August 2018 Newsletter


Dear Parents, Caregivers and friends of ANI,

Welcome back to a new school term. I trust you all managed to get some quality family time over the break with your sons and daughters and they are ready for the busy term ahead. The holidays are a great time to rest up,  recharge the batteries and reflect on what lies ahead – we are delighted that our learners have come back to school ready to set their next learning goals and with high levels of confidence in defining how they will achieve them.

To do this they will need adult support  and we are very fortunate to have a talented team of highly trained professionals who will work hard alongside your children to ensure they meet these goals.

And something a bit different to start off a new term – encourage family members to set a personal goal around “pride”

  • Authentic pride, the deep personal satisfaction of hitting a valued goal  can encourage the kind of self-discipline and hard work it takes to stay motivated, overcome challenges and achieve.
  • Pride makes you value long-term goals more than present ones and builds self-control and grit from the bottom up.
  • Our brains don’t come hard-wired to know what we should be  taking pride in so children initially look to parents and then to teachers and peers to find out what’s valued by those around them and therefore what goals are worthwhile to pursue.
  • When young people are engaged in areas where they feel confident and proud, it creates a ripple effect, giving them the motivation and encouragement to take on new challenges in other areas of their lives
  • To stay intrinsically motivated, children must feel as if they’re improving toward a goal, so point out the pride they should feel in the small successes along the way.

Strike Action

In today’s education climate, a lot more is being asked of our teachers with additional pressure around compliance, assessment and resourcing resulting in many teachers leaving the profession. This combined with inadequate pay has led to a crisis in recruiting and retaining teachers, particularly in Auckland.  For the first time in many years we have had to split classes, place part-time teachers into relief positions and timetable SLT into classes as there have been few or no relievers available.

You might be wondering what all the fuss is about – the statistics around teacher supply are simple and disturbing:

  • over the past 6 years there has been a 40% drop-off in adults studying and training to become teachers
  • 40% of new teachers leave the teaching profession in the first five years.
  • 35% of our experienced teachers will be eligible to retire over the next 10 years; and many are leaving early
  • the current situation around recruitment and retention of teachers has been described as “a ticking time bomb”.

Our children deserve the best education, however that can only happen when there is a good supply of committed, talented teachers and principals. Last term our teachers attended paid union meetings to discuss the nation-wide crisis facing schools. They discussed the teacher shortage that is already starting to disrupt children’s learning. The teachers union NZEI Te Rui Roa have rejected the Secretary for Educations initial  offer as part of contract negotiations. Following this rejection, stop work action was a definite possibility which would impact our school as we have staff covered by this collective agreement. NZEI balloted its members as to whether the action should be a half day or a full day and there was a significant majority for full day strike action.

We appreciate that any stop-work action is incredibly disruptive for working  parents and we will do our best to minimize the impact. The confirmed date for stop-work action is 15th August.  

We would appreciate parents making alternative arrangements for your son/daughter on the 15 August. The school will not be officially closed but there will be very limited supervision at school as a number of our teachers who are members of NZEI will be off site. If you require supervision please advise the school by emailing by 3pm Monday 13 August so we can organise management of those pupils who turn up at school.

Thank you for your cooperation and support of the quality teachers we place in front of your children every day.

Have a great month ahead.

Kind regards,

Jill Farquharson




Assessment in Term 3

This term we have three e-asttle tests that the students will sit in Reading, Writing and Math.  The testing will be completed by 31 August and the administration of these tests is part of preparing our students for similar situations when they move on from ANI to local colleges.

The data from these tests will not only be used to inform teaching practice and provide evidence of a students strengths and areas to improve but enable teachers to select students for different curriculum groups but also these results can then be compared to the results from term one earlier this year so students, teachers and parents are able to see the improvements and value added.

A reminder this is only one test and a snapshot of where the student at this point in time during that day.  Teachers will use more than one assessment to provide a judgement later in the year to provide a final curriculum level for end of year reports.

In Term 4 the students will be tested again in a formal manner using PAT tests (Reading, Writing, Math) so we can sit these scores alongside e-asttle results and other tests that occur in the classroom to make an overall teacher judgement, OTJ.

I am looking forward to seeing the positive improvements made by students once all testing has been completed and final results provided.

