August 2020 Newsletter

In today’s newsletter we have the following:

  • News from the Principal and DPs
  • Upcoming Events for August
  • ‘Meet the Teacher’ Sessions for Room 7 and Room 28
  • Teacher Only Day Reminder
  • Year 8 Camp and Year 7 EOTC Dates
  • Year 7 Soft Materials Tech
  • Student Congratulations
  • Psychologist and Counsellor’s Spot
  • PTA News
  • ANI Sports-Pro Programme
  • House/Whanau Points – Term 3
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NEWS from the PRINCIPAL and DPs 

The theme that is running through this month’s newsletter is all about choices – in particular making the right choice!

We have three sections:

  1. Making good choices and consequences
  2. Additional learning – what choices do you have this term
  3. Sports – what sports are on offer in Term 3 and how to get involved

And finally, we explain the badge system we have in place to acknowledge and accolade student involvement that demonstrates they’ve made a good choice.

1.Making Good Choices

As teachers and parents of early adolescent children we are all aware they do not always make good choices and then they are dismayed by the consequences.  This is partly because they are experiencing things for the first time.  They lack training in thinking ahead and as they gain more social independence, the forewarning and guidance of an adult is not always as available as it was in their younger years.  These young people live in the now and the enjoyment of the moment causes them to fail to think ahead.  They play practical jokes, they take risks, they break things, they fail to meet deadlines, or don’t think to call to tell you they are going to be late.  We get angry and they seem surprised.  We think they are being immature and for some reason they see us as being unfair!.  It is important to understand that these behaviours are not just your child being difficult, they are typical behaviours from the age group.

Sometimes their impulsive behaviours cause us to make comments such as, “Did you use your brain at all?”, “What were you thinking?”, or “Would you please act your age”.  The tone of these comments often worsens the situation.  It is more constructive to help by coaching your early adolescent in strategies that help them think ahead, consider alternatives and consider choices in addition to the possible consequences when faced with a choice.  Try to think ahead for your young person and let them know what the consequences will be if they fail to let you know they will be late and then be sure you apply them so that they learn what behaviours to avoid.  Talk with them about pausing when challenged to carry out a dare.  If they can pause to ask themselves questions like, “Will this be likely to hurt me or anyone else?”, or “Would I be happy for my parents to know about this?” are all really positive ways of managing the situation.  If young people gradually learn to apply these strategies it really does lessen their chances of being in trouble or harmed.  This kind of coaching/ guidance is very worthwhile as thinking ahead is a necessary skill in managing our lives well.

2.Learning Opportunities – what choices do I have?

Below is a list of the curriculum areas and the names of teachers who will be taking these extra classes during Term 3.  Students will get notification over the daily notices that there are special classes on offer (these notices are available on our internal message system).  It is important that students listen carefully to the daily notices so they can determine if they want to choose an area they would like to be involved in.  

How are the students selected for each class?

This varies – for some classes, students can self-select.  For other classes, they can be nominated by a teacher or another member of staff.

Parents may want to have a talk to your child and ask them to sign up for any of the following options during the term.  If students do miss an opportunity, they can ask their teacher if the opportunity is still available and sign up.  

Note: If the group has limited numbers teachers may select two or more groups so students can have an opportunity to be involved.  Group selection can also be determined by set criteria.  In all cases students will be provided with information if they didn’t make the group and why.

3.Central Zone Competitions

The following sports will happen during Term 3 for our students.  It is important that students listen to the daily notices so they know when to attend a sign up meeting, trials and practises.  Mr Carlos is the teacher to talk to if a student has missed a trial or sign up ( 

CZ Boys Netball (28 July)  (Competition completed, Year 8 boys coming 2nd and Year 7’s coming 3rd)

CZ Girls Netball (7 August)  (Year 7 and 8 A teams representing the school, no trials)

Boys Rugby League (20 August)

CZ Squash (24 August)

CZ Cross Country (26 August)

CZ 7’s (27 August)

CZ Boys Volleyball (16 September)

CZ Girls Volleyball (17 September)

How to Receive a School Taonga – Badges/Shields/IB Certificates/Principal Certificates

At ANI, we have developed a system where we reward our students for their accomplishments in a variety of areas: academic, sports, cultural and services to school.  With support from students’ the system is very successful and encourages risk taking and provides motivation for students to give things a go.  The badges and shields can be obtained throughout the year at any time by students. Here is an explanation of how the system works.

