December 2019 Newsletter



Stepping Up and Stepping Out

In just a couple of short weeks our Year 8 students leave their Primary education behind.  They arrived here as children and leave us as emerging adolescents. When I observe these confident young people going about their school activities, it’s hard to remember the shy diffident youngsters that arrived less than two years ago.  From now on, the next phase of their education will be more exam-focused and the subject choices they make as they move through the High School levels will impact on the career options available to them.  

During their time at ANI our Year 8s have built up their academic learning, acquired a strong base of learning skills, social skills, sports experiences and cultural experiences.  They have learned the value of inclusion as they have interacted with school mates from many different backgrounds. This year they have learned that even very disruptive events like a fire can be overcome if people work together.

We often see in the media that an achiever has attended a particular high school and/or university but it is seldom recorded which Primary or Intermediate school provided the early years of their education.  The Primary and Intermediate years of education can be likened to the foundation as floor of a building. As long as it is sound it becomes invisible, and gets forgotten about as it is ‘covered’ by what comes on top.  Year 8s take from ANI very sound education experiences that will set them in good stead for the challenges of their high school years and beyond.

We thank our graduating Year 8’s for their contributions at ANI and wish them and their families all the best for the years ahead.

I know our Year 7s are ready to step up and take on the senior and leadership roles at school next year and will welcome the new incoming students and help the teachers induct them into the culture, customs and expectations of being a student at ANI.

My best wishes to you all for a relaxing and safe summer holiday and I look forward to working and learning alongside you in 2020.

School Leaders

At assembly on Monday 18 November, we celebrated success by acknowledging a number of students who have been appointed to leadership positions in 2020.  These students went through quite a rigorous selection process which included:

  • An application form
  • Signed and endorsed by class teacher
  • Leadership discussion with current school leaders
  • Formal interview with Principal and one DP

Our congratulations to Head Students: Andrew Eldridge and Anna Thorp.  

Their Deputies are Montana Tema, Josh Lightbourne, Vittoria Patrick and Sharon Hou.

This year for the first time we have appointed House Captains: Eunice Savelio, Sienna Haar, Maddison Rush, Ava Page, Nathan McNaughton, Liam Marshall, Oscar Swinson and Ben Gowan.

Other positions include Strategic Leaders: Ingmar Anderson, Tyler Yare, Garcinia Tu’akalau, Kishandeep Kumar, Ben Sigley, Grace Ryan, Poppy Sawyer, Stella-Marie Boyd, Ella Devery – and Sports Leaders: Anahera Rangi, Aarya Maganlal, Ava Gatie, Kaedyn Funnel-Wong, Max Heather, Oscar King.

Still to appoint are our Cultural Leaders, Digital Leaders, , Music and Arts Leaders

(Band, Orchestra, Choir), Performing Arts Leaders and Distance Squad Leaders. 

Congratulations again to these talented young leaders who will provide support and guidance across the whole school in 2020. The SLT and staff look forward to working closely with you in the new year. 


At this time of the year it’s always sad to farewell staff who are moving on.  Our thanks to the following teachers and one long serving teacher aide: 

  • Shane Reynolds – promoted to Associate Principal at Stanmore Bay School
  • Alasdair Forbes – moving back to the United Kingdom
  • Gemma Doran – moving to Gisborne
  • Tim Bartja – returning with his family to Canada
  • Megan Earley – moving to part-time work
  • Lukas Martin, Teacher Aide

Next year we will introduce you to staff joining us in 2020 – we look forward to welcoming them to ANI.

Review of Tomorrow’s Schools

Thank you to those parents who took the time to respond to the Draft Review of Tomorrow’s Schools.  The extensive consultation undertaken after the release of the first Tomorrow’s Schools Independent Taskforce report has been an exercise of democracy in action.  The Taskforce has held more than 100 meetings across New Zealand that were attended by over 3,000 people. They have talked with and listened to 1,000’s of parents, trustees, teachers, principals and academics.  They have considered 2,263 submissions and 3,000 online survey responses. This very high level of engagement clearly indicated that New Zealanders care about their schools and how they deliver education.

Last week, the Minister of Education released the Government’s final decisions regarding the suggested reforms.  As there was strong opposition to the idea, the contentious proposal of having hubs has been modified and Boards of Trustees will retain considerable autonomy in governing their local school.  The thrust of the changes that are to take place is to provide schools with more support, relieve BOTs of the responsibility for some areas of property management, and to provide more support for Principals and schools.  

