August 2019 Newsletter




Welcome back to a new term where there will be lots happening, lots of excitement and lots of focus needed by our students.  It’s a term where students will be challenged in their learning and one that will have an emphasis on study skills and study habits.

Attendance and punctuality play a huge role in helping students develop these study skills/ habits. If they are not at school or in class on a consistent basis, gaps in learning appear, motivation wanes and reliability comes into question. 

We want our students to prioritise attendance by turning up every day unless they are unwell. We don’t want them to stay home for unnecessary reasons – we want them to realise that school is their “job”

The best teaching is done by modelling good habits around presence and punctuality at home, here are a few tips that might assist.

– Teach strategies that lead to punctuality.  A late bus, misplaced shoes, a crowded bathroom can hold people up but appropriate strategies can be explicitly taught.  For example, preparing clothes the night before can save time when a bathroom is shared. Waking up half an hour early allows for extra time to find a lost shoe.

– Allow natural consequences for absences and tardiness.  Take a no-excuses approach with your children when it comes to absences and punctuality.  Give your children natural consequences that show them the results of lateness. Consequences prepare your children for the real world, where they really do miss out on opportunities because they did not show up on time or at all.

– Teach your child that good attendance is not something that just happens.  It takes planning, preparation and persistence, but it pays off.  

We look forward to seeing as many students as possible hit the 100% attendance mark this term.

Staff News

A warm welcome to new staff members Kieran Gleeson, Natalya Hazelwood, and Lynley Sheweiry.

Kieran will be teaching in room 11 for the remainder of the year. Up until recently he has been teaching in Ireland and is delighted to be in New Zealand. I’m sure he will enjoy our talented students and teaching in such an inclusive school. 

Natalya will be teaching in room 6 for the remainder of the year as Miss Bragg is on extended sick leave. Up until recently Natalya has been teaching at Maungawhau Primary. We look forward to the many skills she will bring to our school. 

Lynley is working in our International Student Department providing admin support and pastoral care. Great to have you on the staff Lynley.

Property Update

While it may not look like much is happening on the installation of temporary classrooms or the new building front, a significant amount of work has been happening behind the scenes.

The board property subcommittee and SLT have had numerous discussions and meetings with the Ministry of Education and this term we will certainly see some progress and action.  We have three projects on the go;

  1. Contractors who are delivering eight relocables have their design work well underway and are preparing the site

2.  A plan is in place to stabilise the demolition area to allow more play space for the students 

3.  A master plan for the whole school site is now complete and we have approval from the MoE investment board. We now move into the planning phase. 

While the delay hasn’t been ideal we haven’t let it get in the way of our teaching and learning programmes or the delivery of the specialist programme.  Our team of talented specialist teachers have planned a number of innovative and creative activities for this term that continue to challenge, engage and enthuse learners in all classes.

Looking ahead, next term we plan to have some existing classroom spaces fitted out as a Maker Spaces.  More to come about that in subsequent newsletters where we will explain what a Maker Space is and how these areas are used by teachers and students. 

Exciting times ahead!

Nāku noa

Jill Farquharson



A little bit about our school programme and the New Zealand Curriculum

Our school programme is organised into eight Curriculum Learning Areas set out in the New Zealand Curriculum document. Most people refer to the learning areas as subjects and classroom programmes are taught in each of the following eight areas: English, the Arts, Health and Physical Education, Learning languages, Mathematics and Statistics, Science, Social Sciences, Technology. There are of course strong overlaps between the learning areas. As English is our medium of instruction English skills have to be mastered and applied to the students’ work in all other subject areas as well as in English class.  Each learning area has its own distinct vocabulary and concepts and as children move through the levels of schooling from level one to level thirteen, they extend their understanding and ability to use these vocabularies and deepen their understanding of the subject while making links between different areas of learning.

In each subject, students practise speaking, writing, viewing skills and to communicate their ideas in different formats and for particular purposes. Just as they have learnt that different behaviours are appropriate in different settings, they learn that there are conventions for written English depending on the purpose for which the writing is intended. The same is true for spoken and visual language. Different communication skills are appropriate for different subject areas. A good example of this is that in mathematics children may communicate mathematical and statistics information in the form of graphs or diagrams.

Learning to communicate in an additional language develops children’s ability to learn languages and lets them develop another world view. At ANI many of our students are already bi-lingual and we provide opportunities to let them lead in the classroom in addition to supporting the teacher.

As the world’s communities become ever more diverse, being able to speak more than one language is a great asset. If your child is already bi-lingual they have a great start. We would encourage every family to seriously consider having your child enrol to study a language at high school.