School Taonga (Badges)

There are 7 school badges students can gain and 7 Shields, these include: ANI, Cultural, Sports, Principal, Fundraising (PTA), Peer Coaching and IB. 

Badges can be received by students participating in the areas above.  For example you can receive one sports badge if a CZ team is placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd or if a student participates in five sports teams without a placing at CZ.  For students who play a sport after school such as miniball, netball and waterpolo they will receive a sports badge as they have shown commitment throughout the year.  This also occurs for any other area that students participate in for more than one term, e.g. Rock Band or Orchestra (Cultural Badge), Student Coaching, Sports teams (waterpolo, miniball, netball).  

Students can ask for their badges in the SLT office during lunch time every Wednesday


Any two badges in one area equates to one shield e.g. two cultural badges = cultural shield. Three shields in different areas equate to an ANI Premier badge.  The student fills in a special form, from the SLT, and they receive a premier badge at an awards assembly, at the end of the term.

IB Certificates

Teachers are always on the lookout for students who show the many attributes and dispositions of an IB learner.  Teachers give out IB certificates each week at a team assembly and when students receive three certificates they can come into the SLT office at lunchtime on a Wednesday for an IB badge.

Principal Certificates

A Principal’s Certificate is only given out by the principal to students who do outstanding work or have high levels of effort or achievement.  Teachers or staff members nominate a student to receive this award from the principal.

EasTTLE Results

Your child would have recently been provided with the opportunity to sit a summative test in reading, writing and math.  Please ask your child to log you onto the EasTTle site using the same logins they used to sit the test and ask them to share their learning consoles with you.  You can ask them to share with you what they did well and what they need to improve in.  

They should be able to take you through the console and explain their outcomes with confidence.

ICAS Tests (Formally UNSW testing)

Good luck to the students who have entered the four ICAS tests including: Reading, Maths, Science and Digital Technologies.  The cut off for these tests has now closed and we can not take any more applications.

Tēnā koutou i ngā whānau o te kura.

Kia ngatahi ai te tu

E pakari ai te tuara

Together we are Strong

From Jill, Shane and Bryce


Put these dates in your diary so you don’t miss a beat.

Monday 3 – Epsom Girls Grammar visit to ANI at 9.00am

                     ANI Roadshow at Newmarket School and Royal Oak Primary School

Monday 3 – Friday 7 – Mufti Week (mufti passes for sale at SLT window before school each day)

Tuesday 4 – ANI Roadshow to Maungawhau School

Wednesday 5 – ANI Roadshow to Cornwall Park District School and Epsom Normal School

                           ‘Meet the Teacher’ Sessions for Room 28 and Room 7 at 5.30pm 

    Board of Trustees meeting at 6.00pm in the Library

Thursday 6 – ANI Roadshow to Mt Eden Normal Primary

Friday 7 –           Queenstown Trip balance due

                            Central Zone Girls Netball

Monday 10 – Friday 14 – Year 8 Rimu Camp at Tui Ridge, Rotorua

Tuesday 11 – ICAS Science Test for Year 8 students only (TBC)

Friday 14 – Winterfest Water Polo Tournament

Monday 17 – Friday 21 – Year 8 Matai Camp at Tui Ridge, Rotorua

Tuesday 18 – ICAS Science Test

                        Interzone Girls Netball

                       Open Evening at Marcellin College at 4.00-7.00pm

Thursday 20 – Central Zone Boys Rugby League; Interzone Boys Netball; 6.00-9.00pm 

                         Mathex at B&T Stadium, Kohimarama

Monday 24 –   ANI Cross Country

                         Central Zone Squash

Auckland Grammar visit to ANI at 9.30am

Tuesday 25 –   ICAS English Test

Wednesday 26 – Open Day at Auckland Girls Grammar at 9.30am

                            Central Zone Cross Country

                            Online Open Day at 1.30pm for Prospective 2021 Students (ZOOM – link here)

                            Parent Information Evening on ZOOM at 6.00pm for Prospective 2021 Student Families (ZOOM – link here)