The intended changes relate to the governance, organisational and management aspects of a school’s operations and will not be apparent or change the ways students and families interact with their school.  In classrooms it will be business as usual.

The changes will be incrementally introduced over several years and will probably only be noticed by staff and trustees directly involved in the system.  The Government’s stated focus of the Review and the proposed changes is to provide more support to school Principals, Trustees and staff to enable schools to better cater for the learning needs of their students.  As changes are mandated, the Board of Trustees of ANI will make sure the wider community is kept informed.

Nāku noa

Jill Farquharson – Principal




The end of year reports will be coming home on Monday 9 December.  We have been very impressed with the comments and effort that students have achieved this year and parents can be very proud of the progress your child has made at ANI.

Summer Slide

Over the summer holiday period of five or more weeks research shows that students can often lose a little knowledge if they are not active.  So the DP’s would like to encourage all students moving into Year 9 or Year 8 in 2020 to read a book, write a letter to someone you admire or would like to meet, calculate the shopping when you are at the supermarket getting the weekly food.

The fact that you engage your mind and activate your brain in any form will ensure it continues to be stimulated and active over this time means you will arrive at school ready, refreshed and wanting to learn.

On another matter please ensure you are not on your devices all of the time but are contributing to the family before and after Christmas so you can support what will be a busy time of the year.  On behalf of the DP’s we wish you a safe and happy holiday break.   

Bryce Mills and Shane Devery

Deputy Principals


In case you haven’t noticed on the back of our Friday Flyers, the end of year Graduation Dance for Year 8s will be held on Monday 9 December in the Tasman Room at Alexandra Park, corner Manukau Road and Green Lane West, starting at 6.00pm – details were sent out from the teacher in charge, Mr Shane Reynolds, last week.

Our End of Year Prizegiving will be held at Eden Park, in the Level 5 Lounge at 10am on Wednesday 11 December.


We have been posting regular updates on Monday, Wednesday and Friday via School Apps, and hope these short bursts of information have kept you up to date.  Todays newsletter will be the final property briefing for the year – in the next one which will be in the new year, we hope to be able to report that our projects are all done and dusted!  

What’s happening in December? 

Relocatables: Good progress has been made and we anticipate occupancy of the new relocs before the end of the year.  

Asphalt: The asphalt and re-stabilisation of demolition site is well underway, it is due to be finished before the end of the year. Asbestos removal is almost complete with the last mound of dirt being taken away on 30 November. 

MakerSpaces: These are being placed in existing classrooms and this work commences early December. Be on the lookout during the holiday break for some full on action happening in eight  of our existing classrooms – please stay behind the safety barriers but by all means have a peek. If you are not sure what the MakerSpaces are or how we will use them, check out this link to research. 

Exciting times and sincere thanks to parents and community for your patience!


Wednesday 4 – Rooms 15 & 16 trip to Auckland Museum; Board of Trustees Meeting at 6.00pm in the Staffroom

Thursday 5 – Rooms 17 & 18 trip to Auckland Museum; ANI v Takapuna Normal Intermediate Sports Exchange

Friday 6 – The Amazing Race; PTA providing pizza for Year 8 students lunch

Sunday 8 – Weetbix Try-athlon

Monday 9 – End of Year Reports go home; Year 8 Graduation Supper at Alexandra Park’s Tasman Room, Cnr Greenlane Road West & Manukau Road at 6.00pm

Tuesday 10 – Pool/Picnic Day at Mt Wellington Pools

Wednesday 11 – End of year Prizegiving at Eden Park at 10.00-11.30am

Thursday 12 – School finishes at 12.00noon


2020 DATES

Office Open

The school office will be open from Wednesday 22 January 2020.

Uniform Shop Holiday Hours

Saturday, 18 January 2020 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Tuesday, 21 January 2020 10.00 AM – 5.00 PM

Wednesday, 22 January 2020 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Thursday, 23 January 2020 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Friday, 24 January 2020 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Tuesday, 28 January 2020 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Wednesday, 29 January 2020 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Thursday, 30 January 2020 8:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Friday, 31 January 2020 8:00 AM – 10:00 AM

Term 1: 30 January – 9 April

·        Year 7s start back at 9.00am on Thursday 30 January

·        Year 8s start back at 11.00am on Thursday 30 January

·        Both year levels start at 9.00am on Friday 31 January

·        Year 7 Totara team EOTC on Tuesday 18 – Monday 24 February

·        Year 7 Kauri team EOTC on Monday 23 – Friday 27 March

·        Camp #1: Year 8 Rimu team – Monday 23 – Friday 27 March

·        Camp #2: Year 8 Matai team – Monday 30 March – Friday 3 April

Term 2: 28 April – 3 July

Term 3: 20 July – 25 September

Term 4: 12 October – 11 December



Next Thursday 5th December – selected children will be participating in a Sports Exchange afternoon with Takapuna Normal Intermediate between 12.30pm and 2.15pm.

