April 2020 Newsletter


Tēnā koutou i ngā whānau o te kura.

This newsletter comes to you in an “Education World” none of us could have imagined a couple of weeks ago.

School is eerily quiet as we plan and set up how to keep in contact with our students and families over the next four weeks.

As you and your children adjust to the new normal, it is very important that we all remember that your physical isolation place is first and foremost your home. Home needs to be a safe and happy place for your children and their physical and emotional security is the most important thing.

Please don’t attempt to schedule a full day’s school type learning activities for your children every day. We are all tired, anxious and stressed so take some time out to adjust to just being in house together all day.

Do remember we are fighting a health emergency not an education emergency. A month’s gap in school attendance or even longer will not greatly impact on your child’s life outcomes.

We all need to take a moment to remember the life stage our ANI students are at. Friends are very important to children of this age. While on- line contact with friends and study buddies will help,  it will not overcome that desire to be with friends. This in turn may mean you see more behaviour issues from your children. You are quite likely going to see meltdowns, tantrums and angry outbursts as they struggle to manage the frustrations at such restriction in their lives. As usual they are likely to blame you. If the adults in the family can reassure children they are loved and model handling their own frustrations and worries in a reasonable way it will really help.

Do talk with you children about what is happening in New Zealand and across the world in regard to Covid 19 and why. They will feel your anxiety and trying to hide it from them won’t work. Intermediate children are well able to think about these things.  

The most important thing is that children know they are loved and that if we all do the right thing  it will be ok and that life will eventually return to normal. 

Do try to have some study time if your child is ready but do not worry about the school learning regressing. Teachers will deal with that when the children return to class. They will assess where each student is at and begin the learning from there.

I would urge you and your children to get outside everyday for a walk or run on the beach or in a park. We are fortunate that in Auckland we have many open spaces we can go to and still keep physical distance from other people. Do let you children have regular catch ups with friends on line or by phone.

Most of all  Kia Kaha – stay strong and be kind. 

Next week we will be on term holidays. This means your child’s teacher will not  be available from Monday 6 April to Wednesday 22 April. Should you need to get help or have a question,  the Senior Leadership Team are available. Please fill in this FORM and we will get back to you within 24 hours. 

Kia ngatahi ai te tu

E pakari ai te tuara

Together we are Strong

From Jill, Shane and Bryce


We have had three new basketball hoops erected, thanks to a grant we were lucky to be awarded, and new line marking for the students on the tarseal area that was previously a demolition area.  The students are making the most of these new facilities.

It is fantastic that we have our MakerSpaces up and running with students working in different learning areas and making links to themes within their classrooms.  We are looking forward to the students using these spaces more and more in an integrated way once we are permitted back on site and school is back to normal.

New furniture has been arriving in classrooms that were in need of different items and the students are making full use of these in their learning choices.

The whole school has now been fitted out with new LED lighting. This has made a difference to the glare from the old lights and has made for better work conditions including students and staff.

We will soon have all classrooms with Air Conditioning Units, which will make the coming Autumn and Winter months a warmer place to be when learning.


We’re now into our second week of lockdown and learning from home. It’s been an adjustment for everyone and no doubt there has been a lot of trial, error and challenges along the way. Take a deep breath and give yourself a pat on the back. None of us could have predicted how different our lives would be compared to a month ago, or that we would be supervising our children’s learning from the kitchen table! 

As New Zealand went into a Level 4 lockdown last week, many other countries had already experienced several weeks of school closure. Therefore, we’ve trawled the internet and talked to overseas friends and colleagues for tips and suggestions as to what is working for them. 

Establish Routines

By now, you and child have most likely trialled a few different timetables or ways of working. Maybe you created a schedule for the family or perhaps you’ve let them create their own. Now that we’ve had a week of adjusting, work with your child to make a timetable. They’ll have more success with distance learning if they are involved in creating their own schedule and know when it’s time for learning and when it’s time to play or relax. Consider your own needs too. If you’re working from home and require quiet during a Zoom meeting for example, then timetable their learning for the same time.  

