra emphasis. When a student meets with a counsellor, we aim to work together to create solutions rather than simply imparting advice. Think of it like being in a car, the student is in the driver’s seat (metaphorically of course!) and decides when to turn, stop or change direction. The counsellor acts as the co-navigator in the passenger seat providing support and a range of maps.

I am a fully registered primary teacher who has Postgraduate Qualifications in Counselling. Currently I am working toward membership with The New Zealand Association of Counsellors and therefore adhere to their Code of Ethics as well as the ethical code for NZ teachers. 

My job involves in-class teaching, small group work and one-to-one counselling to support students. It’s easy for students to meet with me and early in the year I explain the referral process to every class.  The leadership team at ANI value the contributions of a counsellor and have ensured that students are able to access this support without cost. Parents can contact me via email counsellor@ani.school.nz or by phoning the school office. If you would like to know more, please get in touch. I look forward to meeting you soon! 

Robyn: My work as an  educational psychologist includes identifying, assessing and supporting children and young people with additional needs.  I work across education, social services and health sectors. Educational psychology training is based in human development, applied behaviour analysis, psychological assessment and research, counselling theory and practice and we work to support the learning and wellbeing of young people, whanau, communities and wider society.  

I am a fully registered teacher and educational psychologist.  I have a masters degree and post masters diplomas and certificates in educational psychology. I am also a trained Resource Teacher of Learning and Behaviour and in the past was a practice leader in a local RTLB Cluster.

Anyone calling themselves a psychologist in New Zealand must be registered by the New Zealand Psychologist’s board.  If you would like to work with a psychologist, educational or other you can find their registration details here http://www.psychologistsboard.org.nz/search-the-register.  For consumers of our services it can be quite confusing to make a decision on who is the best person to see. There are many people offering support services to children and their families who are in fact not suitably qualified.  The annual registration process provides some reassurance that the person is well qualified and they are keeping up to date with the latest thinking in psychology. This is very similar to the registration process for teachers.   

At ANI I routinely see private (paying) clients, work alongside Gina and as needed, provide support to teachers and leadership staff regarding students who may have additional needs.  ANI parents who would like me to work one to one with their young person will need to pay to access my services. Please note that I’m happy to have a 15 minute conversation to clarify any concerns without incurring any costs.  I write monthly articles for the ANI newsletter and in 2020 Gina and I will be collaborating on these. I also write a regular blog on my website https://www.edpsych.co.nz/helpful-ideas with the aim of providing free support to parents and students/young people who may need some help with either behaviour or learning difficulties.  

We are keen to support the ANI community to make the most of their intermediate school experience in learning, behaviour and wellbeing.  Let us know if there is a topic you’d like us to cover in future newsletters, Robyn@edpsych.co.nz, or gspeedy@ani.school.nz.

Robyn Stead

Registered Educational Psychologist


PTA Meeting – The ANI PTA is holding its first meeting for 2020 on Monday February 3rd at 7.00pm in the Information Centre (Library) at school.  All welcome.

We would love you to join us – come along and find out more about what we do and how you can support ANI and its students.  The PTA organises fundraisers throughout the year, last year we raised almost $50,000 which is spent on extra resources for the school and students.  We are a friendly and relaxed bunch, who meet twice a term and like to keep our meetings to the point so it’s not a big time commitment! The PTA is a great way to meet other parents and help your school in a really hands-on way.  More info about the PTA can be found via this link or email us at pta@ani.school.nz.

Chocolate Fundraiser – our biggest fundraiser of the year is kicking off on Friday 28th February when students will be issued with boxes of chocolate bars to sell.  We have lots of fantastic prizes up for grabs for students. A notice with all the details will be sent out soon. 

A very successful event, last year it raised almost $27,000, but we can’t do it without LOTS OF HELP please.  We need assistance allocating the boxes of chocolates and counting the money the students return, on the following days:

  • Friday 28 February: 8:45am – noon
  • Monday 2 March through Monday 16 Mar (weekdays only): 8am – 9:15am

Please email us with the day(s) you can help at pta@ani.school.nz.  It’s easy and enjoyable and an opportunity to get to know other parents/caregivers.  Even one day would be great and really help!  

Thank you.

Jo Beer


It’s very exciting to see the new playground, funded by the PTA, arriving today and being installed in time for the beginning of the school year.


We offer a school lunch service through EZ Lunch (Kindo) where you can order a range of food and drinks for your child – these get delivered to their classroom daily (please ensure you have your order in before 8am on the day you require the lunch).  EZ Lunches begin on Monday 3 February.


With a number of our families returning from overseas, the following is information for anyone who has travelled or is going to travel overseas for business or pleasure. 

We would like to keep a record of families who have travelled to areas of the world where the virus is present during the holiday break.  Please advise the school by emailing ani@ani.school.nz with your dates of travel and your destination(s). 

As you are aware the situation regarding Coronavirus is rapidly evolving.  The health and wellbeing of all students and staff is a priority and the school has taken the following steps:

  • Kept parents informed via School Apps
  • Briefed staff at planning days this week
  • Purchased hand sanitiser for each class
  • Purchased masks for front office and sick bay staff
  • Requested that families forward to the school details of recent travel to areas in the world where the virus is present
  • Contacted families of students who have advised us of recent travel to affected areas
  • Request students do not come to school until they have been back in New Zealand for a period of two weeks (14 days) from arrival date and they exhibit no symptoms (symptoms include – fever, cough, and difficulty breathing – quite similar to a range of other illnesses such as influenza)

As always, anyone who is unwell should not be at school.  If you have any concerns about the possibility of the virus call the Healthline at 0800 611 116 or your GP for medical advice.  The Helathline has translators and interpreters available day and night in 150 languages.

Remember:  To advise the school if you have travelled to an area of the world where the virus is now present.  If you landed in New Zealand on or after 15 January 2020, we are asking that you do NOT come to school for a period of two weeks.  The exception to this is if your child has written clearance from a GP.

Ministry of Health information can be found here.


The dental van will be at ANI from Monday 10th to Friday 28th February.  Their main focus will be to see Year 8 students in order to capture data for them before they are transferred to the adolescent service.

If you are a parent of a Year 7 student and have concerns, please contact:

Auckland Regional Dental Service

Waitematā DHB

Greenlane Children’s Community Dental Clinic

40 Claude Rd,

Lower Ground Floor, Building 15

Auckland 1142




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Northern Mystics – Trans Tasman Challenge

Trans Tasman rivalry is back at The Trusts Arena for a pre season hit out with the Northern Stars, NSW Giants & Melbourne Vixens.  Don’t miss the opportunity to see your favourite players in action, meet the Mystics partners & let the kids be entertained in the Kids Zone.

Tickets on sale now: https://www.northernmystics.co.nz/trans-tasman-challenge-2020/