Some teams will be travelling to Takapuna by bus whilst others will host the Takapuna teams at ANI.

Students not competing in the event will be choosing which sport to spectate, support and enjoy.

We welcome any parents to come along to ANI and support your child and their team on the day. Students participating in the event are expected to bring along their PE kit, hat, sunblock, sports trainers and drinks.



If you or your friends have an in zone Year 6 student who is wanting to attend ANI next year, please get your enrolment form processed as soon as possible.  Go here for all instructions on how to do this.


FINANCE – School Payments and Donations for 2020

Yes it’s that time of year again where we make a request of our Year 7 parents for 2020 payments and donations:

  1. donation: $350
  2. class trips/activity fee: $75 
  3. take home materials: $195

Paying it now will not only be a saving for you but it will also mean one less bill at the start of the year when there are so many other school related expenses to pay. So what are we offering if you make the three payments above before 6 December 2019?

  • A discount of 5% on activity fee and take home materials (note we cannot offer a discount on school donations as you can get a tax credit). 
  • Go into a draw to win one of these great family prizes if you make all three payments (donation, activity fee and take home materials) before 6 December 2019:

1) Two prize of a uniform top up pack consisting of: One cap and one short sleeved polo or one cap and one pair of culottes or shorts

2) Four prizes of a stationery pack

3) Four prizes of an Education Perfect subscription

       Closing date for Prize Draw: 6 December 2019

Be in to win! Winners will be announced on the last day of term and advised by phone and email.

How could you make payment?

Online Parent/Caregiver Portal  

● Banking transfer

        Account Name: Auckland Normal Intermediate

        Account No.: 12-3048-0291429-00

        Reference: Student name

● Eftpos or cash payments at office

Thank you, we appreciate your financial support of the school which enables us to provide additional staff and a high quality education for your sons and daughters.



On Friday 6th December, the CoL leaders will be holding an ‘Unconference’ breakfast for all staff in order to create a space for open discussion about key takeaways from the year’s professional learning. Staff have been invited to create their own ‘smackdown slides’ which they will have 30 seconds to present. Each slide should give a brief overview of an area that has sparked professional interest for the creator over the course of the year. This could stem from an interesting resource that has been discovered to a query about a current method of practice. Attendees will then vote for the areas that they would like to hear more about, and this will inform eight focused discussions that will be carried out within small groups for the remaining time (all fueled by coffee and snacks!). The idea is to create an unstructured, nonhierarchical dialogue between staff allowing for a free flow of ideas that could inspire further professional investigation. From the look of the slides that have already been created, we are expecting some stimulating conversations and we’re thoroughly looking forward to the buzz that is sure to be generated on the day!



Wishing all the students and parents at ANI a very relaxing and enjoyable summer break.  Gina Speedy who is the ANI School Counsellor and I have decided to put our heads together to create a summer resource list for you all.  We’ve included websites, books and podcasts, so no matter how you like to access information there is something for you. We hope that you all find some quiet time to check at least one or two out.