Provide a Learning Space

Help your child to choose and set up a learning space. Ideally, this is a dedicated spot to complete their ANI learning. This might be an area in their bedroom or a table in the living area where they can store their device & supplies. Make it comfortable and as free from distraction as possible. During the school holidays, your child may choose to continue with their learning by completing unfinished tasks or continuing with online programmes such as Education Perfect. 


Encourage your child to ask their teacher or friends questions via email. They may be less likely to do so without face-to-face contact. That goes for you too! Our ANI Staff are here to help. If there’s something you’re unsure of, a learning task that doesn’t meet your child’s needs or a general query, please ask. 

Likewise, encourage your child to set up video chats with peers and classmates. As the lockdown continues, the social aspect is going to become increasingly difficult for children to manage. Include socialising into the agreed timetable and ask about their friends or classmates. This connection is going to be hugely important for their mental health during this period.

Healthy Habits

It’s easy to get stuck at the computer during distance learning. Ensure time outside and something physical is pencilled into the timetable. Daily exercise will help to decrease stress levels and expend any pent-up energy. If you haven’t stumbled across Joe Wicks, a Personal Trainer from the UK, then check him out here: PE with Joe. He’s providing daily exercise classes via Youtube for kids. Also, Mr Carlos is doing online training sessions for ANI students via Zoom so ask your child about his emails. 

Slow Down

Perfection is our enemy right now. Although learning is important, our wellbeing takes precedence. It can be difficult for children to transition into this new way of doing things and there will be good days and bad days. Even with a working timetable, allow for flexibility. We now have the opportunity to spend more time with family so make this a priority. An hour playing a board game or going for a walk together might be more beneficial right now than spending that hour on learning tasks. 


We are all in this situation together and at times everyone of us will find it difficult to cope.  Feeling a bit more irritable, anxious or emotional than usual is a very normal and understandable reaction.  Let your children know that it’s okay to feel this way and provide them with reassurance that you accept their feelings.  Encourage them to do the things that they find relaxing such as reading a book, watching a favourite TV show, listening to music or playing a computer game.  Help them to understand that they may need to vary the activities they do to help them feel comfortable. One day it might be sitting watching a TV show and another day or even in the same day it might feel better to get outside and run around or contact a friend for a chat.

Robyn Stead & Gina Speedy

Educational Psychologist and School Counsellor


Friday 3  – End of Term 1 (new date due to COVID-19)

Tuesday 7 – Overseas Trip applications were due but are now not necessary – these trips are postponed until further notice

Monday 20 – Term 2 begins (new date due to COVID-19); Online learning from home recommences

Tuesday 28 April – Friday 15 May – Girls Self Defence (TBC due to COVID-19)


Sending out a HUGE THANK YOU to all our amazing students who made such an impressive effort to sell boxes of chocolates for the Big ANI Chocolate Fundraising Event.

We officially closed off the prize draw on Friday 20th March just ahead of the Lockdown. We have now worked out our top sellers, our top selling class and the prize draws for the other cool prizes. But due to the Lockdown we need to re-think how we will announce this and distribute the prizes. This was due to happen at a special prize giving assembly in the last week of the term. We promise to get back to you soon about how this will happen.

Another Thank you! to those who have continued to pay money on-line directly into the PTA account for chocolates they have sold. If you still have money to deposit our account number is: ANI PTA 12-3048-0259939-00. We wonder how many people in your bubble are eating them now? The PTA appreciates the intense temptation to eat the chocolate while in isolation, but please remember if you do not think you can pay for them – pop them somewhere safe until school resumes. Students will be able to return full boxes once school re-opens.

Aroha from afar.

Diana Winstanley – ANI PTA



Some of our students visited Maungawhau Primary on Thursday 19 March to read books that they had written to the young children.


ANI Swimming Sports

On Thursday 27 February we held the ANI Swimming Sports at the Epsom Uni Campus swimming pool.  Results were as follows:

Year 7 Girls: 1st Linda Liang R20; 2nd Mayya Tyshetska R24; 3rd Milly Ruddenklau R27

Year 7 Boys: 1st Jerry Sun R26; 2nd Savva Karpov R23; 3rd Zac Chu R27

Year 8 Girls: 1st Amorita Ng R16; 2nd Anahera Rangi R5; 3rd Elliot Hobson R9

Year 8 Boys: 1st Oscar King R14; 2nd Jacob Yuan R5; 3rd Abe Alblas R4

Thomas Jones, Teacher in Charge of Swimming

Central Zone Cricket

It is with great pleasure that we inform you of our three wins in the same tournament on Tuesday 3 March!  ANI is having a great start of the year into the Central Zone competitions.

