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NEWS from the PRINCIPAL and DPs 

Dear Parents and Caregivers 

Tēnā koutou i ngā whānau o te kura.

Supporting your young person when facing a challenge

I am sure you’ve heard these comments a number of times when your son or daughter has faced a challenge or something they didn’t want to do or perhaps even when something seems too hard. “I don’t want to …”?, or “I can’t …”?  

How can you help them?  

Remind them – “You can do this!”  

Express confidence – “I’ve seen you do this before”.

Play what-if – “What can you say or do if this happens?”

Role-play – “Let’s practise this”.

Be present – “I’ll be right here if you need some help”.

Risk taking – “It’s okay to make a mistake”.

Also try self-affirming statements – these ones below are gold.

  • My words have power, I will use them wisely.
  • I don’t need to be perfect.
  • I try to be a good role model for others.
  • I can say no.
  • I enjoy spending time with myself.
  • I can get better at things if I practise.
  • I don’t need to be perfect.
  • I welcome new experiences.
  • I have so much potential.
  • I try to be the best version of myself.
  • I won’t compare myself to others.  Everyone is on their own path.
  • I am true to my word.
  • Small steps move me forward.
  • I am an important part of my family.
  • I strive for progress, not perfection.
  • I listen to my intuition.
  • I appreciate the good things in my life.
  • I celebrate my accomplishments.
  • I think before I react.
  • I accept compliments from others.
  • I don’t try to tear down other people.
  • I don’t want to look like anyone but myself.
  • I understand how to apologise when I need to.
  • I am a work in progress.

Check out more at Positive affirmations for kids – from toddlers to teens by Marisa Lascale 2021.

Goal Setting Interviews – Monday 12th and Tuesday 13th April

Monday 12 April from 1.00pm – 7.00pm (school finishes at 12.30pm)

Tuesday 13 April from 3.00pm – 5.00pm (school finishes at 3.00pm)

At these interviews teachers, parents and students discuss their learning goals for the year ahead. Students lead the interviews and will talk about their goals, progress, the changes they would like to make to their learning and how you as parents can help. Being part of the process shows your child that you support them in their learning.

Each interview is 10 minutes long. Please ensure you arrive on time.

Booking your interviews:

The booking website is now open and will close on Monday 12 April at 10.30am

1. Go to https://www.schoolinterviews.co.nz/code?code=k7g4a and click Go.

2. Enter your name, email address and the names of the students you wish to make bookings for.

3. Select the teachers you’d like to book by selecting your child’s Room # or subject, and then selecting the teacher name and click Go.

4. Using the timetable, click the time slot you’d like to book for the teacher/s and then click Go at the bottom of the page. You’ll be asked to confirm your booking by clicking Finished.

You will be sent a confirmation email of your booking showing where the interview will take place –there is a link in this email if you wish to change your booking at any time.

Interviews will be 10 minutes long.

NOTE: School closes at 12.30pm on Monday 12 April to allow these interviews to take place.

School Reports

On Friday 9 July (end of Term 2), reports will be issued for each student. Please talk through the report with your child and highlight what they have been doing well and their next steps in learning. The reports are an overview of Term 1 and 2 progress in learning. Students will also be contributing to the report by writing a comment on their progress during the first half of the year. Following reports going home, parents will be asked to meet with the teacher to discuss strengths and areas for improvement. More information will follow on how you can book your time to see the classroom teacher, including our language and specialist teachers. Interviews will take place in Term 3 on Wednesday 28 July (1-7pm) and Thursday 29 July (3-5pm).

Samoan and International Languages week

The school will be celebrating Samonan and International languages week with a variety of fun learning and sporting activities starting Monday 24 May. If you are interested in offering your support and expertise during the week to teach our staff or students some skills or knowledge please contact Shane Devery at sdevery@ani.school.nz


On Wednesday 17th March 2021 ANI unveiled our Māori name, Te Ipukara O Mataaho with our special guests Hare Paniora, Pouroto Ngaropo, David Seymour and Brett Ogilvie, our Board of Trustees representative. Matua Pouroto shared with us the narrative that comes with our new name and he explained how the origin of how Mangawhau was formed. Our Māori name originates from a native tradition related to Mt Eden’s crater. The crater is known as Te Ipu-a-Mataaho, the word “Kura” is being added to give a stronger meaning behind our name. Kura means education and we are focusing on this in all forms as we are striving to have our young people grasp as much knowledge as they can. During the ceremony our Kapa Haka group performed a himene (hymn), haka and a waiata. It was a special day that holds a lot of significance. Thank you to all who joined us. 

Click here to see the moment the carving of our name was unveiled. 