  • Carol Dweck; Mindset – Updated Edition: Changing the Way You Think to Fulfil Your Potential.  Carol Dweck is a bona fide academics academic and is someone you should investigate if you haven’t already.  Her book is remarkable not only because of the excellent science but the way it is written so that the information is accessible to anyone.  If you want to understand how to be successful in education and any other endeavour, then this is the book to read.
  • Hey Sigmund, Australian psychologist Karen Young has a fantastic website dedicated to informing and reassuring those dealing with anxiety. There is a ton of useful information here so take your pick. 
  • Lisa Damour is the author of two books about parenting girls, Under Pressure and Untangled.  Both books are easy to read and use examples from Lisa’s practice to illustrate her points. Check out her website  for more information and links.  She is a contributor to the New York Times Newspaper and has been interviewed several times on Radio NZ one example is linked below: 
  • Yvonne Godfrey works closely with ANI and has provided professional development for staff on numerous occasions. She is a professional speaker, author and family coach with a passion for helping parents raise resilient and independent children. She has written two books and her straight-talking approach makes them relatable and easy-to-read. You can purchase her books at ANI reception and visit her website here: 
  • ‘Parenting Yadults – How to Set Up Your Young Adult For Independence And Success In Life’ by Yvonne Godfrey. This is a practical guide for parents with suggestions and tools to help navigate the challenges of parenting young adults. 
  • ‘Miomo – Making It on My Own: 52 Smart Ways to Smash It In The Real World’ by Yvonne Godfrey is written for 16-24 year olds but is also a great read for parents who want to instil more independence in their children. 
  • Radio New Zealand presents a weekly podcast entitled ‘It Takes A Village’ where host Kathryn Ryan interviews a range of experts about modern family life. Topics range from child motivation which you can listen to here: ‘Helping Children Get Up and Go’ to relationships in the digital age, which you can listen to here: ‘Technology and Children’s Relationships At School’.  
  • The link below is to a short film voiced by young people that talks about mental health in a low key and easily accessible manner. It uses a mix of humour and serious comment to convey helpful messages about keeping us healthy.

If you have further concerns or questions about support for your child please speak to their class teacher, contact Gina or for private educational psychology support

Robyn Stead


The recent School Social was our last fundraiser for the year.  A great night, thanks to everyone who came along.

Each year we usually provide supper for the Year 8 students at Graduation, which is our way of saying thank-you for helping us raise money for the school.  As we are unable to bring food in to this year’s off-site venue, we have decided to provide a pizza lunch for all Year 8 students on Friday December 6th.  We wish these students all the best as they embark on their exciting new stage of their education, at high school.

This year we have raised around $47,000 for ANI, a fantastic achievement.  The funds were used to purchase a variety of resources. We gave money towards the popular new spacenet climbing frame in the playground, and provided a canopy for the scooter/bike parking area, together with some new scooter racking.  The PTA was also able to contribute to the production, AIMS, camp, staff jackets, gardening equipment, the writer’s novel, pool matting and outdoor furniture. We also provided funds for a variety of sports equipment. We are very grateful to our wonderful school community – parents, students and staff – for supporting all our different fundraising events.  We are delighted to have raised such a significant amount this year enabling us to purchase so many items.… thank you!

The PTA wishes all ANI families a very Merry Christmas, and safe and happy holidays.


Otago Problem Solving Competition

Of the seven students who sat the final Otago Problem Solving test, we had four who gained Distinction or placings in the final test. They were:

  • Chris Pan – 100/100, 1st prize Year 8
  • Daniel Qin – 95/100, 2nd prize Year 8
  • Dongwook Oh – 91/100, Distinction Year 8
  • Jerry Dai – 100/100, 1st prize Year 7

Please congratulate these boys if you see them, they’ve done an exceptional job!

They’ll each receive a certificate and a Warehouse voucher for their efforts. 

Congratulations to Sharon Hou, Year 7, who wrote this amazing Sonnet:

Gray haggard skin,

Dark hooded cloaks, 

The dementor was hidden, 

Looking for a bloke.

Floated towards me, 

Leaving a trail of mist. 

I see nobody, 

But he persists. 

Deadly and cruel, 

Ink black, 

Mouth drenched in drool, 

Fear was payback. 

Flickering light, 

I am full of emotion, 

The pain inside bites, 

But the dementor shows motion. 

Sucking air like a death rattle, 

Saving yourself is a battle.

Congratulations to Tama Turei (Year 8) and his brother Ruawei Turei (Year 7) who competed at the 2019 IBJJF (International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) Pan Pacific Championships in Australia a few weekends ago.

Tama and Ruawai Turei represented their home of – Ngati Porou / Tuhoe – Te Aitanga-a-Hauiti – Uawa – New Zealand and – Fort Worth – Texas.The boys fight out of DS Team / Ribeiro BJJ in Auckland had some amazing results again on the World stage – Ruawai number 1 in Oceania / Pacific Grey Belt Junior 2 and Tama number 2 Oceania / Pacific Grey belt Junior 3.Tama & Ruawai were chosen to represent New Zealand and compete at the highest level for this sport and are now 1st and 2nd in Oceania. The team all train under 4th Degree black Belt Douglas Santos who has been training in BJJ for 30+ years. Douglas is the original Black belt to start in NZ and teach this art.  As well as these wins both boys won at the New Zealand championships last month which made them National Champs. They will both be traveling early next year to compete at the Asia Championships in Japan – we wish them the best of luck. 