                            Information Evening at Auckland Girls Grammar at 6.30pm

Thursday 27 – ICAS Digi Tech Test; Central Zone 7s

Friday 28 –    Tim Sonderer Water Polo Tournament

Monday 31 – Vision Testing for all Year 7 students (and some Year 8s) in the Library (continues on Thursday 3 September)

                       PTA Knowledge-Athon Information Assembly

                       PTA Meeting at 7.00pm in the Library

Monday 31 – Friday 4 September – Wellness Week for staff (students having a Wellness Day on Wednesday 2 September)


Parents of students in Room 7 (Mr Nick Houston) and Room 28 (Ms Yen Kim) are invited to a ‘meet the teacher’ in their respective classrooms on Wednesday 5 August at 5.30pm.


There is a Teacher Only Day scheduled for Friday 23 October – teachers will be preparing end of year assessments and reporting.  This date is tagged onto Labour Weekend to give our students a four-day break.


Due to venue availability, our Cultural Festival will now be on Tuesday 15 and Wednesday 16 September from 6.00-8.00pm, in the Auckland Grammar Centennial Theatre on Mountain Road, Epsom.  There will be a matinee performance for primary schools on Friday 11 September.


As you are aware, Year 8’s will be heading off to camp this month on the following dates:

  • Rimu will attend from Monday 10 – Friday 14 August 
  • Matai will attend from Monday 17 – Friday 21 August

Venue: Tui Ridge, Rotorua

The Year 7’s EOTC programme for Kauri Team ONLY has been rescheduled to run from Monday 31 November to Thursday 3 December 2020 as it was cancelled during COVID lockdown. 


Year 7 students have been busy this year creating house weavings. Each student created their own strip which represents who they are and their house. They then wove them together into these stunning pieces of art which will be hung in the library.

We are super proud of how they turned out and show what can happen when students collaborate. 


Congratulations to our risk takers who showed great confidence at assembly on Monday 27 July and showed the IB Learner Profile of being a risk taker. They each received a complimentary lunch.

Congratulations to Ella Devery, Ava Page, Ava Liggins, Addison Ledger and Tori Patrick in Year 8 for getting behind the Jammies in June programme – they received a lovely letter back from the Middlemore Foundation thanking them for their support.

Congratulations to Harshu Tammina and Nathan Merrill for showing initiative, self-management and organisation in their AV roles – you have both gone above and beyond for your school!  Also congratulations to James Covacich for showing initiative, collaborating, being a risk taker and developing four dynamic images for the ANI House system.  All these students received a Principal’s award this week.

Nathan, James and Harshu with their Principal’s Awards

Congratulations to Milly Ruddenklau for her fabulous story ‘Leinani’s Journey’ for which she received a Principal’s award.  Click here to read her story.

Milly with her Principal’s Award

Congratulations to Haran Thirumeni (Year 7, Room 22) who has done another amazing piece of writing entitled ‘I Am Me’.  Click here to read his story.

Below is a picture of Haran (left), along with Gracie Martin (middle) and Poppy Williams (right) who received Principal’s Awards for helping a fellow student in their inquiry – awesome work!


How to talk to your child about pornography

Recently, a new set of advertisements has graced our TV screens. In one of the  government safety campaign ads, two naked porn stars arrive on the doorstep of one surprised mother. She is awkwardly informed of her son’s online viewing habits. The ads are a humorous and helpful reminder that pornography is a very real concern for our kids. As difficult as it may be, it’s important to have a conversation.  You can read and view more about the advertisement campaign here.

What is Porn?

In research conducted in 2018 by the NZ Classification office they report that by the age of 17, 75% of young people have seen porn and that 25% have seen it by age 12.  They also reported in a 2020 article that there has been a rise in people accessing websites such as Pornhub during the recent shutdown due to Covid-19.  All of which is to say that accessing Porn is not an uncommon thing for our young people.  Without the life experience to put this content into perspective, our children can create a damaging view on what constitutes sex and relationships. Porn and sex are not the same. Pornography involves actors and often depicts aggressive or unhealthy treatment of individuals and no demonstrations of asking and giving consent.  

How do we start the conversation?

Having a conversation with your child about pornography and its relationship to sexual behaviour is a great place to start.  We know that it may feel a bit awkward and difficult.  To help out we have provided a number of links with support for  holding these conversations. 