You may have read about STEAM subjects. This is the term for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics.  While ability in these areas is very valuable in the technological era in which we live, it is also important to value Social Sciences. To summarize, the New Zealand Curriculum school programmes provide a very sound foundation and platform from which children step off into their next stage of learning.

Bryce Mills & Shane Devery – Deputy Principals



Thursday 1 August – ANI Roadshow to Epsom Normal Primary; Rooms 6 & 11 ‘Meet the Teacher’ at 5.30pm (please go to the classroom); Yvonne Godfrey at 7.00pm

Friday 2 – ANI Roadshow to Mt Eden Normal School; Central Zone Boys Netball; Ski Training

Monday 5 – Athon Assembly

Monday 5 – Friday 9 – Mufti Week

Tuesday 6 – Ski Team Parents Meeting at 6.00pm

Wednesday 7 – Central Zone Boys Basketball; Board of Trustees Meeting at 6.00pm

Thursday 8 – Central Zone Girls Basketball

Friday 9 – Central Zone Girls Netball; Ski Training; Athon forms given out

Sunday 11 – Auckland City Duathlon at Pukekohe

Monday 12 – Last day for ICAS Examinations entries

Monday 12 – Friday 16 – Athon Week

Tuesday 13 – Central Zone Rugby League

Wednesday 14 – APPA Choir Rehearsal; Overseas trip Hui #2 at 6.00pm

Thursday 15 – Boys’ Football friendly v Ponsonby Intermediate; Central Zone Rugby League save day; Room 2 ‘Meet the Teacher’ at 5.30pm

Friday 16 – Ski Training; International students farewell ceremony with kapa haka group

Friday 16 – Sunday 18 – Waterpolo Wonderfest Tournament

Monday 19 – Hairspray Jr. tickets on sale from today at school office; Girls’ Football friendly v Ponsonby Intermediate; EPro8 Team 1 & 2 at St Kentigern from 5.00-8.00pm

Tuesday 20 – Interzone Girls Netball; EPro8 Team 3 at St Kentigern from 5.00-8.00pm

Wednesday 21 – Interzone Boys Netball; Athon Test

Thursday 22 – Central Zone Squash;  Pre-AIMS Football Tournament

Friday 23 – Ski Training

Monday 26 – Friday 30 – Ski Championships at Whakapapa

Wednesday 28 – Central Zone Cross Country; Open Day for Year 6 students at ANI at 1.30pm

Thursday 29 – French Speeches

Friday 30 – Athon money returned



The ICAS Schools competitions, organised by Educational Assessment Australia of the University of New South Wales, will be held on the following dates:

TestSitting DateCostTestSitting DateCost
Digital TechnologyTuesday 3 September$16.00EnglishTuesday 17 September$16.00
ScienceThursday 5 September$16.00MathematicsThursday 19 September$16.00
WritingThursday 10 September$16.00   

This is an optional Assessment test for students to take part in. The closing date for entry to these competitions is Monday 12th August.  We cannot accept any entries later than this date.  Spare letters/entry forms are available at Reception.



We are off to an amazing start in preparation for this year’s musical, Hairspray Jr. The team has been working tirelessly rehearsing every lunchtime and putting their absolute all into getting ready to put on the show of a lifetime. We have had a few members of our core cast out on the roadshow this week performing at various primary schools. The students are getting very excited and we cannot wait for you to come and watch Hairspray Jr! Tickets for this event will be available from Monday 19 August from the school office.

Performance dates:  

  • Tuesday 3 September (matinee) at Epsom Girls Grammra, Marjory Adams Hall, from 1.30-3.00pm (for local primary schools)
  • Wednesday 4 September at Epsom Girls Grammar, Marjory Adams Hall, from 6.30-8.00pm
  • Thursday 5 September at Epsom Girls Grammar, Marjory Adams Hall, from 6.30-8.00pm



From Friday 9 August to Friday 30 August students at Auckland Normal Intermediate will be invited to take part in ‘The Great ANI Knowledge-a-thon’.  This quiz is a PTA fundraiser with the goal to raise funds for new playground equipment.  

There will be 100 questions from different categories (such as NZ History, Sport, Capitals of Countries) that the students will learn and then be tested on. There is an assembly to give students all the information about this on Monday 5 August. A notice and sponsorship form will be sent home Friday 9 August. Please encourage your child to learn the answers and help support them to get some sponsors.



For those of you who are attending tonight’s talk at Maungawhau Primary School, we have two of Yvonne’s books for sale on the night or from ANI Reception:

  • Parenting “Yadults”
  • Making it on your own

These books cost $20 each and are a great follow up resource to have.  If you wish to see Yvonne speak and haven’t RSVP’d yet, go to this link here to book your place.