Over the last few weeks, our Year 7 classes have each been visiting the Auckland War Memorial Museum (with four more classes to go next week).



After an onslaught of a year, the choir finally made it to the APPA Festival evening at the Auckland Town Hall on Wednesday 13th November, and did so with amazing energy, commitment to the team and passion for their craft.

Nights like these are the realisation for musicians that they are part of a bigger picture and each is a valuable piece of the puzzle. 

Special mention to Yulara Oike who has kept up amazing enthusiasm throughout the year and Abbie Mckay, who earned and NAILED a solo on “I Will Survive’.

Thanks to all the teachers who tirelessly ‘remind’ their students to make the rehearsals and help them balance out life. Much Aroha whanau.

Drew Daldy


Our Year 7 team, “The Annihilators” went through to the EPro8 semi finals on Thursday 21 November in Henderson. New “Fruit & Vege” themed challenges were introduced and our young people took them on with enthusiasm.

Armed with a bag of lollies, Charlie Pritchard, Nicholas Lum, Andrew Eldridge and Connor Stewart built a banana conveyor belt, an apple picker and an electronic produce scale. 

The best line of the night came when I asked if they were having fun, to which they replied through mouthfuls of fruit burst, “Can we please be on the same team again next year?!”

Final results: 6th place out of 12 teams with a total of 270 points. This will be a group to watch out for at next year’s competition!

Heather Amadori


SPORTS NEWS BY MR NICK EDWARDS (teacher in charge of sports)

Rugby 7s

On Friday 1st November, the girls Rugby 7s team had a great day at the tournament. We didn’t win any games, but they had a fantastic attitude the whole time we were there, and just went out there and did their best. Their skills, communication and confidence increased with every game they played, and in their third game their persistence paid off, and Alyssa Wong sped up the sideline to score the first ever try for the girls’ team. It was heartwarming to see the support they all gave each other after such a small victory.

They represented ANI very well on the day, and I am extremely proud of their efforts.

Gemma Doran

North Island Water Polo Tournament

The North Island Waterpolo Tournament was held from Friday 1st November to Sunday 3rd November. We had a tough first game against Remuera going down 13-2. Missing our 5 Year 8s, the young guns couldn’t quite adapt to the fast paced game with William Hargreaves scoring both goals.

The afternoon game was much better with our team back to full strength and we beat Rosmini 7-2 with goals all round.

ANI then made the final against Dio after a hard fought quarter final win against Kings 7-6 then another tough game in the semi final against Whangaparoa Intermediate. Unfortunately we just lost out to Dio, but won the Silver Medal – well done!

Thomas Jones

Central Zone Girls’ Touch

The Girls’ Touch team had a good day out at the CZ Touch competition on Wednesday 6 November. The girls played a whopping seven games, managing a win late in the afternoon. Our top try scorers were Grace Rodwell, Grace Quinn and Milly Strachan; they could be seen darting around the opposition and speeding up the sideline on multiple occasions, so a great effort on their part. Overall, we came 10th out of 12 teams, and we suffered the loss of a team member early in the day due to a broken finger. As usual, the girls represented ANI well, supported each other and remained in good spirits for the whole day. 

Gemma Doran

Mixed and Boys Touch

The perfect weather on Thursday 7th November set the scene for a myriad of different games. Some involved celebrations whilst others featured missed opportunities and tough lessons for both teams. 

Each of the mixed and boys teams were respectful and gave it their all, whether they won, drew it or lost. 

After some very close and incredibly tight games, the boys team came 9th and the mixed team came 5th. 

There were some standout trys with Josh, Alyssa and Jonny’s being wonderful to watch. 

Thanks to Nick H for managing the mixed team today and to Shane R for organising the trip and trainings. 

Nick Edwards

Central Zone Badminton

The following students represented ANI at our central zone badminton tournament on Wednewsday 13th November: Emily Lin (18),Erika Fong (18); Aarna Sonawane (15); Abi Guganeshan (15); Briana Li (2); Maya Maginness (6); Yijia Chen (2); Surabhi Semwai (9); Prakul Pushparajan (13); Daniel Xu (23); Jonathon Xhew (13); Immanuel Gin (18); Jordon Lin (11); Kartikay Seghai (3); Vincent Zhang (8); Bryun Lau (3). Sixteen schools competed. Our school dominated several of the 32 rounds by considered purposeful tactical play, and as a result enjoyed considerable wins.