We won both Year 7 Competitive and Socials and also won the Year 8 Competitive league (we had over 24 teams today).

We had over 100 students for our first Cricket trials, and after a continuum process of practice/ trials (and many emails and meeting with parents questioning our process) we came up with four strong and prepared teams! 

Our Year 8 Social ended up in third place, with a great team effort and a really good attitude. 

All the ANI teams had a fun day, respecting the opponents, playing hard, and having great sport conduct during the entire event. 

Also, a big thank you for all the 10 parents that came to support and help.

Here a few more words from our [champion] Year 8 Competitive coach (Mr Edwards):

“After a good warm-up win in our first game against Royal Oak, the Year 8 Serious Grade Team went on to an unstoppable winning streak against each and every team we faced. Balmoral and Waikowhai both could not prevent our inevitable march to the final! 

Even the mighty St Peter’s College fell in the final of the competition to a complete performance by our young champions. The boys showed incredible skill, communication and a balanced outlook where they outplayed and outthought every single opponent.”

Carlos Kucera, Teacher in Charge of Cricket

Central Zone Swimming

Students had a super fun day at the Central Zones Swimming Competition on Thursday 5 March. The kids swam their hearts out all day and had some real success in the pool! 

Both Jerry Sun and Saava Karpov had an excellent day and managed to make it into the finals for the Year 7 Boys Backstroke and Breaststroke, with Jerry placing a respectable 4th place in both and Saava taking home the win in the Backstroke and 3rd in the Breaststroke. Hopefully this will see Saava qualify for Inter Zones in both strokes!

Amorita Ng also qualified for the Year 8 Girls Back and Breaststroke finals. Placing 7th in the Back and 1st in the Breast, to earn her a spot at Interzones for Breaststroke. 

The Boys Year 7 50m Free consisting of Zac Chu, Riley Halstead, Dylan Yare and Jerry Sun absolutely smashed their final, breezing past the other schools with ease to qualify for Interzones. 

The Year 7 and 8 Girls 100m Free and the Boys and Girls Medley Relay teams made it to the finals and fought hard but the long day and multiple races began to show and unfortunately the teams stamina was not able to match those of their competitors resulting in a range of 6th to 4th places. 

Huge shout out to Zac Chu whose levels of enthusiasm were consistently high throughout the day, dancing to pump himself up before his heats and Aarya who gave so much to her relay that her team had to drag her out of the pool! 

Thomas Jones and Charlotte Ironside – Teachers in Charge of Swimming

NZ Juniors Swimming Nationals

The Juniors Swimming Nationals were held over the weekend of 14-15 March and the ANI students performed very well:

  • Jerry Sun placed 3rd for 100m fly and 4th for 50m fly
  • Amorita Ng placed 2nd for 100m breaststroke and 4th for 200m breaststroke 
  • Linda Liang also did well in her events 

EDEN PARK SUBMISSIONS (needed by 3 April) #LetTheMusicPlay

Eden Park is now into the submission period for its resource consent application to hold up to six concerts a year. ANI have filed a submission and would like to reiterate that anyone can have their say through Auckland Council’s website.

We encourage you to use the attached social media tile created by the Kingsland Business Society/The Fringe District to pledge your support if you are supportive of music at Eden Park with the hashtag #LetTheMusicPlay.

There has been some fantastic support shared through videos and messages which includes this ‘Love Actually’ spoof by Leigh Hart, one of our local residents.

Under the Unitary Plan, the stadium can apply to stage up to six shows annually, each as a discretionary activity, however experience has shown that applying for individual resource consents for each show is a practicably unattainable proposition for both the stadium and music promoters.

More information on our application is available at edenpark.co.nz

Thanks again for your support of New Zealand’s national stadium – enjoy the weekend ahead.

Many thanks,

Greta – Eden Park


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