As tempting as it might be to tell your child what you think they should know and think about pornography it is more effective to ask them what they know and what they think first. Once you have heard what they say, share your thoughts and experiences with them.  Keep in mind that their experiences are very different from our own if only because the recent proliferation of easy to access online content didn’t exist when we were teens.  

Setting boundaries, modelling and monitoring behaviour

In conjunction with this approach it is important to place strong boundaries around your young person’s use of technology.  Under no circumstances should technology be allowed into their bedrooms with them at night when they should be sleeping.  In fact it is a much better idea to have a rule that technology remains in public spaces and that bedrooms remain technology free spaces.  With technology in a public space it makes it much easier for parents to monitor their children’s behaviour.  We’ll talk some more on the importance of monitoring below.

At ANI we use a monitoring software called FamilyZone which is essentially an app or add on which allows families and school to track usage and time spent on a device.  It is key that parents ensure the software is being maintained on their child’s device as this software can be removed by students.  A fortnightly routine check to ensure that FamilyZone is logged in and being used would be ideal.  Please don’t hesitate to contact the senior leadership to ask for technical support in maintaining FamilyZone. Keep in mind that even with the best digital monitoring technology, young people will very likely find a way around it, if they are motivated to so.  This can be as simple using someone else’s device.  Modeling is really powerful here as our children look to adults to see how best to manage most aspects of life including using technology and accessing information online.  If you personally use tracking software that monitors device usage, it would be ideal to talk to your child about how useful you find this information in managing how and where you spend time on devices.

Parents should be aware that their children are watching their behaviour in relation to use of technology and very likely see more than we think they might.  This applies to your overall relationship with social media and the online world.  It is key to demonstrate what you want your children to do in relation to technology and the online world.   At this age it does not work to tell children to do what you say and not what you do.  Having said this, if you are honest about your own difficulties managing technology and share your own plans and strategies for doing better with this your child will see this too.

Monitoring your young person’s activities online is another powerful tool.   It is well established in parenting research that children who are monitored by their parents are much less likely to engage in challenging behaviours.  This can be as simple as sending them a text on their phones to ask what they are up to during the after school time period, sitting with them to watch TV, asking them what they are up to with their online accounts and of course the occasional browser history check!  When technology is used in public spaces it is much easier to perform some of this in person monitoring.  Sit next to your young person when they are on their technology and ask them what they are up to.  

If you are concerned about your child please consider speaking with their class teacher, a member of the senior leadership, the school counselor, family doctor or a psychologist for more targeted support.  Below we have compiled a list of resources that you may find helpful in the first instance.

Helpful resources: 

John  Parsons, Keeping Your Children Safe Online, A guide for NZ parents.  An excellent chapter on Pornography and a broader examination of the online world for parents in New Zealand.

Lisa Damour, books Untangled and Under Pressure, Excellent books both of which cover pornography with a lens on parenting girls. 

Interview with Jesse Mulligan on RNZ, while this one is not directly about pornography there is a lot of helpful information about parenting teens in the area of sexuality.

How to Talk to Your 10-13 Year Old about Porn – A Video

This quick clip gives a few ideas on how you might bring the subject up with your child. 

How To Talk To Your Child About Porn

This Netsafe article provides tips and advice for parents. 

How To Talk With Your Children About Pornography

This article by Family Planning has helpful conversation tips for adults as well as great resource links. You might also find this on interesting: Body Image, Media and Porn

Keep It Real Online 

Offers tools and advice for parents about keeping your child safe online. 

The Light Project 

An informative and youth-friendly site. A safe place for you and your child to learn more and have your questions answered. 

The Light Project have a wonderful framework to work with: BLAT (Breathe, Learn, Ally, Talk/Take Action)

Robyn Stead & Gina Speedy

Educational Psychologist and School Counsellor


The next exciting PTA fundraiser is a Knowledge-athon!!  The dates for this are now confirmed as follows:

  • Monday 31 August – Knowledge-athon information assembly 
  • Friday 4 September – Knowledge-athon questions go out to students and they are asked to collect sponsors
  • Wednesday 16 September – Knowledge-athon test day
  • Wednesday 14 October (Term 4) – Last day to bring in sponsorship money
  • Monday 2 November – Prizegiving assembly

Other important dates in Term 3 are as follows:

  • Monday 3 August – Friday 7 August – Mufti Week (see more details below)
  • Thursday 3 September – Social at Greyfriars Hall.  Parent volunteers are needed to help at the Social, please contact the PTA at if you are able to help.