EPro8 Vector Challenge

Congratulations to our Year 7 and Year 8 students who were selected for the 2019 EPro8 Vector Challenge! This competition gives students a chance to shine in an exciting, competitive environment. The challenges incorporate engineering, science, electronics, mathematics and problem solving.  They are all designed to be rewarding and visually stunning. ANI is excited to be sending 8 teams to compete in the first round. Competition evenings will be held over several weeks at various locations around Auckland. Good luck to our budding engineers!

Participating students: Viraj Agarwal, Abe Ablas, Ben Baker, Sai Bansal, Ben Baker, Stella Boyd, Connor Cassidy, Emma Choi, Atharv Dixit, Andrew Eldridge, Kaedyn Funnell-Wong, Kairav Halder, Max Heather, Zoe Huang, Ananya Kaushal, Kishandeep Kumar, Nicholas Lum, Abbie Mackay, Katie Mckay, Abdurrahman Mohammad, Amorita Ng, Jayna Patel, Sunny Patil, Maddison Rush, Parth Setiya, Jaekyum Shin, Connor Stewart, Oscar Swinson, Snigdha Tewery, Anna Thorp, Wooyoung Wang, Jacob Wong, Maya Zipfel.


Well done to Abbie Mackay (Year 8) who has had her short story ‘It’s Just Expressive’ published in ToiToi – A Journal for Young Writers and Artists #16.  The Library now has two copies of this book available to read.

Young Min Ko (Year 7) achieved Gold from Robot in Movie and achieved Bronze from Creative Robot in the NZ Robot Olympiad 2019 during the school break. Young completed building and programming his robots within three hours without any help from others, which is a great achievement. Young has now been selected as a member of Team NZ to attend the International Robot Olympiad 2019, which will be held in Thailand this December representing NZ.

Samuel Cheung (Year 7) has been selected to perform in the NZ Ukulele Junior Squad.  He will be attending the NZ Ukulele 3-day course at Sacred Heart School – this group will then be performing at the APPA festival at the Auckland Town Hall on 6th November and at the NZ Ukulele Festival on 16th November.

Santino Naufahu and Tyler Yare (Year 7 students) were both picked to represent the ARU Eden District – Walter Dickson representative team in the U55kgs division of the Auckland Intermediate Schoolboys Rugby Tournament, held between 8-12 July.  These students performed to the best of their abilities whilst displaying a positive attitude within the team environment, and managed to finish in a credible third place overall – well done!



What to do if your child is reluctant to come to school? (part 1)

What to do if your child says they don’t want to go to school.  This is a two-part series. In this first article I’ll talk about identifying the problem and getting some more perspective on it and start thinking about how to solve the problem.  Next month I’ll talk about how to put together a clear plan to make a change. If you are dealing with an urgent problem please email me at and I can mail you part two.

Some mornings we just don’t feel like getting up and getting into our day.  Most of us have learned that the best thing to do when we are feeling that way is to get up and get going on the routine. Before too long we are getting on with our day and finding that really it isn’t that bad and maybe it’s even pretty good.  We know that life is a mixture of good and not so good and that our reward for managing the stuff we don’t like so much is that we get to enjoy the things we do. I’m not sure many of us enjoy filling in tax forms but we know that it’s a necessity of life (apologies to the tax accountants).

When our children say that they don’t want to go to school we are given an opportunity to help them learn how to cope with the ups and downs of life.  The reason I can say this so confidently is that we know from research into resilience that getting through the challenges that life presents us develops resilience.  Also, from Carol Dweck’s research into fixed and growth mindset we know that folks who celebrate challenges are much more successful in life.

First step is to clarify what’s going on.  Sometimes children are simply over tired or beginning to feel unwell.  Think back to the past few days or weeks, has it been very busy or are there any signs that a cold or other is taking hold?  Some early nights or a very quiet day at home may be the solution. If there is something else going on, see if your child can explain to you what their thoughts are.  It may be helpful at this stage to email the class teacher to see if they have noticed anything different happening that is causing your child to feel reluctant about going to school.  Some difficulties that seem to come up frequently are; conflicts with friends, at this age romantic relationships too, a misunderstanding with a teacher, worries about school work, the journey to or from school.  It could be a general worry or anxiety and the young person can’t say why they are worried exactly or it may be a few of the above concerns put together.   

Next step is to discuss the reasons why school is important.  Parents can use this as an opportunity to share family values about learning, social growth and development.  You could talk about the opportunities to engage in sporting and cultural activities and the wide experiences schools offer for personal development in a huge range of directions.  Of course, there is also a legal obligation in New Zealand for young people to attend school. This step is important and in behavioural psychology we would say that this is when we become very clear about what the expectation is for behaviour.  Young people need to know that their parents expect that they will attend school every day. 

