Overseas Trips – Parent Info Evening

This year at ANI are proud to offer three overseas travel opportunities (Cairns, Singapore and Japan).

How can my child sign up for a school trip?

Please click on the following link to send an expression of interest.

When will the trips take place?

The trips will depart Auckland during mid to late September 2022 (TBC). However, depending on the number of students who sign up for each trip these dates may change due to factors out of the schools’ control. If dates do need to change parents and students will be the first to know.

When is the parent evening, so I can learn more?

We have set aside Thursday 25 May at 6pm for a meeting in the school library so parents can be better informed of each trip and what the package will include.

What will each trip cost?

Each trip has an estimated cost attached to it but until we secure flights, accommodation and activities we will not know the final cost. The travel agent has given a price range to work within which is also dependent on currency fluctuations and minimum numbers of students who are travelling to each destination. These cost estimates are provided below for each trip.

Parents will know, as soon as the school knows, the final cost for each trip that has the green light. (This means getting minimum numbers for each trip, from 12-14 students)

Progress payments and a schedule of payment dates will be finalised once a trip gets the green light. Final payments will be due 60 days before departure.

How do I know if the trip will go ahead?

The costs are based on minimum numbers for each destination. These numbers are based on a minimum of 12 – 14 students for each trip. This means students pay their deposit of $300, to secure a spot on the trip they have chosen.

If the trip does not have enough numbers, the school will contact the parents and students to ask if they have a second destination in mind and transfer them to a trip that has the correct minimum numbers. You can also indicate that you would like to go on another trip on the student application form you hand in.

Do we fundraise for the trips?

If you have paid a deposit and the trip has the correct numbers attending the group will not fundraise together but students in the past have done their own fundraising with their whanau to raise the funds. Unfortunately, there are no scholarships for any trips.

So what do I do now?

Families need to choose a trip that best suits their child’s needs / that they are interested in. You will need to fill in the travel form, to secure a trip spot and pay a $300 (non-refundable) deposit, no later than 10 June at 3pm.  Payments can be made online or paid in the office.

The trip destinations for students to choose from in 2023 are:

CAIRNS (Australia) 

  • This trip will provide an opportunity to experience the Tropical Rainforests and Coral Reefs of Northern Queensland.
  • Approximate Cost: NZ$2899 – $3299
  • Dates for the trip: Friday 16 – Thursday 21 September (6 Days)
  • Cairns travel form


  • This trip will provide an experience to explore Singapore and local attractions. (Universal Studios, Underground subway transfers, Night Zoo, Science Museum)
  • Approximate Cost: NZ$5470 – $5900
  • Dates for the trip: Friday 16 – Thursday 21 September (6 Days)
  • Singapore travel form


  • This trip will explore a foreign language-speaking country and give our students opportunities to enhance what they have learnt in Japanese language classes at ANI before they leave.
  • Approximate Cost: NZ$5500 – $6100
  • Dates for the trip: Saturday 16 – Friday 22 September (7 Days)
  • Japan travel form


May 25 2023


6:00 pm - 7:00 pm