Kia ngatahi ai te tu

E pakari ai te tuara

Together we are Strong

Jill Farquharson – Principal

Bryce Mills and Shane Devery – Deputy Principals


Put these dates in your diary so you don’t miss a beat:

Monday 29 March – Monday 12 April at 10.30am – Booking website open for Goal Setting Interviews (see more details above)

Monday 29 March – Thursday 1 April – Year 8 Camp for Rimu Team (Note: Monday to Thursday)

Friday 2 – Good Friday (school closed)

Monday 5 – Easter Monday (school closed)

Tuesday 6Easter Tuesday (school closed)

Wednesday 7 – PTA Knowledge-Athon Test Day

Thursday 8 – Friday 16 April – PTA Knowledge-Athon sponsorship money collection each morning in Eden Room from 8.30am-9.00am

Thursday 8 – FamilyZone Information Evening at 6.00pm (TBC)

Friday 9 – Lockdown drill at 11.15am

Saturday 10 – ACCoS Think Fest! 9.15-11.30am (see flyer at end of newsletter)

Sunday 11 – Mt Eden Normal Primary School Food & Fun Fair 11am-3pm

Monday 12 – Goal Setting Interviews from 1.00-7.00pm (students finish school at 12.30pm)

Tuesday 13 – Goal Setting Interviews from 3.00-5.00pm

Friday 16 – End of Term Prizegiving at 11.00am at Eden Park – North Level 5 Lounge; Term 1 ends early at 2.00pm


Congratulations to Luke in Room 5 who received a Principal’s Award this week.  Luke attended the Year 8 Matai camp last week with his left leg in a cast, and gave 110% to everything! Luke demonstrated all of the ANI values – well done.


Our focus of this newsletter is on questions about young people becoming more private and creating some distance from their parents. Questions are going unanswered, more time is spent with the bedroom door shut, and they are often immersed in their phone. How much privacy is too much privacy? How can parents give their child space and show trust whilst maintaining control and safety? 

What’s happening?

It’s normal and natural for an adolescent to crave privacy. In order for their identity and independence to develop, they must begin to separate themselves from their parents’ identity. For parents, however, this can feel sad and frustrating. Often parents remark that it happens earlier than they expected.

What not to do

Less is more – within reason. Constant questions and over-involvement can create a sense of mistrust and judgement. Feeling judged is like repellant to an adolescent which can lead to secrecy and disdain. The message they hear is that you don’t trust them, you expect mistakes and therefore you’ll monitor them relentlessly. 

A way forward

Calm words and clear expectations make a difference. It can be helpful to think about how you phrase your inquiries and responses. Instead of – 

‘’I have a right to check your phone to make sure you’re using it properly’’ try;

‘’I will look from time to time because I care about you and your interests’’. 

This way, your child hears ‘’I care’’ and also knows there’s an element of trust because you’re not doing it every five minutes.

Clear expectations without surprises are key. 

For example, you might not expect your child to make great conversation at the dinner table, but you do expect them to be there phoneless. Don’t forget to show them the way. If you expect your young person to leave their phone behind at dinner time and engage in conversation, you will have to come to dinner prepared with some conversational topics of interest and your phone tucked out of sight and sound. Teenagers are highly alert to double standards and will be less prepared to follow the guidelines unless they see you are doing so also. You might be ok with them using devices in their bedroom, but you may let them know you’ll be checking their browser history every few weeks. You might get used to a closed bedroom door, but there’s an understanding the room is tidied on Sundays. 

If possible, make expectations written and visible. Negotiating independence with an adolescent can feel like playing tug-of-war. Just know that it’s normal and you haven’t done anything wrong, it’s an important (albeit challenging) part of development. 

* Gina Speedy (School Counsellor) is available during Goal Setting interview times (12-13 April) to discuss any matters affecting your child’s success at ANI. 


ASK (Advice, Support, Kindness) is a helpful email for parents to contact us (Gina Speedy – School Counsellor and Robyn Stead – Educational Psychologist) with questions about raising our young adolescents of ANI.  

How it works…

  • Send your questions or queries to askani@ani.school.nz
  • We will select common questions to answer here in our newsletter column
  • All emails will be treated as confidential and identifying information will be removed in answers. 

Gina Speedy & Robyn Stead 

School Counsellor and Educational Psychologist



If you dug a hole through the centre of the earth starting in Wellington, which European country would you end up in?

Hopefully students have all been learning their questions and answers and are ready to ace the test on Wednesday 7th April!  After that, we will be collecting sponsorship money each school day morning in the Eden Room (off reception).  Last day for money to be brought in to be included for the prize draws will be the first day of Term 2 (Monday 3 May).  Prizegiving will be held on Monday 10 May at midday.