Mufti Week 

Next week (Monday 3 – Friday 7 August) is mufti week at ANI.  You can buy weekly passes for $5, day passes for $2, extra passes (make up, nail polish, hair ties, etc.) for $5 – tickets will be on sale in the morning before school from the SLT window (by stairs to Library).

Diana Winstanley – ANI PTA


We are immensely proud of the ANI Sports-Pro Programme. This sports academy is multi-faceted and meets the needs of a wide range of students. Topics and lessons range from high-performance sport and nutrition, to working with learners who find learning challenging. This programme digs beneath the surface and looks at the various components of sport. Have a look at the website dedicated to this programme HERE.  For more information, contact Mr Carlos on

Central Zone Boys Netball

So happy to be back to sport; and we are back with a bang.  The boys had a great day out on the courts on Tuesday 28 July. The weather changed from sun to rain and back again. Such a normal Auckland day. All great at the end.

Our Year 8 boys ended up in third place overall. With some really hard games. We lost the last two games just by one point. 

Our Year 7 team came in second place. Really good results and positive attitude during the entire competition. The decisive game against Remuera Intermediate was a high-level game and we lost by one point. Besides this loss, we won all the other games. By being second, we are classified for the Inter Zones competition!

As we normally do, we had a lot of parents support during the day. We had over 15 parents in and out during the competition. Thanks also to Mani, one of our Teacher Aides, who was there with his high energy during the day with me!

Great way to get back to competitions after lockdown. Looking forward to the next ones!

Carlos Kucera

Teacher in Charge


ANI runs a house/whanau system – your son or daughter will tell you which house they belong to.  They can earn points by displaying the school values and any other positive behaviours. 

Here are the Term 3 results from our whanau competition so far – Ahi are way ahead in the lead, with the other three chasing their tail:


The Auckland Whanau Special Needs Group is a support group for families of children with special needs and disabilities. If you have families within your school community that might benefit from our service and all that our support our group offers, please share this information as we would love for them to join us.

Here’s what we provide our members:

•          A community of 1,450 members

•          A group only Facebook page

•          Monthly brunches/dinners in different locations throughout the Auckland region

•          Annual Conference & Dinner  for parents / caregivers

•          Children’s Christmas Party

•          Discos

•          Movie events

•          Tickets to live shows (that we are given tickets to)

•          Equipment loan pool

•          An inclusive, safe, non-judgmental environment

Our support network is a place to:

•          Make new friends

•          Ask for suggestions

•          Share successes, achievements, losses, and frustrations with others that understand

•          Support one another

Marlene Green is well known and a respected founder of the group and can be contacted on email:, mobile: 021 120 3235,


Like us on Facebook for all our recent events and photos.


Click here to view what else is going on in our community.

Northern Mystics Home Games – Ticket Price Special for Students and Families

We have three (3) home games all taking place at The Trusts Arena with the FIRST of these home games taking place in two just weeks time. 

Details are:

Sunday 9th August        Mystics vs Tactix           5pm

Friday 14th August       Mystics vs Stars            7pm      

Sat 15th August             Mystics vs Magic           5pm      

We’ve set up a special discount code for your students and families offering a $5 discount on Adult General Admission tickets ($20 instead of $25).

The Trusts Team Ticket Pass:  10 tickets for only $130 – great value averaging at only $13 per ticket.  Use Promo CODE: MYSTSCH20 and receive a $5 discount off Adult tickets

Tickets on sale now at: 

Young netballers win once-in-a-lifetime experience at ANZ Premiership

Year 7 student Briea Arndt won the opportunity to meet Steel captain Te Huinga Reo Selby-Rickit and Magic captain Sam Winders through the ANZ Future Captains competition. 

Briea was able to bring along a friend for the exciting interactive experience.  Briea and her friend Mackenzie were able to lead the two teams out onto centre court before the match, have their photo taken with the team captains and watch the game from her own bench on court right next to the players bench.