How to enrol

Are you in the School Zone?

Auckland Normal Intermediate has an enrolment policy. This means you must live in our school zone to enrol your child at our school (click here for a list of in-zone streets)


To view our Prospectus, click here.


If you have any queries about the enrolment process please contact our Administration Officer Sakima Cornwall on (09) 630 1109 or email.

We look forward to welcoming you to our school.

2018 In-Zone and Out-of-Zone Enrolment
Please click HERE to download the 2018 Enrolment Application and documentation required (In-Zone and Out-of-Zone forms are the same). Open the application on your computer, enter in as much information as possible, save the application, print and sign.

Submitting Enrolment Application:
Email completed Enrolment Application and documents to

Bring completed Enrolment Application and ONE PHOTOCOPY OF EACH DOCUMENT to the ANI school office.

Students who live in-zone have automatic right of entry to enrol at ANI anytime during the year.

The 2018 Out-of-Zone Ballot has closed and been drawn. All applicants have been notified.

The process ANI follows to select Out-of-Zone students is determined by the Ministry of Education as follows:

Category ASiblings of current students
Category BSiblings of past students
Category CChild of a past student
Category DChild of Board of Trustee member or employee
Category EAll other applicants

Please note:
Category C need to provide evidence at the time of submitting their enrolment application e.g. school report, class photo etc.

The ballot is conducted under the supervision of a member of the NZ Police and the selection process is a random draw of applicants names.  The educational achievements of individual students are not taken into account by the school.  Please do not send in any additional documentation.

Important Dates for 2018 

Monday 22 January
The school office opens for inquiries at 8:00am. Uniforms and stationery will be sold from this date.

Tuesday 30 January
School starts for Year 8 students only. Year 7 students do not attend on this day.

Year 8 students will join us in the hall at 9:00am and find out what class they are in.

Wednesday 31 January

School starts for Year 7 students only. Year 8 students do not attend on this day.

Year 7 students need to be at school by 9:00am, please go directly to the HALL. There will be an official Maori welcome and introductions followed by the teachers calling the class lists. Parents you are most welcome to attend.

We split the start days for Year 7’s and Year 8’s so the introduction to Intermediate school is not overwhelming for new students.

All students (Year 7 and Year 8) attend on Thursday 1 and Friday 2 February.

Uniform Shop Holiday Hours

Friday 19 January10:00am – 3:00pm
Saturday 20 January10:00am – 3:00pm
Monday 22 January9:00am – 3:00pm
Tuesday 23 January5:00pm – 7:00pm
Wednesday 24 January9:00am – 3:00pm
Thursday 25 January5:00pm – 7:00pm
Friday 26 January10:00am – 2:00pm

2018 Payments

There are two main types of financial requests the school will ask for this year.

1. Voluntary Parent Donation – $330.00

A specified sum of money to support the provision of additional resources which benefit students. The donation is voluntary and parents have the right to pay this amount in full, in part or not at all. The voluntary donation of $330.00 may be tax exempt.

ANI is a high achieving decile 9 state funded school, however the funding we receive from the government is inadequate to provide the type of education and staffing ratios we offer.  Each year the Board of Trustees requests an annual parent donation, this is a key component of our budget and it allows us to provide:

  • High level technology, resources and facilities. All classrooms have chrome books and high speed broadband. We also have all our classrooms renovated into modern learning environments.
  • Specialist programmes – we have six additional specialist teachers employed to deliver the Science, Technology, Physical Education, Arts and Languages programmes.
  • Smaller class sizes – on average our class sizes are well below many other intermediate schools.

The costs to provide these extras cannot be met by government funding. We appreciate your donation which helps us resource these areas.