Mr Shane Devery, Deputy Principal


Student Leadership

Student leadership is alive and well at ANI.  At ANI we pride ourselves on not only creating programmes for our young people to demonstrate their leadership abilities through a variety of activities, but we also have a leadership development programme in place which explicitly teachers leadership skills to our young people.

At ANI we place a high priority on ensuring that our young people have a chance to spread their leadership wings.  We offer a range of opportunities and leadership is open to everyone. We encourage our leaders to be creative, think critically and collaborate together.  They drive change in our school and are frequent presenters at our Board of Trustees meetings.

Some of the duties they undertake are:

  • Hosts for our open mornings or parent evenings
  • Hosts at our assemblies
  • Peer tutoring
  • Playground supervision
  • Cultural leadership
  • Presenters at our BOT meetings once a term
  • Presenters at the ANI Roadshow – visiting our Primary School contributors
  • Coaching other students

Kate Green, our Room 12 teacher, coordinates our student leaders and the depth of discussion and training that takes place in her sessions is not only inspiring but also engaging for all those involved.  She meets with the team of leaders each week and certainly keeps them busy.

We know that the investment in our young people will have a tremendous impact on their lives as well as the lives of those that they interact with – we are fostering empowering and influential leaders.

Mr Bryce Mills, Deputy Principal



Later in the month we have the pleasure of hosting our sister school from Wajiro Higashi Elementary School in Fukuoka, Japan.

We have had a sister school arrangement since 2010 and while ANI goes to Japan every year Wajiro visit NZ every second or third year.

The Japanese group will be hosted by 8 ANI students/families while in NZ, with the intention of the ANI students staying with the same families when we visit Japan in September. The group will stay in Auckland for four nights, the other nights they will be visiting other regions in the North lsland, such as Rotorua and the Waitomo Caves, and attend ANI on Monday 20 August for an exciting day of ANI hospitality.  This will be another great link for our students and school becoming globally connected.



Good luck to all the students who will be representing the school at different sports competitions at Whakapapa, Taupo and Tauranga:

  • Skiing – Whakapapa, 20-24 August
  • Cycling – Taupo 25-26 August
  • AIMS – Tauranga 9-14 September

All the best in your sports and I know you will be giving everything you have to be successful representing the school.



Wednesday 1:  Ski Team Parent Evening at 6.00pm

Thursday 2:  Sports Exchange with Murrays Bay Intermediate; Japan Billet Parent Evening at 6.00pm

Friday 3:  Central Zone Boys Netball

Monday 6:  PTA Meeting at 7.00pm

Tuesday 7:  Central Zone Girls Basketball at North Harbour Stadium

Wednesday 8:  Central Zone Boys Basketball at North Harbour Stadium; Board of Trustees Meeting at 6.00pm

Thursday 9:  Open Morning #4 for 2019 students at 9.00am; Parent Information Evening #3 for 2019 students at 6.00pm

Friday 10:  Assembly to promote Athon; ANI Science Fair; Central Zone Girls Netball

Monday 13 – Friday 17:  Mufti Week; Wattie’s cans for good appeal begins

Tuesday 14: ICAS Mathematics Examination; MENPS Production at 5.00pm

Wednesday 15:  MENPS Production at 5.00pm; Teachers Strike Action

Thursday 16:  A-MATH-ZING Race Challenge at Newmarket School; Overseas trip evening #2 at 6.00pm

Friday 17: Athon forms distributed; ANI Cross Country; Wajiro Higashi School visit (until Wednesday 22nd); Winter Festival Year 7&8 Water Polo Tournament (until Sunday 19th)

Monday 20:  Ski Championships at Whakapapa (until Friday 24th); Japan billets school exchange at ANI; Wattie’s cans for good appeal continues this week

Wednesday 22:  Farewell party for Japan billets

Thursday 23: Otago Problem Solving #5; EPro8 Competition from 2.30-8.00pm; AIMS Managers meeting in Library 6.00-7.30pm

Friday 24: Athon test day; Girls and Boys Football Pre-AIMS Tournament; Last day for Wattie’s cans for good appeal

