ANI Taonga (treasure)

There are five types of badges that students can gain and five types of shields. Badges should be sewn on the left sleeve of student’s hoodie or jumper and shields should be sewn on the right sleeve.

ANI badge

Awarded for
  • Two ANI certificates
  • Outstanding academic achievement, e.g. high distinction or distinction in ICAS, Science Fair, Mathex, etc
  • Provide service to ANI by participating in a long term group e.g. leadership group, sustainability group, librarian etc.

Sport badge

Awarded for
  • Member of a school team e.g. netball, water polo, etc for the year
  • Member of a Central Zone team that is placed first, second or third
  • An individual or team who goes forward to the Interzone Championships
  • Five sports participation certificates earns a sports badge

Cultural badge

Awarded for
  • Cultural group member for whole year
  • Orchestra for the year
  • Choir for the year
  • Participation in Cultural Festival or Production

Principal’s badge

Awarded for
  • Two Principal’s award certificates. These certificates are issued for outstanding learning or achievement

International Baccalaureate badge

Awarded for:
  • Three learner profile certificates


Awarded for:
  • Any two badges of the same type e.g. two sports badges = sports shield

Premier Badge

Awarded for
  • Any three of the five shields. Premier badge application forms can be collected from the SLT office. Students need to fill these in and hand to the Principal’s PA Ms Merriott. Parents will be invited to a whole school assembly to see this presentation take place