Now that everyone is clear about what the expectation is and the reasons for this and the reasons why this is difficult now, we can start to generate some solutions to the problem.  A great place to start is to think about when aspects of happily going to school are happening already. Look for those times when school is eagerly anticipated or something great happened at school.  Consider what was involved in that situation. What elements of that can be applied more broadly so that school can become something to enjoy rather than avoid?

If you need more support than can be delivered here please contact your child’s school teacher for further specific support. 

Robyn Stead

Registered Psychologist (working at ANI)


Fun Mufti Week – Mufti week this term is from Monday 5th August to Friday 9th August when we finish with “FUNky Friday”.  Students are encouraged to wear something bright and wacky on FUNky Friday, so let your imagination go wild!  Day passes are $2, week passes $5, and “extra passes” for jewellery/nail polish/hair colour etc. are an additional $5, available from the SLT window (next to the Library door) from Monday 29th August.  We expect all students to be respectful of every individual’s decision to wear whatever they choose on Mufti Days, including their uniform.

Knowledge-Athon – this term’s fundraiser is a Knowledge-Athon and there will be lots of fantastic prizes on offer including some very exciting ANI “VIP” passes.  An information sheet will be sent out shortly with all the details of what’s involved, basically students will receive a set of questions to learn and we ask that they seek sponsorship for each question they can answer correctly. We are sharing details with the students at assembly on 5th August.

PTA Meetings – The remaining PTA meeting this term will be held on Monday 16th September.  We meet in the Library at 7pm – all welcome. Note date change due to Production week.

Jo Beer – ANI PTA



As part of ANI’s commitment to the environment, a Planting Programme was introduced this year by Room 17 teacher Sarah Richardson to promote awareness and stimulate young minds about the importance of looking after Mother Nature.

Along with our Recycling Programme and Garden Group, the planting programme has been very fulfilling and rewarding for the students involved.

Here we see Lauren Berry and Aiya Segev planting trees for future students to enjoy, so the future of our community and environment will benefit.

Well done!

Duncan Wilson

School Property Manager



As part of Year 7 provocations Mr Jim Dyer and Mr Jason Shin taught each class a Scottish Ceildh dance but with an Asian twist – dancing to a K-Pop song.  Look at them go!

SPORTS NEWS BY MR NICK EDWARDS (teacher in charge of sports)

NZ Duathlon Champs

Dear parents, if your child is interested in joining the ANI team participating at the NZ Duathlon Champs in Pukekohe on Sunday 11 August, please contact Nick Edwards on to be added to the list of entries.

Please note:  Entry fees will not be covered by the school and parents will be invoiced for the entry costs.

Tough Guy & Gal Challenge

On Monday 1 July, our students had a really awesome day out enjoying the sunshine and mud at the Tough Guy and Gal. The runners did an amazing job representing ANI both in the race and afterwards. Out of the first five runners back, four were from ANI, and everyone finished with a smile.  Well done all involved!

Katy Constance

Boys’ Year 7-8 Football Friendly v Royal Oak Intermediate

ANI put 10 goals past Royal Oak Intermediate in the friendly match on Wednesday 3 July. The pick of the bunch was a curled effort from Fenton Murdoch that crashed in off the crossbar. It was an assured performance from the boys who played some dazzling football at times and they maintained their intensity throughout. A half-time score of 6-0 meant that we could afford to try players in new positions and the boys remained respectful throughout the game, with a fantastic team spirit. A great afternoon.

Final score: 10-1

Scorers: Miles Turner (4), Fenton Murdoch (2), Ryan Stevens (2), Calum Walters, Lincoln Lo

Mr Forbes & Miss Philpot

Cross Country

On Monday 29 July, 100s of our students enjoyed, completed and participated in the penultimate whole school event of the year – ANI Cross Country.  It was really quite close between each gender and age group but congratulations are in order to Kauri and Rimu teams with their numbers totalling the lowest places meaning they had the fastest runners.

The top runners were:

Year 7 Girls: 1st Aarya Maganlal, Room 23 (14.08 minutes); 2nd Ava Gatie; 3rd Aishi Das

Year 7 Boys: 1st William Britton, Room 15 (13.26 minutes); 2nd Kaeden Funnell-Wong; 3rd Ollie Wilton

Year 8 Girls: 1st Ruby Brathwaite, Room 6 (13.58 minutes); 2nd Gemma Manning; 3rd Milena Faulds

Year 8 Boys: 1st Ryan Stevens, Room 1 (12.46 minutes); 2nd Miles Turner; 3rd Nikko Tuxford



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Message from ADHB on Measles

Please find attached a message from Auckland Regional Public Health Service for schools regarding measles.  This pulls together a number of resources for managing measles, including an updated step by step guide.