When we found ourselves behind a little late in the day some of our student’s needed to find strategies and resilience to ‘fight’ back rather than just accepting that the game was not going our way. While that was the case only occasionally, we generally enjoyed some real quality playing form, sometimes missing out on a win by a ‘whisker’.  

Exceptional in her play was Emily Linwho demonstrated a skill level that augers well for a promising future. 

It is worthwhile mentioning:

* Abi and Erika only lost one doubles game in the Year 7 Girls Doubles, earning them 2nd Place. 

*Our Year 7 Boys Doubles did incredibly well coming 2nd, also. 

* Emily gained 1st place and Aarna 2nd in the Year 7 Girls Individuals

* Bryun Lau gained third in the Year 8 Boys Singles. 

Colin Dale

Athletics Day

Auckland Normal Intermediate held its annual athletics day at Mount Smart Stadium on Monday 11th November 2019. After a nervous start to the day, the sun continued to shine with some clouds to help keep us cool. It was ideal conditions for track and field events. Over 600 students travelled by bus to compete in a variety of athletics events. The day started with the gruelling 1500m race with a number of students challenging themselves at this event. Once competed the students moved through the field events and track events with great enthusiasm.

The competition for the top student in each age category was fierce and every student was attempting to be part of the finals programme. It was evident from the results that some students performed well in field events like discuss and long jump while other students had greater success in the track events. Some students preferred the sprints while others enjoyed the longer distance. 

The event was a successful day due to the hard work and support from our teachers coordinating the events. Please can we all give them a huge round of applause for doing such a great job recording, timing and and running all the events with fantastic enthusiasm and love for sport.

The following students were the top ANI athletes for 2019:

Overall Athletics Champions 2019
 Year 7 BoysYear 7 GirlsYear 8 BoysYear 8 Girls
1stKaedyn Funnell-Wong 100Grace Rodwell 140Jonny Thomson 180Mia Taua 200
Note:    Placings1st Place in an Event = 40 points2nd Place in an Event = 20 points3rd Place in an Event = 10 points

Nick Edwards

Central Zone Athletics

On Wednesday 20 November, ANI enjoyed a fantastic day out at the Central Zones Athletics Competition at Mt Smart Stadium. We were well represented by all of our participants both on and off the track. The rain held off for most of the day, allowing for some fierce competition in both the track and field events. Special mention to eight of our athletes, who placed in the top 3 of their respective events, meaning they will compete next week at Interzones, representing both ANI and the Central Zone! We even left the stadium yesterday with two event winners in Ava Gatie for the Year 7 Girls 1500m and Jonny Thomson for the Year 8 Boys Shotput. 

Notable Results:

Year 7 Girls:

Ava Gatie – 1500m – 1st Place

                  – 800m – 2nd Place

Aarya Maganlal – 1500m – 3rd Place

Grace Rodwell – 200m – 3rd Place

Maddison Rush – High Jump – 3rd Place

Year 8 Girls:

Ruby Braithwaite – 1500m – 2nd Place

Year 8 Boys:

Ryan Stevens – 1500m – 3rd Place

Ryan Shen – Long Jump – 3rd Place

Jonny Thomson – Shot put – 1st Place

A huge thank you to Rachael Murray and Nick Houston for their running of the events and all round organisation of the day.

Kieran Gleeson

Interzone Athletics

ANI had a wonderful day on Thursday 28 November at the Interzones Athletics competition at Mt Smart Stadium. Our athletes faced stiff competition from all the other zones and represented the school and the central zone with pride. We had some fascinating races and events and it was a pleasure to watch our students compete against such amazing junior athletes! The future of athletics at ANI looks bright! 

The following students were competing and placed as follows:

Ryan Stevens – 1500m 16th place

Ava Gatie – 800m & 1500m 10th in 800, 12th in 1500

Ruby Braithwaite – 1500m 12th place

Jonny Thomson – 200m & Shotput – 10th in 200m, 7th in Shotput

Grace Rodwell – 200m – 5th in her heat

Ryan Shen – Long Jump – Top 10 finish

Maddison Rush – High Jump – Top 10 finish

Aarya Maganlal – 1500m – 18th place

Kieran Gleeson


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Message from ADHB on Measles

Please find attached a message from Auckland Regional Public Health Service for schools regarding measles.  This pulls together a number of resources for managing measles, including an updated step by step guide.