Answer to the above question (and hopefully you have already learnt this) is SPAIN!!!!

PTA Meeting

The next PTA meeting will be on Monday 10 May at 6pm in the Library – all welcome.

Mufti Week

Profit from our recent mufti week was $1773.30 – great effort everyone – thank you.

Julie Rope – PTA Chairperson


We are immensely proud of the ANI Sports-Pro Programme. This sports programme is multi-faceted and meets the needs of a wide range of students. Topics and lessons range from high-performance sport and nutrition to working with learners who find learning challenging. This programme digs beneath the surface and looks at the various components of sport. Have a look at the website dedicated to this programme HERE.  

Students sign up for the Sports-PRO lessons with their classroom teacher at the beginning of each term. If for any reason the students did not have their opportunity during term 1 they will definitely have their placement in term 2. If the students have any questions they can ask their classroom teachers and/or email Mr Carlos for further information.

For more details, contact Mr Carlos on ckucera@ani.school.nz.

Central Zone Swimming

28 students attended the Central Zone swimming competition at Diocesan on Thursday 18 March. All the students had a great time and raced their hearts out in their morning heats. A couple of exceptional results for our senior boys medley team getting 2nd in their finals and winning their freestyle relay too, reserving spots for them in the Interzones competition coming up. 

Special mention to Savva for coming 1st in the Mixed Boys Fly, Fergus for coming 2nd in Year 7 boys freestyle final and Milly, Nina, Jenna and Sophie, the Year 8 Girls Freestyle relay for making the finals! 

Mr Jones and Ms Ironside

Interzone Swimming

On Wednesday 31 March, our students went to the Interzone Swimming competition in Henderson. They had a fun day with some great success! 

Ashish came 2nd in both Year 7 boys 50m free and Year 7 boys 50m back heats, leading him to qualify for the finals, where he respectively came 7th in the free and 6th in the back, shaving off almost a second in his back final! 

Fergus  came 4th in his Year 7 boys free heat and 2nd in his Year 7 boys back heat but unfortunately his times were not quick enough for him to qualify in the finals.

Then finally in the last event of the day, all four students – Ashish. Fergus, Jerry and Rui powered through the Year 8 boys 200m free relay to score a respectable 4th place out of 8! 

Mr Jones and Ms Ironside

Central Zone Orienteering

On Tuesday 23 March, 46 of our students competed in the Central Zones Orienteering event at Western Springs park. They had a great day and the organisers commented on how well behaved our students were. We were lucky to have such a perfect day for it. The students all did extremely well, from the experienced club orienteers who whisked around the course to the first timers who listened carefully to instructions and found their way around the course extremely well. Every one of them deserves congratulations. 

We have a few students who have made it through to the ‘Champions of Champions’ event to be held in May. 

The Year 8 boys team consisting of Max, Zac, Nathan, Luke, Ben, Riley placed 2nd in their grade! There was only 11 seconds separating first and second place. 

These individuals below ran the fastest for their grade on their particular course and have also been invited to attend the orienteering championships as individuals. 

– Isla (Year 7)

– Ali (Year 8)

– Zac (Year 8)

– Nathan  (Year 8)

– Ben (Year 8) 

Special mention to Zac who ran the whole course in 10.43 – the 3rd fastest time of the whole day!

Ashley Triana & Chae-Yeon Park

CZ League Tag

Two teams competed at the Central Zone League Tag competition on Wednesday 24 March. Both teams represented ANI proudly and achieved some great results. Both teams won some and lost some but overall they did themselves proud by never giving up and scoring some amazing tries. For some, it was their first time playing tag.

Mr Carlos and I were so proud of their determination. It was a great day in the sun.

Brooke Tuialii


Well done to Rebecca, Year 7, who is a chorister with the Auckland Girls Choir that will be featured in Bach Musica NZ’s concert at the Auckland Town Hall. Rebecca is one of 40 girls selected from 29 schools to enter a comprehensive and structured music and choral training program.  Watch Rebecca practice.

Congratulations to Emacyn and Taye, both Year 8 students, who were selected for the Pasifika Invitational Tag Team to participate at the NZTFI Junior Oceania Indigenous Invitational Cup on 19-21 March in Auckland.

Emacyn played in the 14s Girls grade and Taye played in the 13s Boys grade.  Both teams did really well and made it to the quarter finals.


Whenua are leading as we head to the conclusion of Term 1, followed very closely by Wai!  Come on Te Hau and Ahi, you can catch up – the year is young!


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