Saturday 25 – Sunday 26: Cycling competition in Taupo

Monday 27:  The Junior Tough Guy and Gal Challenge

Monday 27 – Friday 31: Athon sponsorship forms and money returned this week

Wednesday 29: Central Zone Cross Country at Waiatarua Reserve, Remuera

Thursday 30:  French speech competition 9.00am – 3.00pm

Friday 31:  NIWA Science Fair; Last day for Athon sponsorship forms and money





During Term 3, the Year 7 students all take part in the school elective programme. The elective programme runs for 1.5 hours (one block of time), on Fridays for four weeks. There are numerous activities for the students to participate in ranging from book art and superheroes to yoga and Gaelic football. The programme is an opportunity for Year 7 students to try something new or to follow a passion and it is great fun. The Year 7 students will have an introduction in school and a notice will go home detailing the choices so parents can help them make informed choices. There will then be sign ups in school before the programme begins on 20 August.

With a number of events happening in the first few weeks of this term, we made a decision to delay electives to 20 August.  We will now run electives for one block of time on these four Fridays:

  • 24 August
  • 31 August
  • 7 September
  • 14 September

This does mean that the final session will be in AIMs week but as many Year 7 students do not attend AIMS it will not disrupt the programme.


ANI Science Fair

The ANI Science Fair is on Friday, 10th August, in the Science Lab.  Parents are invited to come along from 9.00-10.30am to check out the projects before the judges arrive.


Wattie’s Cans for Good Competition

Auckland Normal Intermediate is extremely proud to be supporting the Salvation Army this Christmas and needs your help. Through the Wattie’s Cans for Good campaign, ANI is asking each student to roll up their sleeves and donate a can (or several) to assist the Salvation Army in filling up their food banks for those in need this year. The strategic leaders are adding their own spin to this also and making it a team competition for points. Each can donated will be a point towards that students team (Matai, Rimu, Totara or Kauri). So the more cans donated, the more points for that team!

Student’s are also asked to design their own Wattie’s can label to submit for not only team points, but to also be in the draw to win some fantastic prizes. The top 5 from ANI will be selected by SLT and go into the draw to win big!

Can label designs must be submitted to Kate Green no later than the 20th of August. Food can donations can be made up until Friday the 24th of August with all proceeds being donated to those in need.

If you would like to learn more information about Wattie’s Cans for Good including the prizes on offer, please have a look on their website.  

Auckland Normal Intermediate are extremely proud to be supporting such a great cause and look forward to showing what this great school is all about.

Miss Kate Green and ANI Strategic Leaders


PTA Mufti Week

The PTA will be running their mufti-week fundraiser this term in week four, Monday 13 – Friday 17 August. In order for the students to wear mufti during the week, they will need to purchase either day passes ($2.00), week passes ($5.00) and additional “extra passes” ($5.00) for jewellery, nail polish, hair colour etc. Passes will be sold in week three, 6 – 10 August in classrooms. Students will need to bring their money into school during that week.


The Great ANI Kiwiana-Athon Quiz

The PTA is running its annual Athon this term. The children are able to support the school through this fundraising event and also learn “Kiwiana’ knowledge in a fun, competitive way.  There are lots of prizes up for grabs for the highest level of sponsorship brought in by an individual, best class and spot prizes.

We will share information and details of the Athon with students at assembly on Friday 10th August.

On Friday 17th August the children will be given a set of 100 questions and a sponsorship form to take home. Their homework for the following week is to find the answers to the questions and gather as much sponsorship as they can. The following Friday, the 24th August, all children will sit the test with the aim of getting all the questions correct. Then they will need to collect in all the sponsorship they have received and return it to school during the week of the 27-31 August.

Thank you for supporting our students in this exciting event.

Athon Timeline:

  • August 10 – Assembly to promote the Athon
  • August 17 – Athon forms distributed
  • August 20-24 – Learn the questions
  • August 24 – Test day
  • August 27-31 – Sponsorship forms and money returned

All monies raised will go to the development of a playground.


SPORTS NEWS by Mr Kennelly


Auckland Intermediate Swimming League

Our school completed in the Auckland Swimming League at Cameron pool in Term 2. Over 4 rounds the team competed hard against a number of other schools and finished an impressive second place in the single schools competition.

A big thanks to all the parents this term, especially to Cindy Good for all her hard work organising the team.





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