Badges – ANI Taonga (treasure)

How to read/use the

badge boards.

There is one badge board for every badge you can earn at ANI. On each badge board it outlines the current way you can earn that specific badge.

Where you see this symbol, it means it is a badge earned by a student for something they have completed /achieved.

Most badges can be earned by students. There are a few badges (e.g. special services to your house, principal's badge) which are awarded to a student by a staff member or student leader. They are marked with this symbol.

How to apply for a badge.

Now that you've earned a badge, it's time to apply. We have an application form that your teacher will share with you. (Teachers, it is on the virtual staff room.)
Students, fill out the application form, make sure you get your teacher's approval, and show them any evidence you need to support your application.
Each week the strategic leaders go through the applications and will deliver your badge to you as soon as they can.

Happy Applying!


How to earn an

IB Badge

Receive 3 IB Certs across the two years at ANI.

Each week, classroom teachers give out 2 IB Certs for students demonstrating IB Leaner profiles(eg Caring, Balance, etc)

Each week specialist teachers give out 1 IB Cert for students demonstrating IB Leaner profiles (eg Caring, Balance, etc)

When you collect 3 IB Certificates you can apply for an IB Badge.



How to earn an

ANI Sports Badge

There are four ways to earn an ani sports badge.

Participation in a sports event means trialling for the team, training with the team and attending the event. You do not need to place 1st, 2nd or 3rd to earn a sports certificate.

This applies to one of the following sports only:

  • Netball
  • Distance Squad
  • Waterpolo
  • Miniball
  • Basketball
  • Table tennis

To apply for this you must have been part of your team/group for at least one full term.


How to earn an

ANI Fundraising Badge

Fundraisers are primarily organised by the PTA or the Strategic Leaders.

If you raise $40 during one fundraiser, you can apply for a badge.

Some examples of school fundraisers are:

  • Knowledgeathon
  • Chocolate Fundraiser

How to earn an

ANI House Badge

There are three ways of earning a house badge

House activities are usually sent out via the daily notices and judged by the current house leaders. If you enter 5, you can apply for a house badge with the name of your house on it!

This applies to one of the following sports only:

  • Creating House Spirit
  • Boosting house moral
  • Enthusiastic participation in house events/activities

This badge is awarded to you by the house leaders (students & staff).


How to earn an

ANI Cultural Badge

There are Four ways of earning an ANI Cultural badge

How to earn an

ANI Art Badge

There are five ways of earning an ANI Art badge

How to earn an

ANI Badge

There are Four ways of earning an ANI badge

ANI certificates are awarded during prize givings by classroom teachers, specialist teachers, and the senior leadership team.
How do you receive an EP cert?
  • Place 1st, 2nd or 3rd in an EP competition (team or class competitions)
  • Place 1st, 2nd or 3rd in an EP international competition (e.g. language championships)
  • Science Fair
  • Mathex
  • EPRO8
  • ICAS (Distinction or High Distinction Only)

Long term school service groups

Strategic Leader
Arts Leader
Sports Captains
Cultural Leaders
Head Students
House Leaders
Class Librarian
Sustainability / Eco Committee
Writing Extension (with Sakima)
Math Extension and/or Otago Maths
Classroom Digital Leaders (IT Monitors)
Student Receptionists
Health Monitors
Travel Wise Group

Principal's Badge Board

A Principal’s Badge is awarded by Mrs Farquharson. Each week Mrs Farquharson chooses 1 student from across the school who is displaying one of the IB Learner Profiles or developing the Key Competencies. This student is awarded a Principal’s Badge.

IB Leaner profile


Risk Taking










key competencies

Relating to Others

Participating and Contributing


Using Language, Symbols & Texts

Managing Self



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