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coffee van on site!


Rego and Mix and Mingle (snacks and coffee).


Introduction and setting the scene – Jill Farquharson


Organisation for the day – Bryce, Ben, Shanthan and Ginny


Guest Speaker  – Tim O’Connor 


Morning Tea Break


Breakout session 1 begins as per below


Breakout 1 ends and teachers move to breakout 2


Breakout 2 starts


Breakout 2 finishes and staff free to go home


Bagels in Library for staff

ANI School
Poronui St, Mt Eden,
Auckland 1024


June 4th 2021
Be there at 8:30am

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Our Presenters

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SPACES ARE LIMITED!  Please book only one presentation FROM SESSION 1.

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Andrew Lawrence

Student Wellbeing

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Ashley Triana

Using picture books to engage and extend students in literacy

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Aneil Ganda

PE and Maori Games

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Dev Singh & Vicki Brooke

Team Building Challenges

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Adam Powell

Unplugged Digital Technologies

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Sonya Van Schaijik

Digital tools for Student Agency

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Nikki Goodwin & Sarah Morrison

Fine Motor Skills and Phonics in the Junior school

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Jo Brown

Successful Oral Language Strategies for Learning


Book a topic for Breakout Session 2

SPACES ARE LIMITED! Please only book one presentation FROM SESSION 2.

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Abby Cavanagh

Developing Critical Thinkers in Reading

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Melissa Woods

5 Year Olds – Creative Geniuses. Unleashing our creativity to inspire!

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Robyn Bull

Have you tried this one? Creativity in years 4-6

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Erin Nola – Lingard

Learning Through Play

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Hayley Morris

Science and Student Agency

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Casey Gilligan

Shut up and dribble: Athletes, social justice, and citizenship

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Catherine Galloway

Weaving Literacy into a Play-Based Learning Environment

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Charlotte Boulanger

Clutching onto creativity: Writing lessons for all ages!


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ANI School
Poronui St, Mt Eden,
Auckland 1024, 
New Zealand

(+64) 09 630 1109

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BAGEL MENU for morning tea

THE BASIC BAGEL Toasted bagel with house made 5 berry jam & lemon curd.

THE BREKKIE BAGEL Fried egg, crispy bacon, tomato, fresh spinach,  aioli & tomato relish.

THE BLAT BAGEL Crispy bacon, baby spinach, avocado, tomato, aioli & tomato relish.

THE VEGGIE BAGEL Avocado, tomato, haloumi, rocket, aioli, tabasco &  tomato pesto.

THE CLASSIC BAGEL Hot smoked salmon, avocado, rocket, spring onion & a lemon caper cream cheese.

THE KRANSKY BAGEL Specialty Westmere Kransky, tasty cheese, tomato, rocket, aioli & tomato relish.

THE CAB BAGEL Chicken, avocado, bacon, rocket & aioli.


THE WILBUR BAGEL Spiced pulled pork, house made coleslaw. aioli & a GG apple chutney.

THE BAGEL BURGER House made beef patty, bacon, rocket, tasty cheese, tomato, HP sauce & aioli.

THE LOUIE BAGEL Cajun spiced chicken, cheddar, tomato, jalapeno aioli & rocket.

THE BENE BAGEL – BACON Crispy bacon, two poached eggs, spinach, fresh hollandaise on an open bagel.

THE BENE BAGEL – SALMON Hot smoked salmon, two poached eggs, spinach, fresh hollandaise on an open bagel.

THE BENE BAGEL – VEGE Vege, two poached eggs, spinach, fresh hollandaise on an open bagel.

All bagels are grilled New York style. Options: plain, gluten free, wholemeal, parmesan, raisin, sesame
School is closed due to Lockdown - Alert Level 3. Please refer to the ANI school app for updates.
Feel free to call the school on 09 630 1109 with any pressing issues, questions or concerns. Please remember that the school grounds are unfortunately closed – this includes the playground, fields and courts.