2. Charges for goods and services

These charges include consumables such as food products in technology and services such as trips or activities we organise for students.

a) Consumables: Special Programmes Course Fees –  $195.00

This request relates to items students make at school and then take home. The learning areas where items may be constructed are usually subjects with a practical component such as digital technology, 3D printing, hard materials, soft materials or food technology. We ask for payment to cover the cost of additional materials that are provided for each student so they can make something of quality and keep the item made in practical sessions. Students do get a great choice of what to make and without the payment of take home items we could not offer such a selection.

b) Services: Payment in advance for class trips/activities – $75.00

We know that various activities will take place during the course of the year. Parents often find it easier to pay for these at the start of the year. This avoids the inconvenience of seeking continued sums of money from you throughout the year. Examples could include a zoo trip, life education caravan, science roadshow and end of year picnic day. Participation in these activities is not a compulsory part of the school’s curriculum and therefore students can opt out. We also offer a pay as you attend option where we will request payment prior to the event taking place. A full breakdown of what trips and activities have taken place in your child’s class will be provided at the end of the year.

PAYMENT OPTIONS (Spread over the 2018 year)
$150.00 per term
$60.00 per month (10 months)
$15.00 per week (40 weeks term time)

Receipts will be issued for all payments.

Online Banking:
12 3048 0291429 00 (please include child’s full name, room number and reason for payment)

Additional costs not included above:
The cost for school camp (Year 8) and EOTC (Year 7) is not included in the above costs. Fees for these activities cannot be met from class trips/activities and are charged separately. To give you an idea of cost, in 2017 EOTC cost $185.00 per student and camp cost $350.00 per student.

The cost for sports team events (during school time and after school) will also be additional.

A-Z of School Life Booklet for Parents and Students

To help guide you through your start to ANI we have an A-Z booklet full of information and useful details. Click here to view the booklet.

School Uniform

Uniforms can be purchased daily from Reception, 8:00am – 4:00pm Monday to Friday or from our online shop by clicking here.

Keep connected


At ANI we promote family involvement and encourage the development of home-school bonds. The involvement of family is linked to higher levels of student achievement and improved student engagement so it is very important we stay connected.

In addition to our website, our facebook page provides a wealth of information about our school. Check it our regularly for latest news, photos and other information. Click here to go to our facebook page.

Our school newsletter helps you keep in touch with school activities. Subscribe on our home page. 

Parent and Community Surveys
The Board is committed to open communication and will seek your input on significant issues affecting the school. Regular surveys are administered on line to gather your opinion.

Parent Teacher Association (PTA)
The PTA is a group of our parents (and teachers) who are keen to arrange school fundraising and social events. Funds raised help to provide additional resources for the school, ensuring our children have the best equipment and resources which support learning.

The PTA also acts as a link between school and home and joining the committee is a great way to meet new friends through school, support your children, and truly feel involved in their school activities. Meetings are held monthly and details of upcoming meetings and events are listed on the website.

School uniform

To purchase uniforms from our online shop click here. Uniform sales daily from Reception 8:00am – 4:00pm.

Girls Uniform

  • Monogrammed polo shirt (blue/navy)
  • Monogrammed v-necked navy wool jersey
  • Monogrammed hoodie
  • Navy culotte
  • White ankle socks*
  • Hoodie with school logo
  • Plain low cut black shoes (that do not cover the ankle) or black sandals (no coloured logos on shoes)

Boys Uniform

  • Monogrammed polo shirt (blue/navy)
  • Monogrammed v-necked navy wool jersey
  • Monogrammed hoddie
  • Navy shorts
  • Long black socks*
  • Hoodie with school logo
  • Plain low cut black shoes (that do not cover the ankle) or black sandals (no coloured logos on shoes)

 * Socks may be worn with shoes only (not with sandals) and can be worn in summer or winter.

Sunhats (worn in terms one and four)

  • Either bucket style or a school cap.

Unisex Rain Jacket

  • Only the school rain jacket to be worn to and from school.

Physical Education Gear for Boys and Girls

The PE uniform includes an easycare dri-fit style t-short and short.

  • V-necked t-shirt (navy & royal blue)
  • Shorts (navy & royal blue)
  • Sports shoes (optional)

Optional Extra for Winter

  • Scarves in school colours (navy & white)



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Please note: All international fee paying student tours need to be booked through our International Student Coordinator Amy Harrison by clicking here.

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